Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Free flash games, they're fun too!

Gaming in this day and age has evolved into something so awesome its unexpressable in words. Awesome graphics and gameplay on consoles, handhelds and PC games give gamers so many choices! If so, why bother about flash games, who needs them when you have so many wonderful titiles out there, right?

Yes and no. As a student, I implore that in school, you're bored, the teacher is RAMBLING non-stop about some boring ass subject you don't give a shit about. Coincidentally you have a PC in front of you, what do you do? Some go to facebook, some twitter, but as for some like me, we look up internet flash games. They are simple, convinient, free and can be accessed just by a click of the mouse. These are criticized as poor men PC games, don't let them get to you. Flash games are still a great distraction when you don't have any of your big gaming tools around (PSP,NDS,PS3).

I have been playing these dumb flash games for a loong time, since I was a student in uniform. I have played countless flash games, and here are my favourites.

Big props to

This is where I play all flash games since young, keep on rocking those games!

Epic battle fantasy series & Spinoffs*

Epic battle fantasy
Epic battle fantasy 2
Epic battle fantasy 3
Bullet heaven
Adventure story

Probably the series I dumped my most time into all these years in the armor games website. As a final fantasy fan and JRPG fan, the entire epic battle fantasy series appealed to me greatly. The 1st one was a little questionable, with both Matt and Natalie being at maximum stats. However 2 and 3 were improved upon significantly and the new character Lance was just a awesome as Matt and Natalie. With countless references to other games and anime, this game is just filled with fanservice. The gameplay was old school FF style, which I absolutely loved, and while the story was mostly a casual and easy going one, everything else seemed to good to be a free flash game. The author said a 4th one was on the way, I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope its up soon so I can play it.

The spinoffs were pretty damn good too. Bullet heaven is a bullet hell game (ironically), and strives to potray the heroes of the series as ships in a bullet hell game. It was a terribly hard game, I'll be honest, I never finished it, but it was good fun. Adventure story was the author's latest game, released not too long ago. It looked alot like a maplestory clone, which I didn't really like. All in all though, it was a decent platformer, and I finished it (with the difficulty set to easy for the last boss, he was too fked up). I grew to like it for its tough as nails bosses.

The worlds hardest game series*

The worlds hardest game
The worlds hardest game 2

Ohhhhhhh damnnnn thisss gammeeeeeeee. This is...another game I spent alot of time on. It may not be the longest game around, but its definetely the most challenging. Do not get me wrong the game is by no means, cheap, its just really hard. Every level can be done by observing the dot patterns and manuvering your ball properly, but it just takes alot of patience and peseverance to finish this monstrocity. I finished the 1st one, but not the 2nd. All in all it may not be the worlds hardest game, but it definetely IS high up there as one of the worlds hardest games.

This is the only level series*

This is the only level
This is the only level TOO
This is the only level 3

Another brilliantly designed masterpiece. This series is so cleverly made, that when you play feel like you are being fooled. You play the same level over and over for 30 times in these games. You will see the level so many times that you become sick, but you won't ever feel cheated. Why? Because everytime you tackle the exact same level, you have to do it in a different method, and these methods are hinted in the stage name. It soon becomes a clever puzzle game, as you scratch your head on how to clear the level you are currently in. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Chibi knight

Another one of the better distractions in armorgames. This game feels like a minature zelda, and plays like one, except 2D. Its not a long game, but the time you spend on it from start to finish will be well spent. Simple platformers like these should be given more love, and with the spells you get, the stats upgrade system and more...this really feels like a full fledged RPG. The visual style is pretty unique too, and it really fits the game, being "chibi knight" and all. Fun game, good to waste time on if you are looking for a quality flash game.

Warlords series and spinoffs*

Warlords 2:Rise of demons
Warlords heroes

Something for you strategy lovers. For a strategy game its fairly simple to understand, you pick a race and send out units like swordsmen, spearman, mage and more. Each race has thier own units, but more or less the majority of units are the same. Its like a rock paper scissors game in which unit beats which. Sending out units in whatever lane your opponent is sending makes up for some epic clashes, and you have to play smart to properly conquer your opponent. The campaign is pretty fun and conquering land after land makes this game a addicting one. Warlords hero itself is also a great game, while its a platformer, its not a weak game at all. The platforming, skills and customization for each of the 3 characters were pretty slick, making it a worth addition to the series.

Age of war series*

Age of war
Age of war 2

Another one for you strategy fans. Age of war is very similar to warlords, but with only 1 lane. You and your opponent both share a HQ where you can send units forth to clash with each other. The winning side will push all the way to the HQ and try to beat it down, while it is protected by turrets and ever spawning units. It has a great concept of evolving your units from a lower less evolved age to an ultimate galatic age with badass laser firing robots.

Trigger knight

A more recent game. Trigger knight is something you don't spend alot of time on, but the game and concept was so well executed that I found it amazingly addictive. Two straight days in school I played this, while ignoring my boring ass lecturer, and I played this non stop. Its a relatively simple game, you play as a female blademaster that simply runs foward nonstop. As you run the game's day passes and your lifespan decreases. To replinish lifespan you find soul shrines and offer gold to preserve your lifespan. You run into monsters on the way, and your blademaster fights for herself, but every click you make in this game counts. You purchase equipment, items, upgrades and stuff by clicking on the quick time events as you run past them. Its probably the simplest game on the list, and one of the most addictive.

There we go, my favourite flash games. Im sure there are more, but well, I have been playing flash games for most of my life so who knows. Props to the guys who made these games, these are amazing and I have no reason not to like them.