Opening Songs
OP 1 - Yukitoki (Nagi Yanagi)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Hello Alone (Saori Hayami, Nao Toyama)

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice Of Life

Episodes: 13

Honestly, high school comedy romance animes that take place in a modern setting without any interesting twists have already bored me to no end....and I'm not as interested in them as I used to be. However, in comes "My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu", an anime that takes things to the extreme with an awfully relatable and unique protagonist. You don't see these kind of characters anywhere (the closest being Tomoko from "Watamote"), and with a guy like him, it makes the entire anime very interesting. Where in most other cases, the scenarios would be predictable and/or stereotypical, "My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU" makes it troubling, disturbing and sometimes downright detestable...that's how the protagonist here works. Scratch out all the friendly or caring protagonists, because someone new is going to steal the show. Enter Hikigaya of the most screwed up main characters I have ever seen in an anime (which is a good thing).

Yeah we have swimsuits over here, so you won't feel left out.

"Yukitoki" by Nagi Yanagi is the opening song, and all I can say is well, looks like she's made it back to the slow-medium paced songs. "Yukitoki" is another generic piece by Nagi Yanagi, it's similar to most of her other songs, and I won't say that it's a bad's actually a very fitting song to the anime, while sounding rather decent at the same time. "Hello Alone" is the ending theme and its by Saori Hayami along with Nao Toyama, the seiyuus for Yukino and Yui. It's along the lines of cutesy and catchy, which is really good considering how its layed out. At least they got the catchy part right, Nao Toyama's lines sound really good in this.

Rating: 8.5/10

"My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU" is really one of a kind. It's really different compared to other animes with the similar genres...all because its being seen through the eyes of one very screwed up main character. Hachiman alone earns much of the points that this anime deserves, because he makes the entire anime so god damn interesting and screwed. To top it off, even WITHOUT Hachiman, the anime's cast of characters can be quite varied. Yukino is your typical kuudere boring girl, Yui is the cheerful big breasted, clumsy ditz of a girl, then we have others along with it (Zaimokuza is f**king hiliarious, and say yes to Totsuka). Everyone ties in to make quite an interesting and otherwise perfect set of characters...then Hachiman steps in. The plot is great, as all it involves is letting us see the perfect high school life through the screwed up eyes of Hachiman...our detestable star main character. Interactions between characters can get pretty intense too, and if it wants to, the anime can be decently funny (it goes off the charts when Zaimokuza arrives though).

Of course you won't.

Hikigaya Hachiman is the loner of the loners. To other high school in high school is the very definition of youth, and must be enjoyed to the fullest. Make friends, find your own circle and hang out....just like every high school students do. Hachiman chooses the life of the loner. He screws youth, and to him, the very concept of youth is being seen through the clouded eyes of humanity. He has accepted that loner's lifestyle, and from the shadows he discriminates others through his clouded mind. One day however, his teacher had caught hold of his ridiculous mindset and throws him into service club, a club which helps others through the forms of requests. In the club is the school's most beautiful girl..Yukino, whom sees the world through clouded eyes as well. The two glance at one another, and so begins the anime's weirdest and most awkward conversations....

Because " My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU" dares to do things differently, it easily becomes one of the most endearing experiences this year. It takes the very generic high school romance comedy genre and twists it into different experience through the eyes of a VERY different protagonist. You may not like the genre itself, but this have to try for yourself. If your tired of the generic fanservice and the moe everywhere...this one is a great change of pace (there's none here).