Opening songs
OP 1-Go!Go! Maniac (Aki toyosaki)
OP 2-Utauyo!! Miracle (Aki toyosaki)

Genres: Comedy, slice of life, bishoujo, moe, music, school life


Holiday time biatches! Anyway, to celebrate the start of my 2 week long holiday, heres an anime review. And its a damn well known one to boot. K-on was a great anime that received good reception everywhere, as well as earning itself a huge amount of fans. What better way to extend all of these, of course, to make a season 2, which is what they did. Well, chances are, if you liked season 1, season 2 will certainly please you without a doubt. With almost double the lenght, season 2 is ready to satisfy k-on fans of any type. K-on season 2 proves that even after doing nothing in season 1, they still rock at doing it, since season 2 is great in almost any aspect that season 1 was.

K-on, being kind of a music based anime, has obviously good music in it. The openings are rather good I guess, go go maniac as opening 1 and utauyo miracle as opening 2. Go go maniac is abit too fast paced for me and isnt really my type, but its still not a bad song. Utauyo miracle is much better, and is something that's nicer to listen to in my opinion. But both arent as good as cageyake girls. Also, the ending themes, sung by yoko hikasa, are more awesome in almost every way. Listen as ending 1, is great. But No, thank you as ending 2, is just amazing. No , thank you is probably my favourite song tied to the k-on series. While both aki toyosaki and yoko hikasa are good singers, I would say yoko hikasa comes out on top...then again this is all my opinion.

Any decent anime watching person would know these 5 girls.


Nothing much to say here, everything from k-on season 1 is right here, but made even longer. Like before, k-on focuses on a bunch of high school girls that make up the k-on light music club that want to hit the big time. As usual, the show is made up of an entire female-cast, which is good stuff for most guys. These girls just basically go to the club everyday and mess around, usually doing nothing. The show is mostly about thier everyday life, throwing abit of comedy here and there.

K-on season 2 features the exact same cast as the 1st season, with maybe a new character or two, but basically, the main characters are all the same. The 5 girls from season 1 are back, Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Tsumugi and Azusa, and they are ready to rock some ass. In season 2, the 4 initial members of the light music club, yui, mio, ritsu and mugi are in their final year, and they are going to cherish their final year in the school, spending the best time they can, since next year azusa will be left all alone. In this season, they are also joined by the other known characters in the show. Yui's childhood friend nodoka, her sister ui, azusa's classmate jun and the forever wacky sawa sensei (Who totally shows an AWESOME side of her in this season). This season takes the team of 5 to even bigger heights than before, showing the bonding between the 5 girls as they approach their final year in high school. Once again, great stuff, and of course, the funny stuff doesnt let up, the girls still do insane things that are pretty funny.

Sad that this is probably the final season of this great series. K-on season 2 is just as great as season 1 was, maybe even better. Well no matter, with such huge fan demand, season 3 MAY be a possibility, but even if it doesnt air, we have the upcoming movie to look foward to. Cheers to k-on!