Opening Songs
OP 1 - Realization (Faylan)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Ai no Sei de Nemurena (Aki Misato)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Episodes: 12

Just by looking at the above picture, you'll KNOW that I'm going to love this anime...just from that picture alone. I am a huge sucker for high school themed animes that combine school life, harem/romance and action together into one huge package. I've already seen plenty of those, and "Hagure Yusha" is another one that fits very nicely in that category. What's more, if you're into fan service, "Hagure Yusha" excels in that category too...boobies, panty shots...scantily clad ask for it, you get it. While it's easy to pass by this anime right here, the action, world and plot are ALSO part of the show's strong points. It does a good job drawing us into the world of school life which is babel. How powers are brought to light and how different worlds are intertwined serve as a great fantasy setting, which further adds to the intrigue that this anime provides.

Yes, you know where this is going.

These are surprisingly good songs from pretty well renowned singers, if you ask me. The opening song is "Realization" from Faylan, and as we all know by now, Faylan is bloody awesome. "Realization" however, is a tad step down from most of Faylan's songs. It's still a good song, but it doesn't pack the usual intensity that she puts into most of her other songs. The ending theme is "Ai no Sei de Nemurena" by Aki Misato. I haven't heard any songs from her in awhile, and while "Ai no Sei de Nemurena" belongs to genre that I don't really like (the semi cute-sy songs), it's still a decent song. I just wish she'd go back to songs like "Scarlet bomb".

Rating: 8.0/10

Every man's dream yo, anyone would die to be in Akatsuki's shoes. The dude's a god, a legend. How do you sell out on an anime? You make an awesome protagonist. "Hagure Yusha"'s protagonist is a pretty damn likable one, similar to Izayoi from "Problem Children Are Coming From Another World"...they are both pervertic,powerful as heck, and have the personalities that just spell "IDGAF".  Other than him though, the other characters are...unique, so to speak. Miu and Haruka is stereotypical, but the rest of the cast are different from your everyday super powered high school kids (Kaido is just awesome). The plot is pretty average, but the lore and backstory of the series really stands out. Action scenes alright, but could have been better (because Akatsuki keeps stomping his opponents), and the fan service is a little on the heavy side, which can either be good or bad, depending on how you look at it (for me, I like it, some people hate it, some just don't care).

Oh yeah, he's a pimp alright.

Ousawa Akatsuki is a young man that traveled to another world and earned the title of hero over there. He defeated the demon king of that world and took her daughter with him back to Earth, his own world. While in Japan, a school organization known as Babel decided to take Akatsuki in. Babel is a school which specializes in training kids that traveled to other worlds and back, and have special powers. The demon queen's daughter, Miu, enrolled as Akatsuki's sister, and together, they get admitted in class B, the second best class during their very first year. There, as his hero nature goes, he is strong as hell, and he earns many friends and enemies. How will Akatsuki and Miu fare together at Babel? Akatsuki accepts his school life quietly while trying to conceal the fact that Miu is the demon king's daughter of his world.

"Hagure Yusha" is as fun as they come. If you enjoy stuff like "High School DxD", I'd say "Hagure Yusha" is fairly similar, the amount of lore and depth is actually quite amusing. There's a lot to like about "Hagure Yusha", a likable protagonist? Sexy ladies and fan service? Amusing powers? Pick your poison, because these are good.