gamespot score:7.5(good)

my score: 8.8

(+)Pros:- the ace attorney game with the best end game case so far,- explains a lot of the past by letting players play as mia,- music is once again mind blowing,- cameo appearances add more suprises for vetarans to the series, - each and every case is long and satisfying, - story and plot for this game is more intense and packed as ever.

(-)cons:- returning characters now make the creators look lazy, - pretty much nothing new from the previous game

gameplay time:30-40 hours( above average)

My apologies once agaiin, since blogger has become fked up again, I wasnt able to even post images into my post, what the fark. Anyway, here we are, the 3rd and final game in the phoenix wright trilogy. Trials and tribulations is right up the sequel to justice for all and is, by far, possibly the most satisfying phoenix wright game ever, with the most entertaining and story-packed last case that connects everything that happens in phoenix's life into 1 strange and twisted bead of events.

In trials and tribulations, the story once again revolves its individual cases, BUT, this time, the 1st, 4th and final case are strongly related and make up almost the whole series's story and create the strong and powerful conclusion to the entire phoenix trilogy. In this game, players not only play as wright, you play as mia fey too, who is at this part of the game, supposed to be deceased after the events of AA 1. To me, mia fey, beside phoenix, is the 2nd most important character in the game, since she portrays as the main character as the 1st and 4th case, where phoenix only plays hero at the final case, wherein he even shares the spotlight with miles edgeworth.

I have to say core gameplay remains the same, its a pity they still never brought back those sciency stuff from the 1st game, the luminol and stuff. But still yes, all you do is go around crime scenes where people die, gather evidence, squeeze info out of witnesses, and grab items that never seem to have anything to do with the case at all. Also, after the events of justice for all, phoenix now has his magmata, and he gets to pull the truth out of some of the people he questions. those who love to hide secrets. These may all seem quite tedious, but they are needed as without evidence, phoenix is dead shit in the courtroom.

Now in the courtroom, things heat up. In the course of the game you get to play as phoenix and mia, but in the final case you get to play as miles for abit too. Sweet. Anyway, like in all of the previous AA games, courtroom battles are a blast, and are the main focus in the game. In court, all the evidence you gathered in the field come into play and help you out. During the battles, prosecutors call out thier witnesses and you have to press on thier testimonies and pull out contradictions by presenting valid eveidence. And I have to say when you manage to find a contradictiing statement the music changes into something more dramatic and you get that satisfying feeling welling up inside you. Prosecutor wise you face off against payne, a young edgeworth, and the game's new prosecutor, godot. Godot is a mystery and at many times you might feel that he is a dick, but at the end you will realise his true intentions and personality.

Flaw wise..... well trials and tribulations has some pretty daunting flaws. For one, there are many returning characters, not that its bad, but there are so little new characters, that it sure makes the creators from capcom look lazy. Plus, being the sequel to justice for all, there are almost no new features, it seems like they just copied and pasted the game's features and just gave it a new story. A new feature here and there would have helped hm?
Trials and tribultations is an awesome game, I have no idea how it got a pathetic 7.5 in gamespot, this game is the bomb, a fitting end to phoenix's journey. Those who got the 1st and 2nd game will thoroughly enjoy this game, newcomers though, shoudlnt start here, since the story is already pretty picked up. One hell of a game overall, and once again, this is a great way to end such a amazing trilogy.

Happy gaming!