It has been awhile and here we are again with another boss fight thats enough to earn himself a name in my hall of fame.For today 's greatest boss fight, we have the one and only villianous villian of final fantasy 13, barthandelus.

Final fantasy 13 has no shortage of boss fights, but the one that stands out the most is barthandelus himself. Not only is he the hardest boss in the game IMO, you get to fight him 3 times. Just great. While he is a pushover in his 3rd form, his 1st 2 forms are pretty hard, and especially the 2nd form, which is the main focus here today. Most people say the 1st form is the hardest, but seriously, I dont know how people say that. The 2nd form is crazy strong, he continously pounds you with attacks, and even when staggered, he gives no chance at all. You are left with no choice but to heal for the entire fight, and even if you do so, you may even die with all 3 characters spamming heal on one another.

You have no idea how much trouble you are getting into when facing this guy.

Okay, first off, ol'barthandelus has over 3 million HP, which is ridiculously high. Anyway, he starts off less intimidate, with only 1 head. As you keep hitting him, he gains side heads. And finally, hit him enough and he will show his true big face, coupled with 2 smaller heads that each shoot thier own lasers. This is where the shit happens.

Just like any boss fight, the start of the fight would be spent debuffing the enemy and spamming buffs on yourself, this fight is no different. But when you finally hit open his big face, he starts using apoptosis, which removes all buffs from your party and all debuffs from himself. Just great, stripping yourself of your buffs and removing his debuffs at the most crucial part of the fight. Heres the jig, as the main head, barthandelus can do considerable damage to your party members while having a chance to inflict a status effect on them. Barthandelus uses poisonga, dazega and cursega constantly, trying to pelt you with status effects. While some of these may not be too much of a problem, daze is. If your characters get dazed when the boss is staggered or when emergency healing is required, this can pretty much screw you up.

This is where shit gets real.

Believe it or not, the 3 earlier mentioned attacks are the least of your problems. When the big head appears and the side heads start firing lasers, things get very  very annoying. Thos heads shoot lasers at you allll the time. When healing, attacking....everything you do, barthandelus is pelting lasers at you. Its shit when the lasers interupt your attack or healing animations, and even shitier that when barthandelus is staggered, these lasers are still coming. While the lasers do the least damage out of all his attacks, they can annoy you to kingdom come.

Next is the infamous thanatosian laughter. This is easily his hardest hitting attack, and its safe to say he doesnt use this rarely. When you see the screen zoom to barthandelus's face and you see the words thanatosian laughter pop up, pray your characters are far apart, since laughter only hits in a line. If all your characters get hit, they will probably still live, but have red life left. When having so low life left, its obvious that the next you will do is heal, but thoe F***KING lasers will probably pelt at you even after thanatosian laughter, and if they kill off your healer in the process.....thats it, prepare to hit retry.

Finally, we get to the single most fked up thing barthandelus can do....doom. Thats right, if all all these aint enough, he can doom you, and set a timer for you to kill him. When you get barthandelus to a lower level of health, he will doom you, pushing you to quickly kill him. Doom is what gets me most of the time, since even though Im doing rather well in the fight, I always dont kill him quick enough, and doom kills me. It fking sucks when you know you've got him, and that the stagger bar is going to fill up pretty damn soon and you are SURE AS FK that the next stagger will finish him off, but when you look at the doom counter, you see 10 seconds left. Rage guy, yeah.

Barthandelus II has made me rage alot. Though I only beat him on my 3rd try, it was luck. Im sure people suffered more fighting this douche. Rage inducing indeed.


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