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Pervertic post 1:Big is best!

Quite some time I did the post about the preference of the female body. Remember? That wasn't a lie! Today we begin pervertic post 1, discussing about the wonders of the big boobies! Why issit called the pervertic post? Because unlike before, we are going to be talking about nothing but pervertic stuff. No discussion about personalities, feats or character progressions, its all about the body!

Without further ado, let us begin! Dive into the world of busty women!

The sexiest cat transforming girl ever!

From:Soul eater

First off, Blair from soul eater. She was one of the very first anime girls I ever drooled over. Look at that body! Those assets! WOW! During the first few episodes, she just appeared as a normal witch with a pretty covered out outfit, but later on when she had a catfight with the other mouse transforming girl...that was pure fanservice. Groping each others boobs and fighting it out till thier pants and clothes were half coming that is arousing! Seriously though, Blair wins to me, she is over the top sexy. You don't say no to those boobs!

Dubbed by fans as the "sexiest video gaming character"

Name:Tifa Lockhart
From:Final fantasy VII

If you don't know who she is, you're either stupid or stupid. Tifa lockhart was dubbed by many sites as everybody's dream woman from a video game. I disagree, but of course, she is smoking hot (there are sexier ones out there). Look at those knockers! Her boobs are huge, her outfit is pretty tight, showing off her curves pretty well. Her advent children outfit is alittle less revealing, but still makes her sexy. Awesome boobs can really make people go wild, Tifa is the best example.

She brings the term "sexy" to the vocaloids.

Name:Megurine Luka

The vocaloids are a pretty popular bunch, and its all thanks to the happy go lucky Miku. Miku is good and all, but it pains my heart that little others actually look into the other vocaloids. Look at Luka. Her body figure is so slender, she has pink long hair, and she has some nice boobs! They may not be the biggest out of the vocaloid family (she can compete with Meiko and Haku), but you gotta agree, these are far from small. Now its a pity her voice isn't as sexy as some other vocaloids.

Sometimes you wonder how she hid herself under that hood.

Name:Kirigakure Shura
From:Ao no Exorcist

Ao no exorcist doesn't have alot in the female department, but thankfully, they introduced the hot blooded Shura. She brought some much needed sexyness to the Ao no exorcist cast. You may not be able to see it from this picture, but go look her up in google, she has some nice knockers. You know what they say, the bigger the better! Shura makes this even better when you see her pull out a sword from the tattoo in the middle of her boobs. Holy shit!

Underboob! Something thats incredibly underated...

From:God eater:Burst

Most of the girls in God eater have big boobs, but without a doubt I'll have to go with the crowd here, Alisa is the best. She has big boobs, yes, but she provides a nice angle through her outfit! Underboobs are so rare nowadays, its like theres no love for them. Sure Tsubaki has a nice cleavage, but thats too common! Sakuya has a nice sideboob (More on her in another post), but seriously, Alisa's case is the rarest there is. To top it off, those straps from her skirt always go to the side, showing off how big those boobs are. Sexy!

So loli believers, do you look down on big virtual boobies now? Sure big boobs may be common in the virtual reality, but they are rare in the real world! Appreciate them!

Next time we discuss lolis.

Peace out.

Lets not waste any more time! Another post, another set of characters! Moving down in alphabetical order, today we have the animes CANAAN, Code geass and Darker than black. CANAAN is pretty good but the other 2 are absolutely phenominal, watch them if you haven't. All right then, lets get down to it!

If you haven't watched CANAAN, any of the Code geass seasons or any of the Darker than black seasons, be warned, there are spoilers.



Gun totting animes never really piqued my interest. I never got the chance to get into stuff like Black lagoon, so CANAAN is probably one of my very few animes with full-on shooting action in it. Still, it wasn't bad, and of course theres one character that everyone loves in it!

Sometimes tom-boyish girls work for me too XD

That is none other than Canaan herself! Great character developement, a kick ass personality and much more make her pretty much everyone's favourite pick in the anime. Alphard holds a close second candle to her, but to me, Canaan still reigns superior in the end. Shes a friggin badass, with deep connections to seeing the colours around her and using that for combat. Lacking in the chest department, but I actually prefer her with small boobs :).

So whats up with Canaan? What makes her so special. First off, shes an old childhood friend of Maria (The main character), and during a terrorist attack on Shanghai Maria sees Canaan fight off some terrorists, with that, they began thier reuinion. Canaan is a mecenary, and she accepts jobs usually related to killing others, because of this, she is a merciless killer. But with Maria, shes just like a regular young girl, acting as her BFF. A nice change of personality between that!

Her character developement throughout the anime is great, as she starts with just a mercenary, changes to a regular girl when with Maria, then starts to learn the true meaning of her ability as she sees visions of Siam, her mentor. Also, her encounters with Alphard always trigger something inside her, further enhancing her characer overall. In the end, she becomes an intruigingly interesting person and you can't help like her.

Code Geass series

Simply one of the best anime I have ever seen! The Code geass series is just amazing, and anyone who watched it can definetely agree with me. The massive amount of twists in the story and emotion invoking are just priceless. If you haven't watched this, you're seriously missing out as an anime watcher.

Anime's greatest terrorist leader/king/hero!

Come on. COME ON! can you not like this faggot! Lelouch is the ultimate badass, king of plot twisting and mind fucking. He beats almost every other anime dude hands down. His personality is that of a king, and he thinks like a true leader (not like those pussies who don't want to sacrifice thier soldiers). Plus, this is easily Jun fukuyama's best character! The voicing is top notch, making him all the more believable.

I simply cannot cover his feats in two paragraphs, so I'll just go through my favourites. First of all, Lelouch is the prince of Britania, living under a different name so he won't be recognized. He wants to throw his father out of the throne for all the terrible things he has done to him and Nunally. He takes command over a group of rebels and soon takes over it and renames it as the terrorist group, the black knights.

After that he stays as thier commander, and nicknames himself zero. He has done incredible feats, using his geass to manipulate others. He has managed to trick the empire into exiling an entire nation of zeros, he has won over countless operations, defeating the Britians. Even when he gets betrayed by his own, he manages to get the help of rolo, whom he manipulated beforehand. He then overtakes the entire Britania with the power of his geass combined with the mass media, and uses them against the black knights. PURE AWESOMENESS.

Behold! The accomplice!

Behind every awesome badass, theres an awesome female badass! CC is the one who changed Lelouch's life, and bestowed him the power of the geass. More importantly though, shes just fking sexy, and soon becomes an incredibly likable young woman who aids Lelouch in almost all of his operations, soon earning herself an important position in the Black knights. Though while her overall points slightly drop when she loses her memories, she quickly regains them back and gets her powerhouse personality again.

At first, CC is much like a support character. She gets introduced early on when she gives Lelouch his geass, and starts crashing at his place. She starts off like a normal quiet girl that doesnt do much, but soon starts becoming more "slack". She orders pizza, gets her gigiantic stuffed teddy and changes out of her regular outfit, from there on, she starts becoming a much smexier woman.

Later on she takes part in one of the Black knights' operations, and is used as a body double for lelouch, from there on she starts to play roles in thier operations. She has a high commanding position, next to that of lelouch, and everytime during briefings she brings her stuffed teddy along, making her so damn cute (and sexy, of course). All hail CC the magnificent witch!

Darker than black series

All right, to close up, we have the Darker than black series. The original Darker than black is friggin awesome. While the sequel isn't really so, its still pretty damned good. I would recommend the original to everyone. The awesomeness of the main character is really over the top, and speaking of which....'re so dead when you see this face.

Hes my choice for the series. Sure Suou gets a good deal of points for her character developement, but Hei is still too much of a badass to pass up on. He is beyond stylish, compete-able with the likes of the world's most stylish demon hunter Dante. Besides being a badass murderer, he gets good points for character developement and much more.

So Hei is a contractor, one that manipulates electricity. He electrifies everything he touches, which is a really cool way to kill people. Putting his hand over someone's face, then letting the bolts fly looks great! Seeing his victim scream in pain is an awesome way to demonstrate his power! Plus, he uses a pair of wire rope knives, which lets his kills look even more stylish. He wraps the ropes around his victim's neck and sends electricity through them to electrocute him. Too awesome.

Hei is a special contractor. Contractors don't have feelings and shit, but Hei has them. His powers aren't originally his, but given to him by his sister. With that, he gets to keep his feelings because he isn't originally a contractor, and he doesnt have a payment. People say his payment is to eat a shitload amount of food, but thats a damned lie. Plus as he finds out more about the past he starts to really grow as a character, and becomes a better person.

Thats it for now folks!
Peace ouuuttt.....

Opening songs
OP 1-Hakuyoku no Seiyaku - Pure Engagement (Saori Hayami, Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa, Aya Endo)

Ending songs
ED 1-Onnaji Kimochi (Saori Hayami, Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa, Aya Endo)
EP 10 ED-Oboeteiru Kara (Saori Hayami)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance


So yeah...I have a few things to report about. First things first, school already started for me (I just went through my 1st week). I forgot to mention that earlier, my bad, I will be posting slightly less regularly than before. Second thing, the new look to blogger. I guess it looks better but its going to be hard to navigate everything from a new standpoint, god damnit. So far I haven't found a way to switch to the old classic view so I'll have to stick to this for awhile. I'm already having problems with the post composing......

Ah well, time for the topic at hand, the 2nd season of Sekirei. Sekirei ~Pure engagement~ is basically more of what we love from the first season. It continues on from the story and sets up something more action based. Theres alot more fighting going on this time around, and seeing all the new different sekirei appear, seeing all thier powers, is a cool thing. To me its a little better than the original, theres more fighting going on, and as a primarly more action based show, I am pleased. Its a good step up from the original, and if you watched the original, you can see why.

Girls with special powers, go figure.

Songs wise, it has an alright opening song. Like before, the opening song "Hakuyoku no Seiyaku - Pure Engagement", is sang by all the respective seiyuus of the characters. The opening song is good, better than "Sekirei" from the 1st season, but not something you can listen to continously. The ending songs are, once again, not to my preference. Perhaps you "cute-sy voice" lovers can find some love there. The episode 10 ending insert is alright, as a Saori solo. Much like the season 1's episode 11 insert ending, I don't remember much of it, other than it not being too bad.


More action = more awesomeness. Less fooling around and more punching, thats how the anime should have went the first time round. With more sekirei in the picture (including ones we have never seen before), pure engagement puts up a better "tension gauge" for the viewers as seeing new sekirei pop up and fight our heroines can be entertaining. A bigger variety of sekirei brings forth a bigger pool of possible powers, making each new encounter exciting. Though, it is only 12 episodes, so we won't really be seeing a whole lot.

Kusano is the best, hands down.

As a continuation, Sahashi Minato is still our star of the show. After helping a comrade escape the city in the previous season, he has stirred up a new commotion. Others are trying to escape, and security has been tighter than ever. The game has officially started, and the sekirei are all out for each others' throats. Unwinged sekirei are getting targeted, and everything is going to hell. Power masters are trying to get more sekirei for themselves, and those with multiple sekirei are being dominant in thier respective areas. Minato wants nothing to do with the fight, but with things standing as they are, he has no choice but to dive into the fray himself. Let the battle begin!

Pure engagement is a good continuation of the original. If you are fond of the original, pure engagement will please you. A better story and more fight scenes raise the standard of the anime, making it a better experience. A third season is coming, and well, I may just be looking forward to it!


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Disgaea 3:Absence of Justice

Gamespot score:7.5(Good)

My score:7.9

(+)Pros:-Addictive as hell stragetic RPG gameplay,-grinding pays off as you see your characters do ridiculous amounts of damage,-incredibly comical story and setting,-geo block system makes you think further and strategize for more crazy tactics,-ridiculous amount of post game content,-classroom system is awesome.

(-)Cons:-Most of the game is a freaking grindfest,-graphics are bad for a PS3 game,-camera gets bad at times.

Gameplay time:70 hours+


Disgaea has always been an absurd series. I for one, started on disgaea when it first debuted on the PS2. I skipped out on the 2nd one, but went to grab the 3rd one because it was so damn cheap when I saw it. I must say, it has been awhile since my lust for stragetic RPGs were stirred up this badly. Disgaea 3 is still as funny and ridiculous as the original, and is an overall fun experience. With quirky stragetic gameplay, stupidly high post game levels and a TON of character creation freedom, Disgaea 3 is a game for the fans. If you have played any Disgaea games before, the third installment in the franchise will without a doubt please you (just like it did to me). I actually enjoyed this more than the original, but for purposes more than one, it has to receive a lower score.

Just like before, Disgaea 3 has an incredibly quirky and funny story. The star of the show this time is named Mao, and he is the son of the overlord. He belongs to the evil academy of the underworld, where the very evil-ness of students is praised by teachers. Its a screwed up place where skipping class is normal, and failing exams will get students praised. If you pass or study for exams, you're considered a delinquent. A screwed up place indeed! Mao is your everyday average boy genuis, with an insanse amount of EQ and a reputation for not attending a single class at all, he's evil academy's number one honor student. But, as with all boy geniuses, he has a high goal, and that is to defeat his father, the overlord. Whats his motive? To avenge the game consoles his father accidentally broke!Of course to beat the overlord is no easy task, so he ensues help from a hero! Let the tale of ridiculous proportions begin!!

All in a day's work for Almaz.

First off, I will mention that the gameplay is very much like previous Disgaea games, and its still very addictive after all these years. You start every battle at a base panel, where you deploy your units out from the base panel to defeat surrounding enemy units. The battle ends when either the enemy units have all been defeated or you run out of units to deploy from your base panels, while the field does not have any of your units left. Battle is simple enough, with the action of you placing your units where you want to and attacking enemies within range. Then, you execute them, and all at once, your placed units will all attack the enemies they are assigned to.

Of course, there are tons of flashy moves in Disgaea 3, and you can chain them together. Each class or character has skills unique to them, and most are area attacks that take up multiple panels. Unleashing many of these at once can be really satisfying to watch. Whats more are the team attacks that you can pull off, if two or more well acquinted characters are next to each other, they can unleash some devastating attacks. More crazy stunts include the ridiculous throw mechanic, which works just like previous games. There are also geo blocks, a new feature in the third installment. These encourage more stragetic gameplay, as these blocks can grant stat boosts, stat drops or other status effects. All in all, theres alot going on, and battle enthusiasts will love it!

Oh Mao you hipster! Because eating eggs with
salt and pepper is too mainstream.

As with all Disgaeas (and most NIS games), grinding in the game pays off very well. Though it might seem tedious to get your characters to level 3000, but when you finally pull it off, its satisfying as hell to see your characters do over 6 digits damage. But of course, why the hell would you want to grind your characters to level 3000? Whats the motivation? Post game content of course! There is a shit load of post game content, so much that it puts games with tons of post game content like Kingdom hearts, or Yugioh titles to shame! You can easily get over 100 hours with this game(like me) because of how much stuff is there to do even after the game is completed!

With the number 3 slapped on top of the Disgaea name, there has to be something different in stall for players right? Of course there is! Meet the classroom system. Its similar to the original in many ways. Here you get to see all your characters, generics and monsters included and speak to them for some funny dialouge. Not only that, this is where you create your characters, hold topics or open up new places. Its like the dark senate in many ways, but way more awesome. As usual, the number of classes and monsters you can create is insane, so go all out!

Unfortunately, you have to grind like mad to
be able to see this kind of numbers.

The biggest problem of the game! Everyone saw this coming, Im sure. Its not that big of a issue to me (I actually enjoyed it), but the one thing that makes everyone go mad in Disgaea, is the ridiculous amount of grinding you have to do. Especially post game, the difficulty of stages escalate quickly, and you have to train like crazy to keep up with the times. The other flaws are pretty minor, but they do matter. The first being the graphics, they are pretty bad. Like, PS2 bad (at least Disgaea 4 has HD sprites, but it sure took NIS a long time for those). The other one, which is pretty annoying, are the camera angles. You can only rotate 4 times at 4 directions, but sometimes, map designs get so bad and confusing, its very hard to even see even when you rotate the camera like crazy.

I enjoyed the game very much, but giving it an 8.0 or above just doesn't seem right. Still, I can very well recommend this to every Disgaea fan. Much of what you know and love is still in there! Newcomers may have a hard time at first, but if you get to the stage where your characters can do crazy moves and deal tons of damage, a smile will soon spread across your face. It may not be the best of games when it comes to tutorials, but you'll probably get the basics after one or two tries, so its not too bad. Sick game! Now to get Disgaea 4!

Happy gaming!

Moonlight Butterfly
Skills: Soul spread*, Homing soul arrow,  Energy drop, Energy beam, Explode

Times died on 1st playthrough:1

Okay so moving on! After ringing bell one, its time to continue your journey, and the next place you should head to would be the area beneath our beloved blacksmith Andrea, and that leads to the Darkroot Garden. As you thread along the dangerous stone soldier enemies and deadly living shrubs, you will run across our next boss, the Moonlight Butterfly. Certainly one of the prettiest looking bosses in the game, too bad though. He's easy, and while not as easy some of the previous bosses, he can be cut down pretty easily once you get used to his attacks. He is the 1st boss of darkroot garden.

One of the most unique looking bosses I have ever seen.

After the retarded-ness of the bell gargoyles, facing the Moonlight Butterfly should be not much of an issue. He only has one attack that is difficult to dodge, while the rest are easy as hell to read and predict. It may take you one or 2 times to memorize and completely get used to his attack patterns, but when you do, you'll realize that killing the Moonlight Butterfly is quite simple. Here are his attacks.

Soul spread*- His one and only potentially dangerous move. He summons an emblem and shoots a spread of soul needles. This is quite hard to dodge, as the needles move quickly and the timing can be quite strict. You can block them, but you still take some damage and this can be an issue if he spams it and you run out of estus flasks.

Homing soul arrow- He fires 3 slow moving arrows to your direction. Easily dodged.

Enerdy drop- He flies over to the other side of the bridge and drops a ball of energy on top of you. Easily dodged by rolling away, the damage isn't that fantastic anyway so don't worry if you get hit by it.

Energy beam- He starts facing one end of the bridge and his horn starts to glow. He then fires a beam that stretches across the mojority of the bridge. You can roll through it, or run to the other end quickly.

Explode- He blows up after letting you hit his face for awhile. Just back off when he starts glowing.

Meh, overall, he's nothing special. You cant hit him normally when you first go in, but don't worry. After he attacks a few times, he will perch down on a segment of the bridge, and let you hit him. So the process of this fight is simple. Dodge for awhile, hit him, let him fly away, dodge again, hit again, rinse and repeat.

His most dangerous move is soul spread, which he loves to abuse. Its hard to dodge and you take damage while blocking, but when you learn to properly dodge it, its not so bad. Just look for gaps between the arrows and roll accordingly. Don't worry about blocking it if you have to, just don't do it too much, as the accumulated damage can get lethal.

His other moves are a joke. Homing soul arrow is so slow you can practically run past them, and energy drop is easily dodged by jus rolling or running away in another direction. Homing soul arrow hits hard though, so whatever you do, try not to be hit by it, blocking it is also a bad idea. Energy beam has a very long startup so all you have to do when you see the beam is just to roll through. Easy peasy.

Just take it like a butterfly!

Okay, so what do you gotta do? Just dodge. Seriously, once you memorize all his attacks, thats all there is to it. Theres no proper timing or openings to look out for, after a few attacks he practically gives himself to you and lets you hit him. After wailing on him for awhile, he starts to glow and eventually explodes in a small radius.When you see the glow, back off, don't get too greedy ;p.

The battle is even easier if you are a mage, pyromancer, or just someone with some sort of ranged attack. Even bows work. You don't even have to wait for him to come down for you to melee him, just rain your arrows or spells on him, pyromancy spells work extremely well. Do this and he goes down even quicker!

All in all, he's easy. He may be an optional boss, but its still recommended that you kill him. You get a key and the divine ember, something you need for holy weapons. For the shit you went through during your journey through Darkroot garden, this shouldnt be a problem.


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Monster Tale

Gamespot score:8.0(Great)

My score:8.0

(+)Pros:-Fun and addictive 2D platforming and combat elements,-raising chomp is good fun,-great boss fights,-plot is filled with great emotional moments,-alluring soundtrack.

(-)Cons:-Not nearly challenging enough,-too much backtracking.

Gameplay time:10-20 hours

Many a time when a game places kids as thier main characters, the game tends to be treated as a "kiddie" game. Its a shame because sometimes they may be missing out on something great, and so is the case with Monster Tale. The main character may be a little girl, but the game is pretty awesome, and will probably cater to retro platformer gamers, as it resembles many of the 90's platformers in so many ways. Mixing in gameplay elements from so many other games, Monster Tale has a little bit of everything that made platformers awesome back in the day, and is a game that should not be overlooked if you own a DS.

Monster Tale begins as a young girl, Ellie, wakes up after her sleep. She finds herself in a mysterious land she has never seen before, and realizes that its not a normal place for humans to be, with monsters roaming around. She soon finds a band that allows her to fire bullets out of it, and uses it to defend herself. Then, soon after that she finds a strange egg, that happens to be that of a monster's. As the egg hatches, the monster inside begins to acknowledge Ellie and starts following her. Soon, it becomes her travelling companion, and she names it Chomp. Ellie and chomp traverse the land, and soon find out that she is not the only human there. She also finds out that the other human kids are monopolizing the monsters and are using them as underlings, with the kids being the overlords. On top of that, Chomp's mother is being held as a prisoner to one of these children, and so she begins her epic tale of saving the monster world and beating up the other kid overlords.

Beat up monsters as Ellie alongside her trusty companion Chomp!

As a 2D action side scrolling platformer, Monster tale does a great job. The action and actual platforming are smooth and fluid, with little to no obstructions to movement. It doesnt feel stiff or laggy, which is definetely a plus. The combat is also a blast, borrowing a little bit from Megaman X and Metroid games. Ellie starts off with a band that allows her to shoot bullet like a buster, and gradually unlocks more abilities as the game goes on. These include burst cancels or charge shots, which are really awesome. She also gets to go melee and beat up enemies with her purse. As with the buster, she starts off with just a single hit attack, and goes upgrading it to a string of consecutive hits, forming a combo.

Firing the buster continously is pretty broken (given the fact that most enemies are melee), so the devs gave the buster an energy gauge, it goes down as you spam buster moves, and only refills via melee attacks, trying to give the game a little bit of a challenge. Another form of combat is utilizing the usage of Ellie's pet chomp, which usually resides on the bottom touch screen. As you call him out to fight, his energy gauge goes down, and he gets it back by going back to rest on the bottom screen. The abilities and strenght of Chomp depends on how you raise him, which brings us to a totally different game feature.

Combat can happen on both Ellie's and Chomp's screens.

How you feed and raise Chomp will effect what he will become. As you beat on monsters, you can pick up items that Chomp can interact with. These include foods or all kinds of playing stuff, like ice cream of soccer balls. As you collect these items, they fly to the bottom screen, and Chomp will interact with them. When he's done doing so, his stats go up depending on whatever item you give him. Different stats raised will promote different evolutions that Chomp will undergo. Giving him tons of ice cream will evolve him into something ice related, or giving him lots of bricks and iron balls will evolve him into something defense related. There are a TON of forms, and you can dump hours into the game just collecting items for Chomp to see all his forms and master all the possible powerful skills.

Of course, this form of "grinding" pays off, as you get into the great boss fights. Though there aren't many, the kid overlords of the land serve as some fun bosses after you go through a certain segment of the world. These kids are accompanied by a monster of thier own (like Ellie and Chomp), and these range from gigantic aqua transforming blobs to big green rabbits. They may not be the most challening of bosses, but they are so well made that you cannot help but have intense amounts of fun fighting them. Combined with the fact that a usual emotionally scene will follow afterwards as the master bonds with the monster, its always great to have bosses like these.

Battle the other kid overlords with thier
very own monsters.

When it comes to the flaws, Monster Tale has some minor flaws that take away from the experience. The most obvious one being the fact that you have to backtrack like mad. The game isn't particularly very short, but most of the time you spend into this game is due to the amount of backtracking. Since this game has a locator system to tell you where to go next, you will cringe your teeth as you see the locator blink at a spot you've been to ages ago, then you have to walk back there again. Yes, walk, there are no damn teleporters, and the overall game map isn't exactly the smallest. And yes, I think the game is too easy. I have only died thrice in thrice in the whole game, once to Mr Lobster (a boss) and twice to mobs. Towards the end of the game, Chomp becomes stupidly broken and can clear maps in seconds, which makes the game too easy.

For the most part, Monster Tale is a great game. Its a fun and cozy platformers that will appeal greatly to casual gamers. If you like platforming, give this a whirl, despite the kiddy main characters, it is a great game. Combined with the fact that the soundtrack is so god damn alluring, it made me all emotional when the end music played (its the same as the title music, but its just soo emotion invoking). The heartwarming story between a monster and its master is not something to underestimate. My verdict? This is a great game, it deserves more love than it has right now.

Happy gaming!

Opening songs
OP 1-Katayoku no Tori (Akiko Shikata)

Ending songs
ED 1-La divina tragedia ~Makyoku~ (Jimang)

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatrual, Psychological, Thriller


At last, I finished Atlier Rorona :). Thats one game done with and there will be more games for the PS3 for play. For now lets break up the pace with something not everyone can take. Umineko was from the same IP as Higurashi, and while the concepts are completely different, its equally violent and gory. Though blocked with a good amount of cencorship (you can't see them organs :D), Umineko is still terrifying and managed to rob me of a few nights of sleep. While its not as addictive as Higurashi as an overall anime, Umineko still manages to be entertaining on its own and provides tons of great moments. Just like with Higurashi, this is not an anime for kids. Nope, not at all. If you have a weak mind, its advisable to stay away.

Can you feel the epicness?

Not much here for the songs, but they are pretty nice. The opening song is "Katayoku no Tori" by Akiko Shikata, and while it mostly sounds like an orchestral song, its quite fitting for the anime and sounds great. The full version sounds epic as hell XD, though its nothing I would spam every second of the day. The ending song is "La divina tragedia ~Makyoku~ " by Jimang, and its a darker song overall than the opening, but is pretty good on its own. His vocals seem a little rushed and stressed, but its good nonetheless.


I will agree with many others and say this isn't as good as Higurashi. Yep, its the same IP, but when it comes to the anime, Higurashi comes out on top. Umineko tells a different and more "supernatural" tale, which sucks out some of the fun and mystery IMO. Its still great, but in a different way from Higurashi. You still get many brutal deaths and gory kills, and losing characters you grow attached to is still one key factor that makes this anime great, but the overall presentation of the story is wayy different. Its a great take, just not as awesome as Higurashi. Plus, I can't help but feel its a little uncompleted, a 2nd season may be in order, but I'm not getting my hopes up, since its already been like 3-4 years.

Scary girl is scary! STAY THE F**K AWAY!!!!

Woah, okay so Umineko has one hell of a confusing story, even more so than Higurashi, due to its huge cast of characters. The star of the show is Ushiromiya Battler, a young man that was brought along to Kinzo's island along with the entire family bloodline to discuss the future and inheritance of the family. Among others, nobody really worries too much over this matter, except for the greedy adults who care only for money. Then word of the golden witch Beatrice's gold stash reached them, and everyone started to get edgy. Kinzo is in no way contactable. Suddenly, on the 2nd day of thier trip, a whole bunch of people were found dead in the yard house, mostly consisting of Battler and his cousins' parents. This caused a huge uproar, and so began the Beatrice's endless rampage as she claims more lives as her sacrifices...and everything is thrown into disorder.

Just like Higurashi, if you're looking for something thats not typical anime, Umineko will satisfy you to no end. Its a little boring towards the middle, but it quickly picks up the pace and turns into awesomeness again. Blood and gore are aplenty in Umineko, and while cencorship is present, its nothing to take note off if you're after violence, since the anime is pretty gory. Need some violence? Watch this.


Opening songs
OP 1-Sky's the limit (Shihoko hirata)
OP 2-Key plus worlds(Shihoko hirata)
EP 1 OP-Pursuing my true self (Shihoko hirata)
EP 9 OP-True story (Rie kugimiya)
EP 15 OP-Burn my dread (Yumi kawamura)

Ending songs
ED 1-Beauty of destiny (Shihoko hirata)
ED 2-The way of memories-Kizuna no chikara (Shihoko hirata)
EP 13 ED-Koi suru Mentantei (Yui horie)  
EP 18 ED-Honto no Kimochi(Shihoko hirata)
EP 25 ED-Never more(Shouko hirata)

Genre:Comedy, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy, Horror


So here we are, another anime done, and like with shana, I'm sad to see this one go. Persona 4 was (and still is) one of my top 3 favourite games of all time, and seeing an animation being announced made me go gaga. Just like the game, the anime introduces a fantastic plot with an amazing twist towards the end, making it a great anime to invest your time on, even more so when you have yet to play the already enthralling game. Even for me, when I have played the game, the anime was brilliant to watch, and while the animation style is a little old looking compared to other animes, it doesn't make this any less of a masterpiece when standing side to side with other awesome anime.

Hrmmm, lots of songs here. Most of them are sang by Shihoko Hirata, who has only done songs for Persona 4(the game). There are 2 openings and 3 other insert openings. The 1st opening is "Sky's the limit" and its awesome, hands down. Its funky beats totally suit the series and the vocals are just so captivating. "Key plus worlds" is the 2nd opening and while its great in its own right, it loses to "Sky's the limit". "Key plus worlds" has a more "rock" feel to it. "Pursuing my true self" is the episode 1 opening, and its the game's opening :p. No comments there. "True story" is episode 9's opening, and its by Rie kugimiya (Yay shana!), the voicer of Rise! Its rather cutesy, but still manages to be catchy. The episode 15 opening is "BURN MY FKING DREAD", which is the opening theme from persona 3. FK YEAH.   

Some love for Naoto? Yeaaaahhhh!

The ending songs are also pretty good. "Beauty of destiny" is the first ending, and its possibly my favourite among the endings. With lotus juice rapping in the background, its just that awesome. The 2nd ending is "The way of memories-Kizuna no chikara ", which is more of a slow tune. Its not bad, and the chorus part is especially catchy. The others are insert endings. Episode 13's ending is "Koi suru Mentantei" by Yui horie, Chie's seiyuu. Ehhhh its too cutesy for me. "Honto no kimochi" is alright but not really my choice of song. "Never more" is by Shouko Hirata(a relative or sister?LOL), and its pretty damn good for a final episode ending, being a ballad and all.


I don't know if its my plain bias-ness for the game, but I freaking love Persona 4:The animation. Its great, and has a mixture of a ton of genres. My only major complain is that they kind of rushed the social links (well they HAD to fit everything in 25 episodes), and the combat isn't that focusesd on that much. But all of these were probably due to the fact that they had to cramp everything into 25 episodes, in my opinion, 25 episodes is definetely not enough for such a long game. But still, they pulled it off, and I'm impressed they even managed to fit every social link in there. Overall, 2 thumbs up for this great anime.

This is downright orgasm worthy when I saw it in the trailer,
even better when I saw it in the real anime itself.

The anime places its male high school lead as Yu Narukami, a man of little words. Yu is from the big city, and due to his parents' jobs, he is transfered to the quiet town of inaba, where he is to live with his uncle, Ryoutarou dojima. In this small peaceful town, when he arrives, a series of murders take place, that involve people getting hung up on antennas. As he mixes with his school friends, one of the victims that was murdered, turned out to be a close friend of one of his new companions. Coordinating with the midnight channel, a channel that shows the person who turns up dead, they decide to go into the TV world. There, Yu awakens to a new power, persona. From then on, he and his friends work together by exploring the TV world and saving victims, as well as discovering the mastermind behind this serial murder case. 

Just like the game, the anime is great, though it is a little rushed. If they actually spent more episodes showing Yu build his friendship with all his social link friends, or some episodes of him actually exploring those dungeons and fighting off those shadows as he faces the mini bosses, it would be really great. But for most of the story compartment, they nailed it. Persona 4:The animation is a great watch for both fans of the game, and newcomers alike.


Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Gamespot score:9.0(Editor's choice)

my score:7.0

(+)Pros:-Simple and addictive gameplay,-1P mode can go on for a deviously long time while you just keep on playing,-smooth difficulty curve,-vs CPU is a blast,-great soundtrack.

(-)Cons:-Lacking in modes,-mission mode's objectives are stupidly unclear,-lack of any tutorial whatsoever.

Gameplay time:10-20 hours

Welcome to one of the most over rated games ever other than call of freakiing duty. I started on Lumines not too long ago, and judging from score from users and professional gaming sites, I assumed it was going to be amazing. But seriously, unless you are an insane tetris addict, Lumines isn't all that amazing. Its a good game, but its definetely not 9.0 material. For something thats more like a tetris on steroids, Lumines gets too much praise thats more than its worth. It has some pretty damn good endless block clearing with its 1P mode, and the Vs CPU is just a ton of fun, but other than that, Lumines is actually one of the puzzle games I didn't really love alot. Maybe its just because all of the damn reviewers of this game god damn love tetris, or are experts at them, because to me, Lumines is just a tetris game on major steroids.

Blah. No story in this one, its just like Djmax. You play and play and play until you get sick of it, no questions asked. In Djmax, you had a ton of songs with a variety of difficulties and MVs, for this one its just endless tetris. I guess you can't really compare the two eh.

Make blocks disappear while the timeline runs on.

Gameplay in Lumines is really simple, but its addictive. You are given two types of coloured blocks, and you are to link blocks of a single colour to make them disappear. Blocks always come in square formations of 2 x 2, which makes things easier. The combination of the colours or locations of the colours in these 2 x 2 formations are random, and sometimes formations of 4 same coloured blocks may show up, allowing for instant clears and free points. As the blocks pile up in the rectangular tank you are given, you are to make them disappear ASAP so you have more space for future blocks to come in. When the height of all the stacked blocks exceed the maximum height of the tank, you lose the game.

Its that simple. You can accumulate the number of coloured blocks and finish them off all at once with the next incoming group to get more points, or just clear them ASAP just in case you don't have space and are scared to die. In 1P mode, you do this endlessly for as long as you survive, and this is incredibly fun. Music plays as you continue your endless block clearing, and the music is damn good mind you. Having a mix of different traditional and genres of music really mixes things up, and as the background changes and a new music combined with a change of mood take place, you are inspired to just survive and continue playing. You can dump hours into this mode, just to unlock the next scenery and play on to unlock some more.

The backgrounds combined with the music set up for some
pretty good atmosphere while you play.

Luckily even for me, a non-tetris player, the difficulty curve is smooth enough in 1P mode, and gradually playing on is quite satisfying. This is also the case in other modes, which one of the great key points of this game. Unlocking different music and sceneries through 1P mode is awesome, and when you're done with that mode, you'll probably already get your money's worth (seeing as this game is freaking 7 years old already), but to me, thats not why I play Lumines. Vs Cpu mode is a godman blast, its where you fight different AI controlled opponents that are represented by different avatars.

In Vs Cpu, the opponents you fight are fun to play against. While they don't really have unique play styles individually, as you advance though different opponents, they get tougher and thier AI plays smarter. Its a blast to speed through AI opponents and finally meet your match, then you can fight against him or her as many times as you want until he or she falls. That feels satisfying, and from them on every opponent becomes even harder. Same with the mission modes, subsequent missions become harder more difficult to achieve. Thats however, where the problem starts....

The amount of modes is just saddening.....

First off, mission mode's objectives are so unclear it makes me mad. Especially the first one, making a cross or some shit. How the fk am I supposed to know what it means? I only cleared it through the help of youtube videos. Also, there are no tutorials in this game. I know its an easy game to grasp, but there are stuff like score inteprations or the timeline mechanic that actually need to be explained, but nope. Plus, the lack of modes. Look above. 1P mode will last you the longest, puzzle mode is mostly a pain, and Vs cpu unfortunately ends. Unless you have tons of friends to battle against theres not much to do here in terms of variety.

Lumines is fun, but lack of modes, a tutorial and some unclear mission objectives for puzzle mode overall downgrade the package. Its an easy 4-5 hours in 1P mode if you're enthusaistic about the game, but other than that and Vs CPU, theres not much to go around. Lumines is a decent puzzle game that gets way too much love IMO (Picross 3D was way better).

Happy gaming.

Opening songs
OP 1-Sekirei (Saori Hayami, Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa, Aya Endo)

Ending songs
ED 1-Dear sweet heart (Saori Hayami, Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa, Aya Endo)
EP 11 ED-Kimi wo Omoi Toki (Saori Hayami)

Genre:Action, Comedy, Romance


I am tackling new animes at an insane speed (as fast as finishing 2 shows in a week), so here are some reviews to catch up. Sekirei is yet another anime that has seen an increased amount of love since it was released, but I only picked it up a few months back. In my opinion, its generic, and its basically something like Shana/Omamori Himari. The harem part is so generic that we have seen it a million times, and the action is alright at best. Also, the girls in this show have abnormally huge boobs ( a little too big for my tastes), I don't know if its supposed to attract more attention....but meh. Its still not on the level of queen's blade though.

Well, the opening song for Sekirei is "Sekirei" itself, and its sung by the 4 seiyus of the 4 girls in the above picture. Its pretty alright, and it fits for such an anime. At least its not super cutesy. The ending is once again sang by the 4 seiyus, and this one I didn't like too much, too cutesy for me. I don't have a fond memory of the episode 11 ending, so I can't really comment there.


Meh, average is average. Most of this show is just regular fooling around without much tension or crazy stuff going on. The sekirei concept is really cool, and they do have some wicked powers, but the only awesome fight scenes come towards the end. The character types are pretty generic, save for some pretty unique ones. For what it was at the current time, Sekirei didn't have enough flashy substance to make itself awesome. Still, for having a mix of harem, everyday life, some funky comedy and throwing in some combat PLUS an actually decent plot, its worth your time if you really want to invest into this series.

Harem, something common in most anime~

Once again, like all harems, we have a high school kid as a main character, and his name is Minato Sahashi. Poor Minato failed his entrance exam to his college, and is one sad guy. However, on that same day, he spots a young busty girl being chased by 2 ladies that are able to control electricity. Being a main character and all, he decides to help her, and in the end, the young lady kisses him, introducing herself as Musubi. The 2 ladies give up the chase, and Musubi explains to Minato about the Sekirei plan, and that she is a Sekirei. She also tells Minato that he is now part of the game, and is forced to play. In the Sekirei plan, Sekireis are supposed to fight each other and slowly get eliminated, until one is crowned the victor. And so, Minato's life becomes more complicated as he preps himself for the Sekirei plan, with Musubi as his Sekirei.

Sekirei will probably be entertaining to harem lovers, but its truly nothing special. There are bits and pieces of action here and there, but the only true epic battles come towards the end. Its however, obvious that the series is much more capable than what it is now, and not to worry, "Pure engagement" is an improvement. That'll be for a different day, but for now, Sekirei stands an average anime for me. If you're picky about your anime, you can give this a miss for some better and more epic anime. But if you want something for the long run, Sekirei is quite alright.