Opening Songs
OP 1 - Kakumei Dualism (Nana Mizuki X TM Revolution)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Realism (Elisa)
ED 2 - Give These Red Memories to You (Momoko Kanade)

Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction

Episodes: 12

Alright, so season 2 for "Valvrave" just up and over recently. "Valvrave" was definitely NOT ending on season 1, with the way it ended. So does season 2 wrap everything up? Does it explain everything? Does it conclude the series in a good way? Yes and no actually. "Valvrave The Liberator S2" wraps everything up in the most probable way that the series ever could wish for, though it still leaves something to be desired. It ended well, the ending was pretty good actually, though they could have went a little more in depth with it. 
"Valvrave The Liberator" could have been much more, it could have been something amazing. But as it stands, its just a good mecha anime that fans of the genre will find enjoyable. I guess 24 episodes is just not enough for a series as big as this.

Yes, this still looks extremely badass.

If you thought "Preserved Roses" was good, wait till you hear "Kakumei Dualism", because its easily just as good or even better. Once agian, its Nana Mizuki and TM Revolution collaborating together, but "Preserved Roses" was more of a TM Revolution song, and "Kakumei Dualism" is more of a Nana Mizuki song. It's badass as f**k, there's not much more that I need to say. There are two ending themes, the first one is "Realism" by Elisa and the second one is "Give These Red Memories To You" by Momoko Kanade. "Realism" is great, its more fast paced then "Soba Ni Iru Yo", which is Elisa's ending theme in the first season. "Give These Red Memories To You" is also a great ending theme, reminiscent to that of old "Gundam" ending gives off a great feel of nostalgia.

Rating: 7.5/10

Season 2 cleaned up a lot of what the first season left behind, but they didn't do it well. Season 2 does what the first season did just as well. Great mecha fight scenes that'll make you hard if you're a fan of mecha animes...nothing beats seeing the Valvraves going up against heaps and heaps of enemies with their awesome diverse weapons. However, the plot was just...too convinient. How do we explain everything weird and mysterious in season 1? Just throw in the space Illuminati and aliens, problem solved, now everything doesn't seem so far fetched anymore...because if aliens are in it, everything is fine. The newly introduced Magius race is just an incredibly convenient way to clean up the plot in my opinion, and that they are the "ultimate bad guys that are behind everything". Character deaths are mostly well done with some emotional impact behind them, but I feel like there was too little character development for everyone who died...we had not much of an attachment to those that died, which was just saddening.

H-Neun is pretty badass!

The story takes place after the events of season 1, where Cain took control of a broken valvave and got to materialize it. The students are on the way to the moon, a neutral ground where they could be recognized as the students as they are and receive protection. Haruto has holed himself up as a lab rat to find out more about the "holy spirit" within himself, and the other students are making preparations for settling down on the moon. Things start to look better for the students of module 87, but a group of individuals will be heading down to Earth to look for more JIOR individuals. However, things quickly go south as the ship that are carrying all these students land in Dorssian territory...

"Valvrave The Liberator" is a good anime overall, though its very obvious that it was supposed to be something much bigger. The character cast is too huge, filled with characters that nobody gives a damn about, and the few that we ARE supposed to care for have VERY little character development or sympathetic back stories. 24 episodes is too little for a character cast THIS huge ("Code Geass" had 48 episodes and had less characters). All in all though, its still a nice mecha themed anime for mecha fans to sink their fangs into.