Dam its really been awhile.

After the duel with leo,follow the twins into the underground duel arena.Dont duel the dudes standing in front of ya yet.Save and go down the stiars for a scene..and a fight with the hottest babe in the game!!!(Too bad she hates you).

deck name:black rose
deck power:1200
Aki here is disappointingly not too hard.She plays a fairly good plant deck.With the very frequent summoning of princess camelia.Prepare many monster destruction,but of course dont go lacking on s/t destruction.Besides camelia,take out all her tuner monsters ASAP,you wouldnt want her synchorning do ya?

After you win the game skips a few days.Now head to blisters hideout area to meet him.After a brief conversation leo and luna show up.They give instructions on how a tag duel works,and when your done click yes and tag duel with blister against leo and luna!!

Now i wont be stating strategies for tag duels,cuz,your parnter will always do something dumb and your strategy is screwed.I lost this duel,but it didnt affect the story.After a few scenes you will be told to get a tag partner at the underground arena where you dueled akiza.There are 4 choices,I went with angie the girl on the 1st area when you entered the arena.

deck name:underground dark
deck power:900
Angie isnt easy.She uses somewhat of a dark deck and has the dreadful dark armed dragon in it.She oso have mean strategies such as giving you a direct attack to call gorez(i think) the emisionary of darkness.Arrggh,trying to beat her gives me a headache.Dont bother rushing her with beatdown monsters,play things slow and easy,bring out your lvl 7 and above monsters,and whatever you do,try not to let her graveyard to have EXACTLY 3 dark monsters,or you will regret it,with dark armed dragon crushing your whole field.

After winning she becomes your tag partner.Head to the city via west then north of blister's hideout.Head west to find a girl wandering around.

deck name:duel manners
deck power:1058
Remember saito long ago?Shes around the same,but abit more upgraded.You have upgraded too,so hopefully can can win without too much problems.More monster destruction wont hurt.

Now head north,another girl to duel.DO IT!!!

deck name:ever-long days
deck power:980
Pfft,a gadget/ancient gear deck.I hate these kind of decks,always having funny trap/magic negating effects to ruin my day.Pack MANY monster desturction.Cards like sakuretsu armor and dimensional prison dont do too good,go with the trap hole family.

Im gonna ignore the 2 security guards cuz i havent dueled them myself.Head north and talk to the announcer guy.Save 1st though.After awhile you get to duel your 1st opponents.I cant exactly remember thier names,but they are downright easy and you should have not problems.

Next up is bolt and blister!!!Thier decks dont syncrhonize at all,so its all good.Becareful or bolt's zombie tactics like before.

Last match is the match with leo and luna!They should be easier then before since the parnter you have should fare better than blister.

After the win your partner walks off,with different ppl congratulating you,and you get to meet jack.Now head back to the pub where you solved the duel puzzles,bolt is around there and he passes you the fortune cup invitation.Talk to blister now and head back to the city,instead of west however,go east.

Now talk to the guy infront of the big gate to run the track!!Save before that though,oh and upgrade your turbo deck.You have 2 min 30 sec,plenty enough time.After the run you have your 1st turbo duel!!

deck name:non stop road
deck power:1082
Meh,your 1st turbo duel,dont expect it to be hard.I couldnt really catch his strategy....but all I know is that if you upgraded your deck,he will be no kick!!

Thats all for now.