Friday, 23 May 2014

Red Like Roses (RWBY review)

Opening Songs
OP 1 - This Will Be The Day (Jeff Williams feat Casey Lee Williams)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama

Episodes: 16

Its hard to argue whether or not "RWBY" is an anime. It's probably not, but I'm gonna file it as one anyway, because its simply awesome. Well, the closest thing you can call it is an amerinime (America Anime...get it? Guess not)! Still, whether or or not its made in doesn't matter. It looks ALOT like anime, even if it isn't, so close that its hard not to call it one. Despite all that, this was made by the one passionate dude that made the amazing "Dead Fantasy" series, and with him finally starting his hand on his OWN series with ACTUAL original characters, its not hard to see this doing well. "RWBY" is a great take on another example of a high school action based anime, with amazing 3D animations to boot. Though with each episode only clocking in at 5 minutes and certain ones at 16 minutes, it may be a little bit too short.

Ruby is just too beautiful!

"RWBY" has a FANTASTIC...I repeat, FANTASTIC soundtrack. So f**king awesome that it made my ears jizz a million times over. The opening song is "This Will Be The Day", and that alone should be a mark of how awesome the songs in this show are, especially the trailer songs, like "I Burn" for Yang, or "Mirror Mirror" for Weiss. There are also awesome songs IN the show itself, you just have to listen out for them as it goes.

Rating: 8.0/10

It could have gotten a higher rating for its awesomeness. The show does seem to have its share of technical downfalls once in awhile. While there are plenty of moments where the show itself looks f**king awesome, there are also many moments that lack polish. Some background seems to be a lot less well done than others, and non-important characters look dull. However, the story is simple and effective. The characters are VERY likable, their character designs are also amazing on their own. What shines best however, are the incredibly well implemented fight scenes. These are some of the best fight scenes I've seen, like, really. Each character has their own awesome weapon, and of course, with awesome weapons you fight like awesome people. These battles are fluid and full of visual flair...they are just magnificent eye candy. Though to be truthfully honest...there aren't enough fights, since its only 16 short episodes.

The crew ready for action!

The story focuses on the 4 girls that represent RWBY, Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang, though its mostly Ruby. Ruby is your regular girl....with a giant Scythe that she built on her own. She was just browsing through a dust shop when it got attacked by thugs. She single handedly chased them all off, only to be stopped by 2 of Beacon's professors. After some talk with them, she gets enrolled into Beacon, an academy that she has been longing to enter. There, she runs into her sister Yang, who also appears to be going into Beacon. After an eventful first day, she runs into some friends (and/or enemies) Weiss, a girl that hates every aspect of her, Jaun, a loser of a man who tries to get ladies (but fails horribly) and Blake, a quiet girl that has a shady aura. Will she have an awesome life in Beacon when she meets these awesome friends? Of course.

"RWBY" is a great show that captures the spirit of a battle based high school atmosphere really well. On the technical side of things, there are some wonderful parts and some parts that just need some polish. Overall though, it was a wonderful experience. Just hope that season 2 can deliver on the hype that season 1 has laid on us.