Well I'll get right to it. Once again its time for more badass villians but today we'll be doing them for the games side. Spoilers as usual, just to say.

This proves that even if you're old, you can still be cool.

From:Kingdom hearts:Birth by sleep

We got a slick lineup of badass villians today, and up for 5th place we have the one and only old, yet cool looking villian from kingdom hearts:Birth by sleep, xehanort.

Xehanort should'nt be a stranger to those who keep track of the kingdom hearts series. In kingdom hearts 2, he was the original apprentice of ansem the wise. Here in birth by sleep, which takes places many years before kingdom hearts 1, xehanort is a well known master called to judge the test of keyblades masters between terra and aqua.

Xehanort is evil right from the start. You can see him beckoning the darkness in terra during the mastery test, and he's targeting terra body for his next vessel. For that, hes harvesting the darkness in terra's body, to make sure that theres no resistance when he takes over. He doesnt appear much in aqua's and ventus' stories, but in terra's story, he appears oftenly to trick and try to tilt terra towards the side of darkness. Even at the end he manages to claim terra's body and forces aqua to fight him, which is hard for her since terra is one of her best friends. Whats more, in the end, after all that fighting, he doesnt switch out of terra's body, and goes to become the villian we all know.

Thats some funky gear you have there pal.

From:Pokemon white/black

Notice he has the same pose as xehanort? Lol. Anyway, 4th position for today's post goes to ghetsis, our most recent villian in the pokemon series.

The pokemon series's villians have always been.....simple, to say the least. They always throw you a team of baddies, like team rocket, team aqua/magma or team galactic. White/black is no different, we get team plasma as our team of baddies, but led by ghetsis, who kinda takes it differently as a team leader.

Usually our pokemon games end with elite 4 fights, with white/black breaking that rule, ghetsis is badass. Our final showdown of the game, for once, is a fight to save the world, and its against ghetsis. While his ambitions to "save" pokemon is easily seen through as a fraud throughout the game, when you see him finally snap when N loses to you in the epic battle, its pretty damn sweet that he decides to face you with his team of 6 badass pokemon, ESPECIALLY that hyderigon. It even takes N to heal you up before you can actually face him.
Ghetsis is cool because he breaks the rule, and he uses N to decieve you the whole game, and even though he knows you got a legendary pokemon, he decides to fight you with his regular team of 6.

Well, shit, we're all dead now.

3.Pyramid head
From:Silent hill series

Ok, number three would not be a stranger to most gamers out there in the world. Fresh out from silent hill, we have pyramid head to take the 3rd spot today.

Silent hill is a CREEPY ass franchise, and while we dont usually have main antagonists in the silent hill games ( since the town is all about your horrors coming to life), we have at least these guys who recur in most of the silent hill games. Let me get this straight, they may not be villians, its not actually stated, but hell, do they seem like good guys to you?

The pyramid heads are like keepers of silent hill, and they kill those who trespass. In silent hill games, theres always a point where you will run into a pyramid head, and when you do, its usually not good. In homecoming, alex saw a pyramid head walk past, and he just lay still, hoping he doesnt spot him, which is a good idea if you ask me. My most memoriable experiences with the pyramid heads were in silent hill 2, where the pyramid heads appear (more than once, may I add), to kill maria over and over again to express james' worse fear. Up till now, those scenes are still wretched somewhere in my mind.

One look at him can tell you he's pretty evil.
 2.Manfred von karma
From:Phoenix wright:Ace attorney

Boy oh boy, the ace attorney series sure has alot of memoriable villians. For 2nd place today, we have one sly and evil prosecutor, and hes none other than manfred von karma.

When you 1st see and encounter von karma, you know you wont want to mess with him. But whats worse is that hes the leading prosecutor during the case that involves miles as the murderer. Being the mentor of miles, hes a pretty sly and cruel old man. Miles has been producing fake evidence and doing a whole lot of illegal stuff to win his cases. Von karma, is at least 5 times worse. Dude hasnt even lost a case in his long career of 40 years.

During the case for miles, karma goes ahead to steal evidence to prevent phoenix from winning the case, and in the process the tasers maya and knocks out phoenix as well. Being the vicious prosecutor he is, he is willing to do anything to keep his record, and many a time, he sets traps during the trial, in which presenting the wrong evidence would result in an instant game over. Karma doesnt stop there, even when phoenix wins the case, karma predicted that edgeworth would not take the not guilty verdict and confess for his crime years ago, where he thought he killed his father. And as usual, you can tell who the mastermind is. Yep its actually von karma. Edgeworth shot karma all those years ago, and karma went ahead to kill edgeworth's father, who had discreet evidence to screw him up. He even kept his bullet in his shoulder all those years, he couldnt afford to have any records on him! A twisted guy indeed.

He doesn't look the part, but this guy sure makes a great villian.

From:Dead rising 2

Finally, for today's number 1 villian for games.....we have dead rising 2's sullivan. Now this is big spoilers right here, but for a fat old guy, sullivan takes the cake for being an incredibly badass villian.

When you first start off dead rising 2, sullivan is the 1st character chuck meets and knows when he enters the safe house. Sullivan gave chuck shelter, he knew katey was bitten, yet he let chuck stay. Sullivan gave chuck the maintenence key to make all those badass weapons, he gave chuck support for bringing survivors back to the safe house. Sullivan looks like a good guy in every aspect, he pretends to care when TK gets caught, and even volunteers to look after him. Only at the very end, where you thought sullivan would stand up for you, just like he did in the whole game, he decides to turn on you, kills rebecca and runs off.

Sullivan works for the company that made zombrex, and hes nothing but a patron stationed at the safe house to make sure eveyrthing goes according to plan. Like chuck said at the end, he started the outbreak and killed all those thousands of people, just because stock of zombrex was low. Sullivan says that there will be more outbreaks like this, more people will die, and that the outbreaks are all neccersary for sake of the lives of others. If hes willing to cause more outbreaks and kill thousands and thousands more, then he wins. Sullivan is a truly badass villian worthy of a number 1 position for today's badass villian post.

Peace for now.