Boss health

Storm king
Skills:Flying stingers

Storm beast
Skills:Sting shot

Times died on 1st playthrough:2

Welcome once again to demon's souls boss profiles, and today we have storm king as the main focus. After astrea, I went ahead to finish up world 4, storm of shrines. Kinda stupid, since back then, I didnt know how much souls I could farm by repeatedly killing storm beasts and using evacuate. Anyway, yeah, storm king, intimidating fellow, easily the biggest baddy in the game. Storm king is the boss of 4-3, old hero archstone.

Yep, he's big alright.

Storm king, no matter how godamn big and scary he looks, isn't that tough of a fight. Half of the fight is actually spent killing his minions, those pesky storm beasts flying around. When you kill them, the storm king himself shows up, flying around like a huge ass air bomber, ready to show you how tiny and inferior you are compared to him. Still, with the right weapon, hes just a big pushover.

Flying stingers- The flying giant hovers right above in front of you and launches a slew of flying stingers at you. Very very painful if they connect, so try your best to avoid getting hit. Still, it shouldn't be enough to OHKO.

Sting shot- Something you should have seen before. The storm beasts launch their stings at you, doing some damage. Alone its not too bad, but since theres alot of these guys, prepare to be swarmed.

Entering the fog, you will immediately be showed a cutscene where the storm king enters the area. After that, the entire landscape will be flooded with storm beasts, with the storm king flying high up above, far from your reach. First, you will have to get rid of the pesky storm beasts before the king himself shows. But obviously, gunning all of these beasts down with just a bow and arrow will be quite a tedious and difficult task, since they tend to fly around each other, if you mess with one, you will probably end up messing with 3 or 4 more.

What you will want to do for this fight, is immediately when you enter the area, run all the way down the slope and head left. When you see some crystal geckos, you know you've hit the jackpot. Follow them (but your main focus isnt to kill them), and eventually you will hit a cliff with a sword stuck on a stone. Thats your ticket to this fight. Quickly take it and run back to the entrance (or you can just die and come back, you already got the sword). Now, with the storm ruler in hand, prepare to kick ass.

Dual wield the sword and start using heavy attacks, they will shoot out shockwaves that come down in huge columns. These do big damage, enough to one shot the sotrm beasts. Now you stand a chance against these ganging losers. If timed carefully, 1 shockwave can take out two storm beasts or more, keep hitting the storm beasts and see them fall 1 by 1. When you kill them until theres only a few left, the storm comes down to finally challenge you. The real fight begins.

Prepare to kick ass.

Now, when the storm king starts coming down, you will immediately see him launch those scary flying stingers at you. Hide behind one of the many rocks or pillars laying around. After the assualt is over, hit him with your stormruler. This will hurt him quite abit, but your assault doesn't stop there, the storm king retreats slowly, and hes one huge motherfker. That just means that you can hit him a couple more times before he goes out of your range again. Everytime the storm king comes down, make sure you land three hits on him, or if you cant, at least two. Each hit will do about 150 damage or so.

You can see where this is going, each time he comes to hit you, you can do at least 300+ damage to him. Rinse and repeat this about 3 times and hes dead meat. Just make sure though, everytime he comes to attack you, hide behind a rock or pillar, since if you are hit, you will suffer big time damage.

Not too hard, storm king is quite easy compared to most other bosses, since he only has one attack. The times you will die here are probably against the storm beasts, since theres so many of them, screwing up once will get you hit multiple times.