Sunday, 12 September 2010

Left 4 dead 2

gamespot score: 9.0( editor's choice)

my score: 8.9

(+)pros:- intense zombie killing action, - melee weapons add loads of fun and satisfaction in zombie killing,- new speical infectants and weapons add more variety into the fray,- multiplayer is awesome, - survival ,realism and scavenge are good additions to multiplayer, - maps are now connected and now feature a story.

(-)cons:- gameplay remains largely intact with no major changes,- AI partners are still useless as shit.

gameplay time: 100 hours+ ( veyr long lasting)

Its been awhile since its release, but its still pretty damn popular. Its not dota, its left 4 dead 2. Around the 1st game's release, this game got quite the attention, it was in cyber cafes EVRYWHERE and EVERYONE was playing it. When the 2nd game came out, can you imagine the reaction from the crowds? Left 4 dead 2 got almost twice more attention thatn its predeseccor, and its still being played like hell right now, almost a year after release. This game isnt just amazing, its phenominally huge, and its arugubally one of the best zombie shooters out there.

Left 4 dead 2 actually has a story, which is one of good things here. In left 4 dead 1, you jus play the survivors through 5 levels, and they successfully escape no matter what if you manage to survive. Now, all the maps are connected, example if you finish dead center, you will proceed on to dark carnival, then to swamp fever and so on. The survivors only truely escape at the final level when they take the chopper. Its much better this way as it actually builds a "story" and shows how the characters grow more used to each other.

In left 4 dead you kill zombies until you ultimately reach your goal. In left 4 dead 2 its exaclty the same. You move from safe house to safe house, in between kill zombies and any special infectants that get in your way. Of course to kill the simplicity of that the game adds points where you need to activate something, wait for it to come, and kill zombies that get attracted and come at you with masses. You get more vareity of these situations in left 4 dead 2, you get to turn off an alarm that attracts zombies by running real fast to the off switch and kill hordes along the way, or you get to follow a roller coster track! Instead of just standing and defending these are much more fun, and not to mention hectic.

Left 4 dead 2 has some pleasant changes too. Though gameplay remains the same, they added a lot of shit to please us gamers. Melee weapons are one, they are fun fun weapons that can replace your pistols. What you do with them is simple, you just swing them. Now that the right click shove is being limited, melee weapons help give a little help by letting you one shot kill all those pesky zombies in front of your face. There are also other new weapons, like the desert eagle, grenade launcher...and other kinds of rifles and shotguns and a new sniper. These arent terrifically huge, but they do add variety, just like the new special infectants. Jockeys cling unto you and divert you away from the group, spitters spit and cause damage with thier toxic puddles, and charges will charge at you and then pound you into submission. With these new guys it helps even more than ever to stick together. Multiplayer is still great, and new modes like scavenge ( makes survivors run around in search of gas cans), survival( makes survivors team up and just survive against huge enemy hordes) and realism ( just like campaign with a few drastic changes), things get more tense than ever.

Left 4 dead 2 is amazing and is packed with loads of good content, but it falls short with the fact that there a no major leaps in gameplay, just like gamespot said. The game is still overly simple and can get boring at times. Also, when you play single player, the AI is horrible, its worse than left 4 dead 1! When you get smokered, they slowly take thier time to walk to you....and then shove you, the smoker goes free and then smokes some1 else. This happens to every special infecttant! And they take at least 3 seconds to walk out of spitter goo -.-. The AI is horrendous and is worse than b4, its highly recommended to play with human friends.
Left 4 dead 2 is an awesome game that has loads of extra content, though it doenst have any major gameplay improvements, its still fun as heck. Multiplayer alone can last you for god knows how many hours, its addicting as hell. Left 4 dead 2 is win, dont look down on it.

Happy gaming.