Wednesday, 12 August 2009

prinny can i really be the hero?

Gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:8.2

Argh.Dont worry I havent abandoned the blog yet.I was just busy as hell the past few days.My life is really getting burnt up with school.Posting just isnt really in my league now,I barely have the time...Anyway,today's review will be about prinny!The game.Its really awesome,altough it looks and sounds stupid.Even those who played disgea will nvr want to play a game starring prinny.Well Im gonna change those thoughts,since this is a great game!

Prinnys,being souls that have done many evil when they were evil,are underworld beings.Many people become powerful stuff,but people who do bad stuff when a human,will become a prinny.Most of the times,they are just inferior beings that serve other underworld dwellers.Well there is this one prinny (along with his pals)who serves under master etna,and one day etna has a bad mood(disgea players should know etna),and she demands her prinnies get her ultra desert,the most rare desert in the underworld.She knows that the task is impossible for a normal prinny,so she turns the main character,into prinny X.Prinny X is a prinny more powerful than all prinnies.Now all prinnies are depending on him to get the ultra desert,or they will all face death......

Prinny is a 2D side scrolling action game.It may sound dumb,but its kinda like megaman......only 20X harder.In prinny you die after taking 3 enemy hits in normal mode,in hard mode you die upon impact.You have 1000 lives.

Im not kidding.1000,not 100,its not a typo.

How can this game be hard,if you got 1000 lives?Well,the levels are downright simple,but the bosses...lets just say they are godly.One can die around 10-20 times per boss,or more!!!(hoshikage killed me easily 40 times) .The game's difficulty is brutal,sometimes even stages can kill you 50 times!!!

Prinny is hard,yet enjoyable,it will want to keep you playing!Its so frustrating to keep dieing,but you just want to keep retrying until you win.Oh,and the media is awesome.The boss battle music is great!!Get this game,its terribly enjoyable.The controls are easy as crap anyway!

Happy gaming.