Opening songs
OP 1-Sekai to Issho ni Mawarou yo! (Love roulettes)

Ending songs
ED 1-Miracle☆Chance (ULTRA-PRISM)



Do yourselves a favour people. When browsing through anime, do not get so attracted when you see the picture for the anime being a sexy big breasted young lady, most of the time that anime wouldn't be up to standard. Most animes are like this, including the ridiculous queens blade (should have given it a far lower score). So is the case with Rio-rainbow gate, I was attracted to rio, the main heroine. She is sexy, has big boobs, a gorgeous figure, and to top it off, her voicer is the all so elegant marina inoue. Its too bad though thats all this show has, nice girls. Thats it! The plot is rather insignificant, and theres nothing much going on most of the time. The comedy is sub par, and the animation style is only about average. It all boils down to this, your time spent watching rio-rainbow gate, can be better well spent watching other nicer animes.

Yeeeep, unfortunately, both songs used in the opening are not in my radar zone at all. Both are cutesy, popsy and give off happy atmospheres. Sure it fits the anime, but these songs don't interest me at all. Its really too bad though, if ayana taketatsu or marina inoue did any of the singing at all it would have been so cool.


For those of you that don't know, anything below a 7.0 in terms of score, is in my opinion, below average, be it games or anime. After I finished the entire series, I was like "okay...why did I watch this?". The show isnt terrible, it just has no point to it. Sure the main focus is about gambling, but belive me 85% of the show has nothing to do with legit gambling at all! And to top it off it tries to throw all its efforts into sub par comedy and fanservice. Without a truly engaging story or appealing characters, I dont see rio-rainbow gate turning out to be anything but a fanservice anime. Its a shame though, the final 1 or 2 episodes were actually quite legit, with Rio's mom showing up and all.

Ohh yeah, thats right! Keep it that way, thats why we're here honey.

The plot stars our main heroine as rio, the "goddess of victory" of howard resort. As a dealer she is well known to bring victory to those that play with her as the dealer. She is also known for her voluptrous figure, always being used by howard, the resort owner, to wear revealing and outstanding clothing. One day, mint clark, a young girl following her grandfather on a casino trip, arrives to howard resort for a stay. Being an acquaintice of howard, mint's grandfather is treated with special care, and mint was to be taken care off under rio. Mint learns that rio is a well known and distinguished dealer, with the possesion of a gate, which belongs to an original set of 13 gates, all of which when brought together will bring upon the rainbow gate. Rio gets well known as a gate owner, and various gate owners come to howard resort to challenge, all in hopes of getting the gates in her possesion. So the battle for the 13 gates begins...

While rio-rainbow gate has its own charm, its just not enough. As a first timer to such a concept, I thought gambling in anime would be way cooler than this, like in those old school hong kong dramas. Its too bad though that the gambling in this is more of a comedy reality show or game. Oh well, at least rio is beyond sexy, and mint is so kawai with ayana taketatsu's voice. Other than the little bit of fanservice it has to offer, rio-rainbow gate isn't much, and your time can be better spent watching other more brilliant masterpieces.