Opening Songs
OP 1 - True Blue Traveller (Minami Kuriyabashi)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Beautiful Sky (Yoko Hikasa, Yukana, Asami Shimoda, Kana Hanazawa, Marina Inoue, Chiwa Saito, Suzuko Mimori)

Genre: Action, Romance, Science Fiction

Episodes: 12

I really liked "Infinite Stratos". It's safe to say that it was one of my favorite fan service harems back in 2011, with its awesome premise of a piloting academy where everyone could hold their own in an arena with their awesome mech suits. Fan service was thrown in here and there, but it made sure not to go overboard. Throw in 5 decently attractive girls in both looks and get yourself a great harem. I wanted "Infinite Stratos 2" because I wanted to see more of these 5 girls, and it was the only reason why I was hyped beyond hell when the 2nd season was announced. However though, we didn't get much of the original 5 girls in this second season. Sure they were there, but their presence was overshadowed, and it's safe to say that they prioritized fan service this time around, because there was a lot of unneeded silliness going on. Otherwise, it's still the "Infinite Stratos" that we know and love, just expect less of a plot this time around.


I liked both songs in "Infinite Stratos", and I liked both songs in "Infinite Stratos 2" as well...because they are practically more of the same. "True Blue Traveler" is the opening song and its by Minami Kuriyabashi. It has a very similar vibe to that of "Straight Jet", which was season 1's opening, also by Minami Kuriyabashi. If you liked "Straight Jet", you'll like "True Blue Traveler". "Beautiful Sky" is the ending theme and its sung by all of the seiyuus of the girls, including the new ones. This one I didn't like as much, "Super Stream" was way catchier, though this isn't too bad on its own.

Rating: 7.5/10

Its still good, yes it is, but it's downgraded into more of a fan service fest with less of the actual content. The plot has taken a slight dip as it goes on about this organization called "Phantom Tusk" that nobody gives a f**k about. The 5 main girls are still the main meat of the show, but they decided to throw in a couple of new characters. Tatenashi and Kanzashi, two blue haired sisters, are added into Ichika's harem, and I've got mixed opinions about them. Tatenashi is a seductive, sexy beast with a carefree personality....something that "IS" needs, so I won't complain. Kanzashi just a quiet and shy megane girl, a god damn stereotype that's not the best. A good deal of the screen time is dedicated to these 2 sisters, and whether or not we like them, the show doesn't care, it keeps on focusing on these 2. Our 5 original girls have less screen time because of this, pretty much the only ones that matter are Houki, Charlotte, and Laura. Cecillia and Ling are like backdrop characters...they need just that little bit more of screen time IMO.

Tatenashi is SEXY~~!

"Infinite Stratos 2" once again focuses on our main man, Orimura Ichika, the sole male student in the IS academy, surrounded by girls far and wide. A small recap, only girls may pilot the IS, but Ichika, for whatever reason, is able to drive one, and is forced to attend the IS academy, which is FILLED with girls. Having the entire school's girls to himself is too much however...Anyways, one day, a girl called Tatenashi comes to him and declares him as weak. Being the man that he is, Ichika refuses to let her step all over him, he challenges her to a duel, and loses. From then on, Tatenashi became Ichika's personal mentor, and he is to train with her instead of any of the other 5 girls. Of course, everything goes to shit when Phantom Tusk, an evil organization attacks, and Tatenashi explains that she was assigned to protect him from Phantom Tusk...So begins a new life with Ichika and Tatenashi...

That's all for "Infinite Stratos 2". Its not known whether or not we'll see a third season...though it seems somewhat likely with the very wishy washy ending. I wouldn't mind a third season, nor do I feel like it's really needed, because this second season didn't really do the franchise as much justice as it would. Its a step down overall, but it doesn't mean much and will still please fans of the franchise.