Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Demons' souls boss profile: fool's idol

Boss health

Fool's idol
Skills: Stun trap*, soul light, clone, revive*, soul arrow(clone)

Times died on 1st playthrough: 2

Been quite awhile since a boss profile, so im doing 2 today. Anyway my next boss after adjudicator was the fool's idol. Fool's idol isnt too intimidating for a boss, unlike the previous few fellows, shes just a normal human sized lady with a few extra arms. Dont be fooled though, come in unprepared and she will roast you faster than you think. Fool's idol is the boss of 3-1, tower of latria archstone.

Heres the laydown of the good lady's moves.

Stun trap*- The one and only reason why players will die at this fight. At the start of the fight and after every time she reappears, the fool's idol will lay tons of stun traps around the field, which can be seen, but will disappear after awhile. This does puny damage, but stuns for a reasonable amount of time, enough for fool's idol and all her clones to kill you.

Soul light- The fool's idol fires a soul light at you, nothing you havent seen. Easily dodged by rolling to the sides, does light-moderate damage.

Clone- After every reappearance, the fool's idol will have a few extra clones appearance at different locations of the church area. They disappear after a few hits and fire soul arrows, which are different from the fool's idol's soul light.

Revive*- Well simple as it sounds the fool's idol will revive herself after being killed. To prevent this just kill that ass on the top of the church before fighting the boss herself.

Soul arrow(clone)- The clones each fire a soul arrow of thier own. Each soul arrow does light damage but if all of them shoot at once it could be fatal.

Fool's idol's pattern of attacks is fairly simple to predict, but still can prove to be fatal due to the random placements of stun traps. Its more recommended to take this fight the melee way, since its harder to pelt fool's idol with her random disappearing and clones.

Heres the deal, when the match starts, kill all those moaning prisoners, they will get in your way.
As you get close to the fool's idol, she will lay her traps right off the bat, REMEMBER WHERE THEY ARE, then proceed to attack her while dodging her soul lights, which shouldnt be too hard if you remember where those pesky traps are.

After every few hits on the fool's idol herself, she will disappear and reappear somehwere else, spawning clones in the process. After the reappearance she will lay traps again and then attack after that, along with the clones. To distinguish the real fool's idol, just watch out for the soul light, which is bigger and brighter than all the clone's soul arrows, and jus attack the source. After a few hits she will disappear and reppear again and the process repeats, just keep at it and she will fall.

The only problem here is that the closer she gets to death, she will summon more and more clones, I have seen up to 7 clones summoned. And when there are so many clones, it gets harder to dodge all of thier attacks, and if you get hit by a stun trap, you are most likely fcked. Its all about how careful and cautious you are, just keep at it and she will fall sooner or later,

All in game boss HP amounts have been taken from demons' souls wiki.

Peace, more coming.