Opening songs
OP 1-Disillusion (Sachi Tainaka)
OP 2-Kirameku namida wa hoshi ni (Sachi Tainaka)

Ending songs
ED 1-Anata ga ita mori (Jyukai)
ED 2-Hikari (Jyukai)
ED 3-Kimi to no ashita (Sachi Tainaka)

Genre: Action, romance, comedy, drama, supernatural

Episodes: 24

I have begun my anime spree once again, so I have to step up anime reviews. The world has no shortage of fighting animes in modern day settings, and fate/stay night is one of them. Aired quite a long time ago, this gained a huge amount of popularity due to its many different spinoffs and iterations. Yes I used Saber as my choice for an opening picture because she is just that fcking gorgeous. Fate/stay night isn't worth all the attention its getting, in my opinion. Not to say the show is BAD in any way....but its starts off boring, gets interesting, then in the end it looses me again. Its one of those shows that either starts loosing steam when its reaching its climax. Thankfully, the action is half decent somewhat exciting for majority of the fights (final battle is cheesy), and there is actually some REAL romance in this! Nice. Now onto the goods!

The songs used in Fate/stay night aren't really that good in my opinion. The endings are totally not for me, and the openings are me. 'Disillusion' is a pretty slow and mid-tempo song to be used for an opening, and its not great. I skipped it all the time after the 3rd episode or something. 'Kirameku namida wo hoshi ni' is better and turned out quite alright, but after a few listens it gets old. Both are by Sachi tainaka, whom I know nothing of. Im not going to go to the endings, because you all already know Im not into these kinds of songs.


I'll be honest, I expected alot more from Fate/stay night. The plot seemed promising, and seeing as to how much fan reaction this one got, I thought it was going to be phenominal. To me it was just alright, I have seen much better stuff in my opinion (I even think needless is better than this). The beginning is boring, the fights are too short, and totally seemed fast-fowarded. There isnt much going on at first, and you'll totally mistake this for some budget harem/fighting show. Luckily it picks up and gets interesting, with the battle against rider being an epic one, the following fights got much better and the plot just keeps heating up. Sadly towards the end there isn't much incentive left, and our final battle we get as viewers is so disappointing. However, the real romance elements thrown in are nice to have and actually made the plot a more emotional one.

Its all about knights in armor, clashing swords with one another.
 Lets get down to our usual plot summary. Fate/stay night features Emiya Shiro as the main character. Shiro is just some random high school student with a stupidly high sense of justice. Dude cant stand watching someone get bullied. He lives a regular life with his friend sakura, and his teacher, taiga, that visit his home everyday for meals. Quite a good life, living it with 2 pretty ladies coming over everyda. Shiro however has a special magic ability, allowing him to tap into the structure of items to strenghten them. Even with something so minor, this still makes him a magus (one who manipulates magic). One day, during the beginning of the holy grail war, a servant was summoned to shiro, and her class is saber. Saber fends off lancer, a servant sent to attack him, and explains the nature of the holy grail war. Being a "champion of justice", as he calls himself, he now fights with saber to prevent the holy grail war from hurting any innocent people.

Fate/stay night is a good anime, but I simple expected more. Fate/zero is already airing and is now taking a break, and is to resume in april this year. Fate/zero is tons better so far, I highly recommend it, you can't compare it to fate/stay night. Fate/stay night is still good for those searching for a little diversity, and of course, some real romance. While its just a small bit of the anime, its worth noting out. Lets not forget action, and throw in some small bits of daily life fooling around, we get fate/stay night. All in all, its still something good to watch at your own leisure.