Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Top 5 badass villians(gaming) 21/09/10

Here we are again, here the villians from games for today, 21/09. There are spoilers so be warned.

5. Rex goodwin
From: Yugioh 5Ds games

1st up number 5 on the 1st today is rex goodwin. Well goodwin is originally from the anime yugioh 5ds itself, but well he has made appearances in games so I guess he sort of counts.

Rex goodwin is the "watcher" of new domino city and the leader of the entire security division, that means he has many underlings and can easily makes things go his way, his true purpose is to ressurect the crimson dragon and make the battle of the signers go in favour of the dark signers.

In the games goodwin isnt as evil and bad as he is shown in the anime( dont get me started, he was a beast in the anime), but he still qualifies for reasons. In world championship 2009, you were nothing but a clone made by goodwin himself, used in an experiment to ressurect the crimson dragon. In 2010, he aided the dark signers and you had to win him in a 3 duel streak to finally beat him as the last boss. He will simply do many things to get his way, such as manipulating yusei and co, and even his brother and fellow dark signers.

4. Chaos
From: Dissidia:final fantasy
Next up is the lord of discord, chaos, striaght up from the hit game dissidia: final fantasy.
Chaos is straight badass, just look at his design. A side note,chaos was the last boss of final fantasy 1 too, such nostalgia for older players! In final fantasy 1 however garland IS chaos, so its actually kind of weird here in this game.
Chaos didnt do anything bad, all he did was repeat the cycle of battle hes has been doing with cosmos for thousands of years, expect of course he is playing for the side of discord, which is bad. But well, what makes him especially badass is that even after all the events during the shadow impulse chapters where he sent all his minions to battle, he still willingly stands up to challenge the entire team, with his final goal to burn and send everything into nothingness, thats a pretty damn bold ambition, after killing cosmos herself, he has nothing else to play for. Still he was pretty damn brutal for a last boss so yeah he kind of makes the cut.
3. Von bolt
From: Advance wars: Dual strike

Up for 3rd place today is ol' von bolt, from the debut NDS advance wars game, advance wars: Dual strike.

Who is von bolt? Well of course he is nothing more than a very old man who depends on his helmet to live....oh and he sits on a evil looking throne and has a saucer above his head which is stuck to his throne. He doesnt sound bad, but he is actually the succecor to the black hole army after the defeat of the almighty sturm.

Von bolt is an evil old man, reigning control of the black hole army, he intends to take over omega land. He has a few loyal underlings which keep losing to the good guys at 1st, then he grows tired and starts using clones to fight, which sucks since clones are lives too. Then when faced at the final battle he even makes a huge ass slime monster as the last boss. Oh yeah, he has an extremely gay super CO power.

2. Albel nox
From: Star ocean 3

Up for 2nd place is albel nox, bad boy of star ocean 3. This guys has a load of fangirls, dammit I envy this sucker of a game character.

Albel nox is head of the black brigade, and one very very, evil bad boy. Well he does turn good eventually later on but when hes still bad, whoo, he is feared everywhere. During albel's 1st encounter with the party he taunts cliff and made him so angry he wanted to pummel albel, but nel stopped him telling him that they wud have no chance even if they ganged him.

Though albel didnt get much time in the game as a baddie, this short time has been rather memoriable. For one, he went and beat up to girls, to lure fayt's party so that he can kill them. He also spitted on shelby when he died, though he was lieutanit to his brigade, he called him a maggot, and that he was eaten by his own food. Albel was quite tough too, as a boss fight he was agile, and had a ton of HP to boot.

1. Old king allant
From: Demons' souls

Finally, in 1st place we have old king allant, the deprived false king that lead his kingdom and empire into demise as the fog enveloped all of boletaria.

Allant here was the king of boletaria, but he disappeared one day, into the fog. Many of his knights went to find him, most of which did not return, those who remained were lost, caught by the souls who wandered boletaria.

King allant pretty damned pyschotic, he volunteerly becomes a demon who resides in the old one and lets his entire kingdom die out. In many games you play as the character who is supposed to save the kingdom from its crazy king, but in this game theres no kingdom to save, boletaria has already been wiped out by allant's deeds. On the current throne which stands above the dead kingdom, allants places a false king, his demon, to watch over the already wiped out empire. And when his demon is defeated, he even continues to support the old one, meaning he really wants the world to be enveloped by the fog.

Peace for now.