Monday, 30 January 2012

Dark souls boss profiles: Capra demon

Capra demon
HP: 1176
Skills: Leaping strike*, Single slash, Double handed slash

Times died on 1st playthrough: 3

A month has passed already since the last dark souls time flies. Anyway, one of my 3 major assigments are down and I have only 2 left, so I'm free of some load for now. So...heres a post. Heres the 3rd boss I fought for my playthrough. Straight after the taurus demon I went to challenge the bell gargolyes and got my ass handed to me, so I looked for another alternative, I found myself at the capra demon. Take the key in undead parish and head back to undead burg, open up the door in before the dragon, and head on in, finding the capra demon at the end behind a fog gate. Hes not so tough, but definetely different from the previous 2 bosses before him. Capra demon is the 2nd boss of undead burg.

Your first real legit boss fight, show me your moves!

The capra demon is the 1st boss in the game that you will fight legitly with no tricks whatsoever. You cannot jump stab him, and theres no exploit to beating him, you can only finish him off 1 on 1, man to man. Unfortunately though, he has 2 poison dog pals, and they pose a huge problem. They arent very tanky so finish them off ASAP before the 3 of them start ganking on you. Here's a quick rundown on the Capra demon's attacks.

Leaping strike*- His killer move. This attack is probably unblockable unless you have godly stamina and will do a huge chunk of damage. Even if you have a good shield, you will be staggered after this move. Simply move away as you see him prepping for a jump.

Single slash- He swings his blade normally, doing moderate damage. Easily blocked, you can dodge it too. He may swing twice, but it shouldnt make a difference.

Double handed slash- Another dangerous move, but not as scary as leaping strike. He swings at you with both blades, doing huge endurance reduction if blocked, may even guard break you. It has the same range as single slash so dodge accordingly.

The only potentially difficult part for this fight is the beginning, with the capra demon and the 2 dogs charging towards you at full force. You won't be able to take them all on at once, and trying to block them all is suicide. Climb up the stairs and lure the dogs up there, finish them off. If you find yourself cornered with both of them you can jump down and climb up again to reattempt killing them as many times as you want. This is actually the most difficulty part of the fight, you can try many things, including firebombs and magic if you need to, since these should one shot the dogs. Just make sure the capra demon isn't tanking the hit for the dogs.

Now the real fight starts, and without the dogs, the fight will go on much smoother. The capra demon isnt the tankiest of foes, and he will surely fall after a few short combos. Any decent weapon should be able to take him. Fight him on the lower area below the stairs, the arena is rather small, but its better than fighting on a small stairs and a narrow pathway. Take note that when you need to heal take the stairs up and gulp down a few flasks before going down to continue your manly battle.

Fighting the capra demon is a matter of patience. Alone, his attacks arent hard to dodge, but they hit rather hard and he is VERY VERY hard to stunlock. Take things slowly and hit him once or twice, then back off. There is a slight opening after each of his moves, where you can land a hit or two. His leaping strike is the one to look out for, it hits the hardest, but leaves you the biggest opening. After leaping strike you can land 2 hits. Single slash and double handed slash would only give you the opening for one hit. If you're feeling adventurous you can try to go for more, but be prepared to either take some damage or roll away quickly.

Fight the battle to its epic conclusion!

All in all its not too bad. If you drag the fight out and do it the safe way, you should emrge victorious. He hits hard, but he doesnt have alot of moves, and he has no OMGWTFBBQ mode where he goes super saiyan when low on health. Beathing him earns you 6000 souls according to darksouls wiki, in the old patch he only gave about 1000 souls or something, lucky new players. There really is nothing much to this boss, beat him and get the sewer key, but don't go there yet, we have alot more bosses to beat before we venture deep below!