Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Army of two: the 40th day

gamespot score:n/a

my score: 7.0

(+)pros:- extremely fun and funny with friends to play with,- multiplayer co-op works well, - choice making during certain parts of the game give different results,- allows play as dante and issac.

(-)cons:- gameplay is quirky and repititive, - boring as hell to play alone, -little replay value.

gameplay time: below 10 hours ( short)

Army of two......didnt think this would be released on the PSP. Anyway, the 40th day is actually a sequel to the original army of 2 game for the PS3, wonder why they didnt create it for the PSP back then. Still, kinda weird to review this game, cause I tot it would majorly suck, well, it was actually a good game, I mean it, that is if you have someone to play it with. If you wanna get this game, make sure someone you know is getting it too, cause if you get it alone..... it would pretty much mean bad news. Ah well, lets get it on man, you wif me bro?

Salem and rios are brothers in arms, they are counted as an army of 2, well because...they are only 2 people....but well I guess they can take on an army. Anyway, the 40th day takes salem and rios into shanghai, where they begin thier next job/ operation. The game starts with them taking orders from their .... reception person, murray, telling them to do a few couple of jobs which leads them event after event for a survival fight in shanghai itself, where they face tons and tons of soldiers which want to kill them.

The PSP's army of 2 is a simply easy game to play. The game itself works alot like killzone, you get a top view of the characters on screen, then enemies spawn left and right, then you shoot them all up until they all die, then move to the next screen, rinse and repeat. It kinda gets old, but in every screen theres probably different stuff and types of enemies coming your way, you know, to add a little variety, since the game would be hell as ass boring if everything was the exact same thing.

In army of two, the game focuses heavily on co-op. Since it IS army of two, supposed to be played by 2 fellows. The game is great when you have a friend to play it with, it has some pretty solid co-op features. For one, in battle, one character can take point while the other watches the back, or both go for the rush. Plus, each character can take specific weapons to make battle more stragetic, also, having one person sneak through the vent to backstab some assholes while having the other once take the damage as decoy is pretty cool. Also, you can have one person kill enemies while the other save hostages or take cash. If 1 person dies, the other can go get help him up and revive him....so unless both characters are down you cant lose the game, which makes it rather hard to lose the game.

Now on the PSP this game gets a lot of hate, I kinda understand why but it doesnt deserve THAT much hate, its flaws aint that bad and can still be overlooked. For one, gameplay is super repititive, though you get to rescue people, earn money and shit, killing enemies over and over gets reallllyyyy boring, though the game spices things up by letting the players make moral options that affect storyline abit, the main gameplay remains quite repititive. Whats more, if you play this game alone....oh my, imagine the repititiveness...alone. *shudder*. And lastly, it has little replay value, once you clear it, you probably wont touch it again, unless you want to diehard play as issac or dante (which is awesome).

This game isnt bad, its just heavily underated, I believe if people actually give this a chance( and play it with friend), it will give you some enjoyments and laughs. Though I give this game credit, remember it must be played with a friend.

Happy gaming.