Tuesday, 18 August 2009

plants vs zombies

Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:8.5

Dam dam dam daaam.Ever wonder what happens when zombies invade your lawn?What do you do to defend yourself?Well luckily,you have an entire slew of pea shooting,spike firing,puff blowing and catapulting plants on your side!In this great tower defense PC game you build plants on your lawn to prevent zombies attacking your lawn!Read on!

Not much of a story here,being a downloadable game.Yea,you didnt see it wrong,this game is downlodable.But it aint free,pay a little bit to support the producers will yea?You can download it via msn.Or you can do it illegally via torrents,but I dont reccomend it.Anyway you are just some unlucky bastard who just has to be selected by the zombies as an invasion target.You are to plant anti-zombie plants on your lawn to fend them off.This is game is tower defense(sort of)with a fun twist,enjoyable for all ages.

Well,gameplay is verrryyyyy simple,it involves no W,A,S,D movement whatsoever,the entire game itself is played by mouse,simple right?All you do is gather sun,the currency needed to plant plants,from the sky or from your sunflowers,and plant away.

There are many modes to the game,other than playing just planting and attacking in the day,you can do it in the night,the pool,the fog and the rooftop.The game itself has 50 levels,most of each levels in which you will unlock a new plant for your arsenal .Making a total or 40 plants(I think) along with 8 optional and incredibly powerful plants.

In the game starts out deceivingly easy,but later on the levels will start spawning more and more different zombies that are designed to destroy and pummel your plants.Later levels require much strategy in thinking as you can only select up to a certain number of plants per level,so you have to sacrifice some plants to make room for new ones.There are a total of over 20 zombies,each with thier strenghts and weaknesses.

There is even a boss in the last level,which is interesting.And even after clearing the game,unlockables such as puzzles and minigames open up,and thier equally enjoyable as the adventure mode.Mini games such as playing as zombies or using plants to fight OTHER plants are win!This game excels even after completing adventure!Or if you want extra challenge,play adventure again as the levels get tons and tons more diffuclt than before.

This game is amazing!For a downloadable.I suggest it to gamers all around.

Happy gaming!