Opening songs
OP 1-Hakuyoku no Seiyaku - Pure Engagement (Saori Hayami, Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa, Aya Endo)

Ending songs
ED 1-Onnaji Kimochi (Saori Hayami, Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa, Aya Endo)
EP 10 ED-Oboeteiru Kara (Saori Hayami)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance


So yeah...I have a few things to report about. First things first, school already started for me (I just went through my 1st week). I forgot to mention that earlier, my bad, I will be posting slightly less regularly than before. Second thing, the new look to blogger. I guess it looks better but its going to be hard to navigate everything from a new standpoint, god damnit. So far I haven't found a way to switch to the old classic view so I'll have to stick to this for awhile. I'm already having problems with the post composing......

Ah well, time for the topic at hand, the 2nd season of Sekirei. Sekirei ~Pure engagement~ is basically more of what we love from the first season. It continues on from the story and sets up something more action based. Theres alot more fighting going on this time around, and seeing all the new different sekirei appear, seeing all thier powers, is a cool thing. To me its a little better than the original, theres more fighting going on, and as a primarly more action based show, I am pleased. Its a good step up from the original, and if you watched the original, you can see why.

Girls with special powers, go figure.

Songs wise, it has an alright opening song. Like before, the opening song "Hakuyoku no Seiyaku - Pure Engagement", is sang by all the respective seiyuus of the characters. The opening song is good, better than "Sekirei" from the 1st season, but not something you can listen to continously. The ending songs are, once again, not to my preference. Perhaps you "cute-sy voice" lovers can find some love there. The episode 10 ending insert is alright, as a Saori solo. Much like the season 1's episode 11 insert ending, I don't remember much of it, other than it not being too bad.


More action = more awesomeness. Less fooling around and more punching, thats how the anime should have went the first time round. With more sekirei in the picture (including ones we have never seen before), pure engagement puts up a better "tension gauge" for the viewers as seeing new sekirei pop up and fight our heroines can be entertaining. A bigger variety of sekirei brings forth a bigger pool of possible powers, making each new encounter exciting. Though, it is only 12 episodes, so we won't really be seeing a whole lot.

Kusano is the best, hands down.

As a continuation, Sahashi Minato is still our star of the show. After helping a comrade escape the city in the previous season, he has stirred up a new commotion. Others are trying to escape, and security has been tighter than ever. The game has officially started, and the sekirei are all out for each others' throats. Unwinged sekirei are getting targeted, and everything is going to hell. Power masters are trying to get more sekirei for themselves, and those with multiple sekirei are being dominant in thier respective areas. Minato wants nothing to do with the fight, but with things standing as they are, he has no choice but to dive into the fray himself. Let the battle begin!

Pure engagement is a good continuation of the original. If you are fond of the original, pure engagement will please you. A better story and more fight scenes raise the standard of the anime, making it a better experience. A third season is coming, and well, I may just be looking forward to it!