Monday, 31 August 2009

maple story

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:5.7

If you're gonna wonder why I am doing this....its because of a request by a certain person whose name I shall not tell.Personally,I dont like the game,its fun at 1st,but later on its just pure grinding all the way.

Okay,maple story, a 2D side scrolling mmorpg that involves characters with heads bigger than thier bodies,im not kidding.This game is all about killing monsters,leveling up,adding stats,skills blah blah blah,just like any other MMO.But unlike other MMOs this one breaks a certain trend,the leveling is tedious.Well the starting 30 levels are still pretty bearable and some sort enjoyable,but above that,its just pure annoying.

In this game you choose as either a warrior,mage,archer or thief(there is another new job pirate,but i already quit the game around that time).And when you reach lvl 30 your job routes split even more,and further more at lvl 70 and 120.Well this game is soooo tedious,you need to fight for 1 hour to get only 10% exp.

Do the math,that takes 10 hours to level up.

Despite the leveling madness maple has A LOT to offer,but most of them are just things that players ignore.There are a huge variety of monsters to train on,but players oni train on 20% of this huge selection as the other 80% give terrible exp or pathetic item drops.

There are MANY maps,the maps scenery dont really change much but at least the mobs do.The mobs are mostly 1 or 2 hit kills if you are around thier average lvl,maybe 3 or 4 hit kills if the mobs are above lvl 55.

Money,or meso in the game is horrendously hard to earn when you 1st start,you know nothing,and when you enter the NPC or a shop set by players,you see the price of the item you wanna buy and your jaws will drop as you stare at your current meso amount,only to find out that you have less than 50% of the offered price.

Unless you have a few backup accounts buying above average items are godly expensive.

Well the game is not all that bad,if you have a few friends you can party up to do party quests. This i gotta say is quite fun,you and your budddies go into a dungeon filled with exclusive monsters to do tasks and objectives until you fight a boss at the last area,which is always seemingly difficult.

Overall maple has more downs than up,or maybe they are around the same,its enjoyable that when you get new skills you feel a sense of accomplishment,cuz you worked so bloody hard for it,there are many maps to offer,many mobs to try killing,its all pretty good.The bad is that training is fked up,the money is hard to earn,and when you change your armor,its hard to know the diff,since your body is so damn small.

Happy gaming.

Once again,no game review,im sorry maybe im just damn lazy.Well,being a fan of atlus,i decided to play one of its online games,one being shin megami tensei:imagine,which was fun...for awhile.The other is neo steam,im downloading the game now and it will be completed in 2 hours.

The game is like a normal mmorpg,but i seem to be attracted by its cool characters,humans,lupines,elves,poms,tarunes and lynells.The game looks promising and by the looks of it I hope it can last me a few months.Looking at this game alone tells me that it may be fun.peace

Saturday, 22 August 2009

new project announced!!

Sorry guys,no reviews today.

You may have noticed for awhile that I have been playing wolfteam for a loooonnng time.And as in one of the earlier posts I mentioned that I have been playing the game for easily 2 years!

Im sorry to say this to myself.

Im a die hard fan of the game.But not so die hard as to spend 100 over dollars on the game,like a certain someone I know.In fact,I havent spent a single dollar on this game,or any other free online games that I play.

Thats right,Im awesome.Anyway in a way of thanks towards wolfteam Im starting a new blog project,a much simpler one compared to the yugioh guide.Im gonna post about stuff from wolfteam,the wolves,the weapons or the maps.I am certain that Im gonna enjoy this.

Anyway,thats all for now I will be starting this project whenever I like it.


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

plants vs zombies

Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:8.5

Dam dam dam daaam.Ever wonder what happens when zombies invade your lawn?What do you do to defend yourself?Well luckily,you have an entire slew of pea shooting,spike firing,puff blowing and catapulting plants on your side!In this great tower defense PC game you build plants on your lawn to prevent zombies attacking your lawn!Read on!

Not much of a story here,being a downloadable game.Yea,you didnt see it wrong,this game is downlodable.But it aint free,pay a little bit to support the producers will yea?You can download it via msn.Or you can do it illegally via torrents,but I dont reccomend it.Anyway you are just some unlucky bastard who just has to be selected by the zombies as an invasion target.You are to plant anti-zombie plants on your lawn to fend them off.This is game is tower defense(sort of)with a fun twist,enjoyable for all ages.

Well,gameplay is verrryyyyy simple,it involves no W,A,S,D movement whatsoever,the entire game itself is played by mouse,simple right?All you do is gather sun,the currency needed to plant plants,from the sky or from your sunflowers,and plant away.

There are many modes to the game,other than playing just planting and attacking in the day,you can do it in the night,the pool,the fog and the rooftop.The game itself has 50 levels,most of each levels in which you will unlock a new plant for your arsenal .Making a total or 40 plants(I think) along with 8 optional and incredibly powerful plants.

In the game starts out deceivingly easy,but later on the levels will start spawning more and more different zombies that are designed to destroy and pummel your plants.Later levels require much strategy in thinking as you can only select up to a certain number of plants per level,so you have to sacrifice some plants to make room for new ones.There are a total of over 20 zombies,each with thier strenghts and weaknesses.

There is even a boss in the last level,which is interesting.And even after clearing the game,unlockables such as puzzles and minigames open up,and thier equally enjoyable as the adventure mode.Mini games such as playing as zombies or using plants to fight OTHER plants are win!This game excels even after completing adventure!Or if you want extra challenge,play adventure again as the levels get tons and tons more diffuclt than before.

This game is amazing!For a downloadable.I suggest it to gamers all around.

Happy gaming!

Friday, 14 August 2009

gundam seed:rengou vs zaft

Gamespot score:n/a

My score:8.0

Wee.Im not really a fan of gundam,but I have to say that this game definitely meets the standards of a good game,even for people who dont really know what it is and who the characters are.This is a action game where one controls the gundam the fly around and attack other opposing gundams,doesnt sound like it,but its actually very fun and appealing.Too bad for the makers it isnt USA oriented,cause gamespot only rates englisgh games,since this game is jap.Screw them.

Story-wise I dont really know anything,its jap,and I haven touched the anime.All I know is that there are 2 sides fighting each other,rengou and zaft(I mean duh).Well one doenst have to understand the story to really play it,its already fun without the story.

As for the gameplay itself,one just jumps into story mode and selects their gundam of choice,then they can just jump into the game of 6 stages(I think)each getting drastically more difficulty along the way.

One amazing thing,the range of selection of gundams is incredible!With more than 20 or maybe even 30 gundams to choose from,you will spoilt for choice,each with different stats,it will probalby take one awhile to try them ALL.Oh yea,when selecting pilots,the pilot artworks are great.

Gameplay on the field is hard,actually,its the controls,gameplay is pretty okay.It may take awhile for one to really get used to the controls,it ain easy to master.Cause if one doesnt master controls,they screw up in battle.You need to fly here and there and then lock on and follow up with a slash or a few bullets to deal damage to an enemy.Its not easy,meaning battles themselves arent easy to win.In story mode,the stages are quite simple,at the start.Later on gundams will gang you 2 on 1,or 3 on 1,maybe 4 on 1 if you are unlucky.You really will have to master the ability of the controls and gameplay,as well as the gundam you are using to actually win thorugh all the stages.

However,you can always luck yourself out.

Now then,whenever you want to select a gundam,every gundam has a level rating,in terms of stars.A five star gundam means its more powerful than that of ....lets say a 3 star gundam.So in simpler terms the more the stars the better.

However 4 star and 5 star gundams differ a little only.There are some 4 star gundams that can pawn a 5 star gundam.It doesnt have to be skill.Some 4 star gundams such as blitz are really powerful and winning a 5 star isnt so difficult.Also,the higher the stars of a gundam,the lesser times you can retry in a fight.When you choose a 5 star gundam,upon dieing twice the game is over.4 star gundams get to die 3 times,3 star 4 times,and so on,weakest grades getting to be 1 star gundams.

That saying,higher star doesnt means its the best.Also,in terms of skill,if you are good,a 1 star gundam can pawn a 5 star gundam,which is what my cousin did to me(damn).So better gundam doesnt always mean victory for you.

As for graphic ratings,I think gameplay flows really well and the game itself is really fun.I think action lovers should get this.

Happy gaming!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

prinny can i really be the hero?

Gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:8.2

Argh.Dont worry I havent abandoned the blog yet.I was just busy as hell the past few days.My life is really getting burnt up with school.Posting just isnt really in my league now,I barely have the time...Anyway,today's review will be about prinny!The game.Its really awesome,altough it looks and sounds stupid.Even those who played disgea will nvr want to play a game starring prinny.Well Im gonna change those thoughts,since this is a great game!

Prinnys,being souls that have done many evil when they were evil,are underworld beings.Many people become powerful stuff,but people who do bad stuff when a human,will become a prinny.Most of the times,they are just inferior beings that serve other underworld dwellers.Well there is this one prinny (along with his pals)who serves under master etna,and one day etna has a bad mood(disgea players should know etna),and she demands her prinnies get her ultra desert,the most rare desert in the underworld.She knows that the task is impossible for a normal prinny,so she turns the main character,into prinny X.Prinny X is a prinny more powerful than all prinnies.Now all prinnies are depending on him to get the ultra desert,or they will all face death......

Prinny is a 2D side scrolling action game.It may sound dumb,but its kinda like megaman......only 20X harder.In prinny you die after taking 3 enemy hits in normal mode,in hard mode you die upon impact.You have 1000 lives.

Im not kidding.1000,not 100,its not a typo.

How can this game be hard,if you got 1000 lives?Well,the levels are downright simple,but the bosses...lets just say they are godly.One can die around 10-20 times per boss,or more!!!(hoshikage killed me easily 40 times) .The game's difficulty is brutal,sometimes even stages can kill you 50 times!!!

Prinny is hard,yet enjoyable,it will want to keep you playing!Its so frustrating to keep dieing,but you just want to keep retrying until you win.Oh,and the media is awesome.The boss battle music is great!!Get this game,its terribly enjoyable.The controls are easy as crap anyway!

Happy gaming.

Dam its really been awhile.

After the duel with leo,follow the twins into the underground duel arena.Dont duel the dudes standing in front of ya yet.Save and go down the stiars for a scene..and a fight with the hottest babe in the game!!!(Too bad she hates you).

deck name:black rose
deck power:1200
Aki here is disappointingly not too hard.She plays a fairly good plant deck.With the very frequent summoning of princess camelia.Prepare many monster destruction,but of course dont go lacking on s/t destruction.Besides camelia,take out all her tuner monsters ASAP,you wouldnt want her synchorning do ya?

After you win the game skips a few days.Now head to blisters hideout area to meet him.After a brief conversation leo and luna show up.They give instructions on how a tag duel works,and when your done click yes and tag duel with blister against leo and luna!!

Now i wont be stating strategies for tag duels,cuz,your parnter will always do something dumb and your strategy is screwed.I lost this duel,but it didnt affect the story.After a few scenes you will be told to get a tag partner at the underground arena where you dueled akiza.There are 4 choices,I went with angie the girl on the 1st area when you entered the arena.

deck name:underground dark
deck power:900
Angie isnt easy.She uses somewhat of a dark deck and has the dreadful dark armed dragon in it.She oso have mean strategies such as giving you a direct attack to call gorez(i think) the emisionary of darkness.Arrggh,trying to beat her gives me a headache.Dont bother rushing her with beatdown monsters,play things slow and easy,bring out your lvl 7 and above monsters,and whatever you do,try not to let her graveyard to have EXACTLY 3 dark monsters,or you will regret it,with dark armed dragon crushing your whole field.

After winning she becomes your tag partner.Head to the city via west then north of blister's hideout.Head west to find a girl wandering around.

deck name:duel manners
deck power:1058
Remember saito long ago?Shes around the same,but abit more upgraded.You have upgraded too,so hopefully can can win without too much problems.More monster destruction wont hurt.

Now head north,another girl to duel.DO IT!!!

deck name:ever-long days
deck power:980
Pfft,a gadget/ancient gear deck.I hate these kind of decks,always having funny trap/magic negating effects to ruin my day.Pack MANY monster desturction.Cards like sakuretsu armor and dimensional prison dont do too good,go with the trap hole family.

Im gonna ignore the 2 security guards cuz i havent dueled them myself.Head north and talk to the announcer guy.Save 1st though.After awhile you get to duel your 1st opponents.I cant exactly remember thier names,but they are downright easy and you should have not problems.

Next up is bolt and blister!!!Thier decks dont syncrhonize at all,so its all good.Becareful or bolt's zombie tactics like before.

Last match is the match with leo and luna!They should be easier then before since the parnter you have should fare better than blister.

After the win your partner walks off,with different ppl congratulating you,and you get to meet jack.Now head back to the pub where you solved the duel puzzles,bolt is around there and he passes you the fortune cup invitation.Talk to blister now and head back to the city,instead of west however,go east.

Now talk to the guy infront of the big gate to run the track!!Save before that though,oh and upgrade your turbo deck.You have 2 min 30 sec,plenty enough time.After the run you have your 1st turbo duel!!

deck name:non stop road
deck power:1082
Meh,your 1st turbo duel,dont expect it to be hard.I couldnt really catch his strategy....but all I know is that if you upgraded your deck,he will be no kick!!

Thats all for now.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

good bye july! Hello boring august....

And so it begins.One month closer to my O levels,and the month of DNT submission......Fucked up.

For the 1st week of this month,mock exams rage on like the endless fires of hell,burning shyt out of us secondary 4 students.Also,behold the month of utter boredom,with no fun releases for the PSP and NDS.Im prepared to be bored to death.I seriously want to study,but cant seem to fking get into the mood for it!!!!!!

There is however LITTLE hope for me,the near-extinct game system PS2 is getting mana khemia 2:fall of alchemy,if I can jus find an up to date PS2 game selling shop,I may be able to get that game,and I can be saved!!!

So goodbye to july,it was fun until it lasted.Hello august,and screw you.Well Im looking foward to the national holiday coming soon,national day.