Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Marvel vs capcom 3 updated (TGS 2010)

TGS 10 has blown over....hope many of you gamers out there have kept track of it, its been awesome show.

Anyway, for today, more MVC3 hype, they announced 4 characters during TGS, 2 were so-so, while 2 were awesome. Let me kick start this with the episode 2 trailer, shown at TGS. Well, it was a good teaser overall, but compared to episode 1, it was kinda weak, episode 1 was more exciting with rivals fighting each other and stuff, episode 2 is just basic good vs evil. And no matter how much I hate capt america, I must admit the part where he parried the helicopter was epic. Also, trish was pretty cool, with the way she zoomed in with that bike, still she couldnt do squat to doctor doom.

Next up was the "first appearances" trailer which turned out be pretty damn epic, it showed all the characters in thier episodic appearances (with expection of felicia and thor) and where they originated from. Then following it were some awesome mild gameplay vids, showing supers, hypers and combos. Gotta say dante's level 3 is pretty cool. Finally.....take you for a ride better not be the character select song again.

Http:// (Episode 1 trailer)

Http://!v=7GAI6cuzcxk&feature=channel (Episode 2 trailer)

Http://!v=_HFLoRn4c3o&feature=channel (1st appearance trailer)

To start the party there were a couple of reveals, 2 I woudlnt usually care much about, tron bonne and X-23. For one, tron looks like she plays the same as in MVC 2...Im not too angered about her being in the game, no complaints here. X-23 is a wolverine clone story-wise in the marvel universe, in the game she looks like a wolverine clone but plays slighty differently...Im not too happy with her being in the game but well, Im not angered either.

Lets talk about X-23 1st. She looks pretty fast, and she hits fast, her supers are somwhat.... similar to wolverine and felicia, shes like them 2 added together. Design wise yes she doesnt look half bad but in my opinion her slot could go to someone else better ( there are a few X-men that I actually want in this game).

Next up is tron. Nothing to say here, she looks and plays exactly like she did in MVC 2, which is good. She was interesting back then, I hope she stays interesting. I never expected her to be in this, but overall I say she somewhat deserves the spot. Though.... I would prefer roll casket as a megaman legends rep.

Next up we have another 2 reveals. These 2 are awesome, and deserve to be in the game nonetheless. They are none other than your friendly neighbourhood spiderman and the all so awesome albert wesker. Spidey is a staple, and he is looking goooooooood, kinda happy that he is in. Wesker is a fcking badass......I am super hyped with him being in here, he is definetely in my team.

Now lets talk about spidey, intially I thought he was a plain and normal character like hes was in MVC 2, but when I saw his gameplay video, wooowweeee. His specials look sick, and though he plays almost the same as before, theres this new feel to him. Maximum spider looks revamped and is now awesome. But really, what sealed the deal for me about spider-man, was his new voice, he sounds great.

Finally, the final reveal for TGS 10, albert wesker. He is THE RE VILLIAN, and is a super speed/ matrix demon. He moves so damn fast, even in his gameplay vid, he is zooming around the field like some shinigami from bleach using shunpo. His attacks are pretty normal, but combined with that semi-teleportation speed, hes sick. His specials are pretty cool especially his level 3, where he pulls that missle out of nowhere.
Marvel vs capcom 3 is looking amazing so far, and TGS was a good event where they did alot of stuff. Day 1 purchase for me. Currently hyped to see some new reveals at NYCC.