Gamespot score:6.0(fair)

My score:7.2

(+)Pros:-Insanely fun and satisfting boss fights,-variety of levels and different time visits add replay value,-funny dialouge, -playing as prinny asagi or laharl is fun and refreshing.

(-)Cons:-Controls can feel abit stiff,-nonsensical difficulty and cheap stage layouts,-.......did I mention its beyond cheap?

gameplay time:10 hours+

Those familiar with disgaea would know how prinnies impact the game. Prinnies have become so important to disgaea that any game with disgaea crossovers have at least 1 or two prinny characters. Prinnies have become such important entities that they even received a game. Years back, "Prinny,can I really be the hero?" was released, and its challenging levels and incredibly enjoyable boss fights were a great welcome. The side scrolling platformer was fun to a great extent, and I guess it received good reception. Well, prinny 2 was released early this year, and I got my copy quite abit after release. Of course, I played it, but I have different opinions of the game now. Prinny 2, was definetely, not as fun, impactful and enjoyable as the 1st. While prinny 2 still holds its own as a good platformer, heres why its inferior compared to the 1st.

The 1st prinny game's story was a more comical one than a serious one, where the hero prinny is chosen to find etna ingredients to make the ultimate desert. Well, as with its predecessor, prinny 2 has its own comical story. This time, things get abit more out of hand than in the 1st game. Instead of etna wanting to eat just some fancy desert, her panties got stolen. And of course, shes pissed. She suspects the prinnies of being the thieves, but of course the prinnies deny that they stole her panties, since they know that the panties were stolen by the phantom thief. So like the 1st game, she selects the hero prinny and grants him the scarf, and he becomes a more durable prinny that can withstand more hits. With him being the lead, he and his prinny friends have to catch the thief, luring them with rare items. So with our hero prinny in tow, he goes about in the netherworld's different areas to collect rare items, in hope that it will help in catching the thief.

Die mutha-fucka!!!

Prinny 2 is an action side scrolling platformer, just like its predecessor. You start off at a central "base" or "town" and select stages to go to, and launch yourself there with flonne's cannon. There are 6 main stages to choose from, with a few extra ones toward the end of the game. Each of these 6 stages can be visited in any order, and the earlier you visit these stages, the earlier the time of the day you will experience the stage in. Visit a desert as your 1st or 2nd choice and it will be morning there, visit it as your last choice it will be night time. Simple as that. As the time changes, so do the levels.

In the morning, where demons are quite inactive, the levels will be less devious, and there will be lesser demons in your way. Do a stage at night and shit gets real, platforming gets alot harder and there will be alot more stronger demons. Its an interesting system, even the bosses you face at the end changes depending on when you do the level. Also, these levels are interesting, you get to visit demon theme parks, underwater restruants and even a japanese themed tower with sliding doors and samurais. The variety of stages, and thier respective timed visits add quite abit of replay value, since its always cool to do the stage again with different enemies, layout and even a different boss.

Playing as prinny asagi or laharl can be really refreshing.

In prinny 2, we get insane bosses as well, as with prinny 1. At the end of each grieving and rage inducing stage, we get to fight an incredibly intimidating and challenging boss, as always. This has become quite a tradition in prinny games, all we players look foward to in the levels, are the bosses they offer, because they are so damn fun! The bosses are fun as heck, and attack mercilessly. We, as the weak prinnies we are, have to dodge and counterattack carefully. There are ALOT of bosses for us to fight, there are 6 stages, and many different timed visits, multiply that and add that to some compulsory story bosses..and we get about 20 bosses. Thats quite alot considereing the platformer prinny is.

 Of course, bosses at later hours are considerably tougher, with more stun skulls, health and attacks that are harder to dodge. Still, they are all part of the prinny expereince. You may die alot at the bosses, but when you win, expect to feel satisfied. As an extra plus, prinny 2 allows the usage of 2 different characters, asagi and laharl, both of which have playstyles the differ from the original hero prinny. Asagi uses far ranged weapons of different kinds, with limited ammo and such...the game then becomes like a side scrolling shooter. Laharl plays much like the hero prinny, only with the ability to do alot more damage and with a few new moves that no normal prinny can accomplish. Playing as asagi and/or laharl is good fun and help give a more refreshing feel rather than always playing with the hero prinny.

Probably the most exciting parts of the game, boss battles.

Now onto why prinny 2 is abit lousier than its predeseccor.First, the controls.The controls are as with prinny 1, abit stiff. When you jump, you cant go back, and your movements are rather limited. It sucks to not be able to only move that 1 small step, or jump that 1 small centermetre. It may be the developer's way to make the game more challenging, to make us watch and time our movements. Still, it dont change the fact that with the current controls, prinny 2 is abit frustrating to play, since we always dont get to land where we want. Next is the difficulty. Now prinny 1 was hard enough, then they had to go and make it harder. The game is beyond frustrating, it almost made me fling my PSP across the room.

 Some of the enemies suck in every way, they float around the screen, come in packs, and have a ton of HP, plus, if you dont beat them, you cant get past this 1 platforming section that you have been trying to pass for the previous hour. If you die again, you will be sent back to a checkpoint god knows how far away it is. The stage layouts suck. Some are just incredibly cheap, putting tons of enemies shooting at you while you are trying to jump very careful steps, or putting a shit load of land and air based enemies on platforms that BREAk when you attack, casuing you to fall to your death. Prinny 2 is in every way as cheap as prinny 1 was....only worse. Its so bad that I will recommend you not to get it if you have a shit's worth of patience. If you do get it, baby mode is recommended, even with it though, the platforming can still be a gigantic pain in the fking ass.

Prinny 2 could have been better than what it was if they fixed what was broken in the 1st game, rather than keeping them (the controls) or making them worse (the difficulty). Prinny 2 is worth a play for those who played the 1st game and are looking for more. For those who have never touched prinny 1, stay away, this game is very hard and super un-beginner friendly. You will die countless times, even though you have a thousand lives, you will probably give up on the game before you lose 300 or 400 of them. If there is a prinny 3, lets hope they dont make the game even HARDER than it is now.

Happy gaming.