Opening songs
OP 1-Prophecy (Mami kawada)

Genre:supernatural,romance,action,slice of life


Lets take a break from the chaotic and hectic cosfest. For today, we're going through shakugan no shana S. There really is no need for me to say this but, there are many of us anime fans, and most of us definetely know shana (when I say anime fans I dont mean those that only watch bleach/naruto/one piece). As a series shakugan no shana is great, it relates demons, magicks and whatnot with everyday school life. The ending for season 2 was definetely clear...for most of the part. Now I wont spoil anything from the ending, but lets just say this, shakugan no shana S, was definetely not necessary. Since 2007, fans have been waiting for a season 3, in 2009, they gave us shana S. My cousin told me it sucked, and warned me not to watch it, but as a shana fan, I had to at least take a peak. Heres what I think.

For the opening song, we only have one, and thats prophecy from mami kawada. Since its only an OVA, theres no need for more than 1 opening song actually. Coming from mami kawada, prophecy is definetely not something her league. Compared to other songs she released, like joint/masterpiece/PSI missing, prophecy pales out. Its not that its terrible...its just a little bit boring to listen to. The opening animations as well, they arent anything impressive compared to other shana openings. Well at least the ending sounds good, all in good time, also by mami kawada. At least that one is pleasing to hear.

Rating 6.0/10

Lets face it, being an OVA is no reason for shakugan no shana S to suck. OVAs can be great too, just look at the recent .hack and baka test OVAs, works of greatness. Shakugan no shana S is just underwhelming. The episodes do not tie to each other in any way, with exception of episode 3 and 4. And the differences in timelines between the episodes add even more confusion, its never clear wheter the show takes place before season 1/2, after season 1/2, or somewhere in between. In shakugan no shana season 1 and 2, there was great pacing and story telling, in S both of those are missing. You never know exactly whats going on, since the story is jumping all around the place. In episode 3 and 4 you can at least grasp whats going on, since they are obviously tied, but other than, as 3 different arcs, theres nothing related AT ALL.

Yuuji, "Belive me, theres really nothing impressive going on, now LETS GO!'

In the previous 2 seasons, we have yuuji as the main lead. In shakugan no shana S, yuuji remains as the lead in episodes 1 and 2, while shana overtakes that role in episode 3 and 4. In shana S, the series is geared more towards the everyday life the characters experience. Yuuji still follows shana around as she does her errands involving the other world, and they experience life as usual, encountering small time problems that dont compare to that of tomogara attacks. There isnt even a hint of the love rivalry between kazumi and shana that made the show so damn anticipating in shakugan no shana S. Its not clear if yuuji already picked one over the other, because they just interact like they always do. While episodes 1 and 2 are spent goofing off, 3 and 4 at least take a more serious approach, showing shana's life before she met yuuji. Episodes 3 and 4 are kinda alright I guess, once again, nothing compared to the epicness scale of the season 1 and 2 tomogara arcs. Even if episodes 3 and 4 are somewhat redeeming, they have no ties to episode 1 and 2 at all. Its like, they are shown goofing off in episode 1 and 2, then suddenly you are seeing one of shana's previous extermination jobs. Three words, what the hell? Wheres the connection? Are the episodes even connected AT ALL?

Basically shakugan no shana S is something we didnt really need. The show is in by no means terrible...but its just something that we can do without. Shakugan no shana S isn't what we shana fans have been waiting for, what we( or at least I) want, is a true, legit season 3. Now I have no idea if its coming out or not, if it is, great, keep the production going, and hopefully it can outshadow shakugan no shana S ( I seriously think it will). If theres no season 3 coming out, Im fine with it too, though I will be quite the sad panda, I'll just accept the season 2 ending for what it is. Whatever the outcome, shakugan no shana S isn't the great show its predeseccors were, and if you really want to watch it, just skim through it, don't expect greatness. Season 1 and 2 were just so much better.