Thursday, 30 September 2010

The etrian odyssey 3 guild log-1


Log poster:Wil

Been awhile since I have done this.......well today deems the day of the establishment of ultimaGX's 3rd guild branch, in the city of armoroad. Through our successes in the past cities of lagaard and etria, our popularity has brought us here again..through the exploration of the yggdrasil labrinth. This is the guild's 3rd generation..its been alive for quite awhile.

Anyway armoroad is a nice seaside city, but of course, we are not here to relax, it is our sworn duty as explorers to search the labrinth. The motto of ultimaGX goes like this" To find the truth". As the current generation's guild leader I mus uphold the previous leaders and to find out the truth behind the labrinth.

This log is to uphold and update everyday encounters and problems of the labrinth.... since at any time, we can die in battle. As with all our previous generations we were marked with maping the 1st floor of the dungeon. Other than myself, there were 4 others who went in, Athena, Marie, Iris and Hillo. Mapping out the floor was not an easy task, with monsters lurking in every corner we were on guard at all times. However, it was to our dismay when we ran into an enemy known as the great lynx. We were ambushed, and in fell swoop, its 1st attack knocked out marie.

Knowing that we could not have defeated the creature, we attempted to escape. Though we were successful in doing so, Athena and Iris were wiped out as well. With only Hillo and I remaining, the obvious decision was to go back to town and recuperate. Carrying Athena and Iris on my back while Hillo carried Marie, we struggled back to town, luckily there were no monster encounters....

Anyway the wounded were treated, and we decided to call it a day. Will post again soon.


Log poster:Wil

Today we continued our mapping of the 1st floor, luckily there were no serious problems this time. We did not run into the great lynx, which was quite a relief. Mapping the remainder of the was easier, since there were not much ground left to be covered.

After reporting our success to the sentus the party decided to call it a day...after visiting the new facilities available to us, we crashed the inn.

Pretty short day, I'll take this time to introduce more of myself. Im a ninja, and Im the elder brother of Iris in our guild, who is a monk. So...Im not one to give out too much info about myself, so I will stop here. Lets be hoping our adventures into the labrinth will continue to be smooth.