Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pervertic post 1:Big is best!

Quite some time I did the post about the preference of the female body. Remember? That wasn't a lie! Today we begin pervertic post 1, discussing about the wonders of the big boobies! Why issit called the pervertic post? Because unlike before, we are going to be talking about nothing but pervertic stuff. No discussion about personalities, feats or character progressions, its all about the body!

Without further ado, let us begin! Dive into the world of busty women!

The sexiest cat transforming girl ever!

From:Soul eater

First off, Blair from soul eater. She was one of the very first anime girls I ever drooled over. Look at that body! Those assets! WOW! During the first few episodes, she just appeared as a normal witch with a pretty covered out outfit, but later on when she had a catfight with the other mouse transforming girl...that was pure fanservice. Groping each others boobs and fighting it out till thier pants and clothes were half coming that is arousing! Seriously though, Blair wins to me, she is over the top sexy. You don't say no to those boobs!

Dubbed by fans as the "sexiest video gaming character"

Name:Tifa Lockhart
From:Final fantasy VII

If you don't know who she is, you're either stupid or stupid. Tifa lockhart was dubbed by many sites as everybody's dream woman from a video game. I disagree, but of course, she is smoking hot (there are sexier ones out there). Look at those knockers! Her boobs are huge, her outfit is pretty tight, showing off her curves pretty well. Her advent children outfit is alittle less revealing, but still makes her sexy. Awesome boobs can really make people go wild, Tifa is the best example.

She brings the term "sexy" to the vocaloids.

Name:Megurine Luka

The vocaloids are a pretty popular bunch, and its all thanks to the happy go lucky Miku. Miku is good and all, but it pains my heart that little others actually look into the other vocaloids. Look at Luka. Her body figure is so slender, she has pink long hair, and she has some nice boobs! They may not be the biggest out of the vocaloid family (she can compete with Meiko and Haku), but you gotta agree, these are far from small. Now its a pity her voice isn't as sexy as some other vocaloids.

Sometimes you wonder how she hid herself under that hood.

Name:Kirigakure Shura
From:Ao no Exorcist

Ao no exorcist doesn't have alot in the female department, but thankfully, they introduced the hot blooded Shura. She brought some much needed sexyness to the Ao no exorcist cast. You may not be able to see it from this picture, but go look her up in google, she has some nice knockers. You know what they say, the bigger the better! Shura makes this even better when you see her pull out a sword from the tattoo in the middle of her boobs. Holy shit!

Underboob! Something thats incredibly underated...

From:God eater:Burst

Most of the girls in God eater have big boobs, but without a doubt I'll have to go with the crowd here, Alisa is the best. She has big boobs, yes, but she provides a nice angle through her outfit! Underboobs are so rare nowadays, its like theres no love for them. Sure Tsubaki has a nice cleavage, but thats too common! Sakuya has a nice sideboob (More on her in another post), but seriously, Alisa's case is the rarest there is. To top it off, those straps from her skirt always go to the side, showing off how big those boobs are. Sexy!

So loli believers, do you look down on big virtual boobies now? Sure big boobs may be common in the virtual reality, but they are rare in the real world! Appreciate them!

Next time we discuss lolis.

Peace out.