Black Dragon Kalameet
HP: 5400
Skills: Flying Flame Breath*, Forward Flame Breath, Rushing Flame Breath*, Standing Flame Breath, Eye, Rush*, Foot Stomps, Tail Stomp, Tail Swipe*
Souls: 60000

Difficulty: 4.5/5
Times died on 1st playthrough: 10+

This guy is completely optional, and for good reason. To get access to him you'll need to die to him once, then exhaust all of Gough's dialogue. After that, you're good to go. But be warned though, heading into that great valley filled with corpses may be your biggest mistake...because you're about to fight an evil, EVIL dragon. One that will no doubt kick your ass to the abyss back and forth..over and over. He may not be as difficult as Artorias, but he is still a force to be reckoned with. He is the boss of Royal Wood.

Needless to'll need to prepare to die.

Kalameet is one hell of a feisty dragon. Look at his move sets...that's a lot of breath attacks. He will absolutely destroy you if you're on the receiving end of one of those flame breaths, and since he has a lot of them, you'll need to know how to predict and deal with these annoying moves. On the bright side, he is huge, so you'll (almost) never miss him, but then again, he is tanky as shit. You're going to need a lot of flasks to to persist through the entire fight, and that's if you don't get insta killed by his flames. Well then...let's get to what can actually kill you.

Flying Flame Breath* - His signature move. He flies up, and breathes fire downward, with the flames on the ground spreading outward like a great circular field of fire. This hits multiple times, and WILL absolutely kill you. Immediately roll away like a madman when you see him fly up in the sky, before its too late.

Forward Flame Breath - The easiest of his breath moves to dodge. He breathes flames right in front of him in a straight line. Has long reach, but easily dodged by simply running away.

Rushing Flame Breath* - F**k this move. He rushes to you, then turns behind and breaths fire in an arc, covering MASSIVE distance and probably insta killing you if you are hit by the flame. Dodge the rush, then run TO him to avoid his sweeping flame breath.

Standing Flame Breath - He stands up on his hind legs, and just breathes fire downwards on you like you're a peasant. Just roll away as fast as you can to dodge this, or die. Either way works.

Eye - He stands on his hind legs, then his eye glows. If you're in front of him, you're screwed. You will take damage and will also receive a debuff, making you take double damage. Rolling away works.

Rush*- He flings his entire body onto you, dealing massive damage and causing a massive hit stun, EVEN when blocking. Just roll at the right time.

Foot Stomps - He just stomps his feet, trying to net you. Staying away from his feet works best, or rolling, or blocking. Anything goes.

Tail Stomp - Only used if you're on his ass. He'll smack his tail down on you, ignoring block and dealing massive damage. Must be dodged.

Tail Swipe* - A 360 degrees tail swipe that covers MASSIVE AOE. Roll at the right time to dodge, or just eat it and take moderate damage.

He has a lot of moves, but the ones that will kill you are the breath attacks. These are most probably OHKO unless you have a godly amount of health and fire resistance. However, he will almost always rush you at the start of the battle, which is very hard to dodge and will most likely break through block. If you are hit by it, then you're in for a massive disadvantage right off the beginning of the battle. He will almost always never rush you from then on unless you are very far away from him, which shouldn't happen at all times (unless you want to die).

Yes he is THAT scary.

Lets talk about flame breaths. If he flies, then you're in for a hell of a ride. Prepare to run like a mad man, because the flame spreads outwards with a massive AOE. If you are hit once, you'll either flinch or fall, then you'll be followed up on with a SECOND hit by the flames, leaving you dead. Running or rolling away as fast as you can is the only remedy to this move. If he cocks his head back, he's going to do a straightforward flame breath. This one is easy to deal with, you can see it coming from a mile away. You should only be wary of this if you're trying to gulp down a flask from far away.

Now then if he decides to be a dick, then he'll run towards you full speed, then turn around and breath fire in an arc. This one is very hard to read and has been the death of me for god knows how many freaking times. The rush by itself can already catch you off guard, either breaking your shield or damaging you, then following up with the arc flame. The best solution to this is to DODGE the rush, then run TOWARDS Kalameet as he's breathing flame the other way, to hit him and do some damage, while dodging this deadly move.

Now if you're standing in front of him and chopping him up too much, he might decide to switch it up and stand on his hind legs. With this, he can follow up with 2 attacks. One is another form of flame breathing, but this one only affects you if you're in front of him. Simply GTFO when he stands up, its as easy as that. Hell, that saves you from his other possible action as well, the Eye stare of doom. You know this one is coming if his singular eye glows. He levitates your puny body and curses you, dealing damage and inflicting a debuff on you that makes you take double damage. Like it or not, that sucks.

Shit bricks, shit bricks all day.

We talk so much about his attacks, but I forget how to mention about actually killing this bugger. There are many ways to actually kill him, since he is so freaking big, almost everything you throw at him will hit him. Standing in front of him isn't the smartest thing to do, because he has so many ways to assault you from there. Standing BEHIND him isn't an exactly smart idea as well, because he has a freaking tail. If you manage to chop it off, you can negate two of his attacks, but its a risk you'll have to take.

Hitting him from the back may proc tail stomp, a heavily telegraphed attack that'll have Kalameet lifting his massive tail and then dumping it on top of your sorry head. You can't really block this, and dodging it isn't really the hardest thing to do, so there you go. Tail swipe, however, is a very dangerous attack that is hard to dodge, because of its massive AOE. Blocking it is preferred, but you can work around it. That being said, if you chop off his tail, these two attacks go *poof*.

That being said if you follow all of these advice, the only place where you should probably hit him from is underneath him. Believe it or not, he doesn't have much to get you when you're down there other than some petty stomps, which are easily his weakest attacks. Of course he'll be moving around a lot, but if you get in range to hit him, this is your best bet. Keep chipping away at him while avoiding and dealing with everything that he has to throw at you...and you MAY push through.

If they actually teamed up we would be in a WORLD of pain.

That's all for Kalameet. This bitch of a dragon is a tough, tough TOUGH adversary. 60000 souls is a lot to spend, but is it worth it for a beast like Kalameet? Maybe...maybe not. We're almost done through the DLC...we have only one enemy left.