Wednesday, 29 April 2009

yu-gi-oh!GX spirit caller

Gamespot score:n/a

My score:7.2

I feel,as a yugioh player very sad.Gamespot didnt review this,which is a pity since this is problably the best yugioh game ive played(second is
yugioh tag force 2 on PSP).Why issit so awesome?Well its because it just is.
This i believe is one of the only yugioh games out there with a story.The world championship series is just plain dumb cuz you just duel and duel and duel and duel,
just to unlock new opponents.And after you unlock a new opponent,you just duel somemore.In spirit caller,the game follows through the original anime story,with a
few minor tweaks as you,a silent protagonist,are the main character,instead of jaden.
Alright ,here goes.You are a duelist enrolling into the duel academy
and ypu enroll as a slifer(dunno if the spelling is right) red,which is
supposedly the lowest ranked of students.Heres the catch,you can
roam freely and duel people of any rank(provided they accept the challenge,some snobby freaks will think you are weak and will decline).And as you do you make friends .

The game itself provides quite a large range of cards so you can choose from a variety of something like 20+ packs,each with different themes,(not like tagforce,normal monster pack,effect
monster pack,fire pack,dark pack,wtf man)And you follow through
the original anime storyline,up till the end of season one,which is the event of the
graduation of Zane.
The duels are fun,the AI is basically not too stupid and not too smart,making winning
moderately easy,altough some duelists can piss you off(armed dragon deck,chimera
tech overdragon deck.Grrr).The monsters can be seen when you summon it,so its
basically why its so cool.In tagforce,you can see nothing,dam.
If you like yugioh,this is for you.If you dont....oh well.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Swine flu

At the rate this is going....the world is about to pass away.

Mad cow disease,bird flu and now swine flu.This so called deadly virus has somewhat
claimed the lives of what?140 people.Come on,the world is taking this seriously.

Even still,wtf man.

Swine flu is what to be called a flu concerning the pig perhaps?But see this,the US
has raised the alert to level 4(1 to 6 levels).What is swine flu anyway?Supposedly it is
supposed to affect the mexicans,but people were infected in US.Hmm..

Well.this dont concern me.Why am i getting so worked up?Im sooooooo far from
mexico.So fck swine flu.

PS.You dont get swine flu even if you eat pork.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Advance wars dual strike

Gamepost score:9.2(editor"s choice)

My score:9.0
Advance wars dual strike.......the sequel to advance wars
2 which is the sequel to advance wars.Advance wars is an
awesome strategy series on a port.Belive me i played all
of the series' games and none of them fail to amuse me.
There is another fourth game but i will get to it next time.
Now is advance wars dual strike,improving from GBA to NDS.It is FAR more impressive then the previous 2 as,unlike before,you can use 2 COs.Let me explain,advance wars is a game where a CO takescommand of an army,each CO has thier each own special ability,whichis awesome since there are over 15 COs in the game.Unreal bro.Like the previous 2 games,the story is about
the four armies,orange star,blue moon,yellow comet and green earth challenging the black hole army,the root of all evil.The story in this game is much better than the other two since it has WAYYYY more
missions.Whats more,unlike advance wars 2,which has fixed COs for much missions,you get to pick your COs for most of the missions now,giving you more strategical and tactical options.
The entire game system is IMPOSSIBLE to explain since it is SOOOOOO complex and
complicated.The game is best felt when you play alone.Get it,you wont regret it.I
MEAN it.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Chemistry class today

Today during chemistry was funny.

My friend and I were sort of paying attention in class,but the stuff the teacher taught
was soooo "DIFFICULT" and "INTERESTING".My friend took a look around class to find that 1/5 of the class have been KOed.They were sleeping.

Then we decided to look and guage the other students.

students paying attention:green hp
students half asleep :yellow hp
students almost asleep :red hp
students asleep :KO

The theory part mostly consisted of students with yellow-red hp students,with around 20% of the class KOed.There were some with green hp tough(around like 6-8 students).Halfway through theory,30% of the class KOed,with around 50% of the class with red hp.My friend and I were in the red zone during this time.Ah,during
worksheet practise,75% of the class had red hp,some of the KOed ones were revived,
but with red hp.After doing half the worksheet,everyone pretty much went boom,
with around 40% of the class KOed,55% of the surviving ones with red hp,and 5%
which had yellow hp.

Here are the top scorers that i realised in class,besides that,that is all for today!
Remained most awaked in class:Zheyi
Remained KOed the longest :Hon sheng

Monday, 20 April 2009

Etrian oddyssey

Gamespot score:7.8(good)

My score:8.0
Behold,Etrian oddyssey,easily the most enjoyable 1st person dungeon
crawling RPG game.People who arent hardcore RPG players should
not even touch game tough,why?This game is fkin hard,very fkin hard.Its so hard that people who play it ,when reaching within less than 1-2 hours of gameplay,can cry and say"this game farks man".Put that aside,im moving on.

This game is about a labrinth that people all over the this place called etria have wanted to explore for a long long time,but as you may have tought,no one has
accomplished it.Pretty basic storyline,adventurers all over the world come to etria
to make guilds to explore this labrinth or some may just join guilds.You,just
like any other adventurer,decide to explore this dam tower of desturction.So,you
make a guild,with 10,yes its not a typo,10 jobs to choose from,and your guild can consist of 30 of them.Pretty awesome eh?

Aight,on to the game,like I said before,the game is hard.>>>
See this man,your party can die when just fighting a trio of..
......flies.Poisonous flies actually.1 guy dead,3 with full hp
and 1 with red hp...and its only the 1st turn of battle......
Well this is what the game like to call,CUSTOMIZE YOUR
PARTY.You have 10 jobs,ranging from paladin like peeps
called protectors to unholy debuffers called hexers.

Now then each job has an in-depth skill tree,ranging from
10-15 skills(around there) and each requires skill adding.
There are skills used to buff,attack heal,debuff and so on.
There are however skills to use on the field to help you avoid enemies on the field known as FOES.They are lame red ballsthat float around the map.As you move,they move too.If you do engage them in combat,be well prepared,or you will die in shame.These FOES are like minibosses,
they are slightly weaker,so if u can win them,you are
most like ready to face the boss.

Lastly,bosses,they are beings of great power,they
come at you every 5 floors,each harder as you go.
There however optional bosses for you to fight
when you clear the game.They are much much
tougher and are ridiculous.Here is fight I took from
the net against the wyrm.The party members where
quite high leveled(80-90 i guess) and they got
pretty much got pwned.

One last word,the fighting is pretty oldschool,so unless you are a fan of RPGs,you wont like this one.Thats all for now.

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Hair cuts....oh noes.

Do you like haircuts,cuz i dont.They are a pain in the ass.Bah oh well i just got a cut today,felt good,but i looked in the mirror and said "dam".Well at least haircuts make
some people feel cooler,in a way that you can feel breeze,not in the "you look good"
kind of way.Lousy man.

Speaking of which my friend told me for quite some time now,"why does the school need to care about our hair,does it affect our studies?"Well he is correct,no doubt
about it.The schools of Singapore will conduct hair checks in which the teachers will
look for student with "inappropriate hair lenght".Thats just screwed man.

Screw the world,I do what i want with my hair,so buzz off.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Kingdom hearts

Gamespot score:8.2(great)

My score:8.5

Behold,kingdom hearts,the awesome game on ps2 that has sold over something like 12 mil copies in the world.It is a strange game with the mix of disney characters(lols)and final fantasy characters.One might think"Wtf?"I tought that too at 1st,I mean,imagine cloud working together with mickey mouse.But,if you tought that this game is a guranteed failure,you are wrong,read on.

One of the proofs of why this game is so great?Is cuz they have published different versions of the game,as in greatest hits,platinum hits and ultimate hits.Which is like a wtf.They even remade the game in a version called final Mix the give it some sort a gaming boost the real fans of the game.

The game itself talks about a boy name sora and his 2 friends who have known each other for like ages.They one day decideto get off their stinking island,where they were born ,and go explore the outside world.But they have no idea how big the "outside
world"While building thier raft one day thier island gets attacked by a horde of monsters known as heartless,the monsters of the game.The 3 friends try to save thier raft which they spent so long working on(mostly sora).But they all fall to the heartless
,sora however recieves the keyblade,and ancient weapon used for killing off heartless.
Well soon the island gets destroyed and our hero is stranded to another world where he meets donald and goofy.The journey begins....

Alright enough of the story.The game is mostly action RPG.
You go around with ur 2 trusty partners,a short tempered duck
and some werid long eared guy with a shield.You will meet other
partners which will help you(aladin from ALADIN,beast from
but mostly its just donald and goofy.There are also final fantasy
characters like cloud ,squall and yuffie.The villains are all disney
villains.Ranging from hades to captain hook.But there is one
particular non-disney villain,sepiroth.Thats right,hes in the game,powerful as hell.
As for difficulty,this game might be hard if you are not too
familiar wif action RPGS,but still is an awesome game.PS2 holders shoud get this game,at all costs.

Monday, 13 April 2009

First post

Sup fools, heres my 1st post.
Dont really know what to post cuz tis is my 1st dam blog. Nothing really much to write here.This blog is mostly dedicated to gaming and mostly reviews of them.I may also post about daily life if i am free, but most of the would be about gaming.Well, 1st post.Nothing much to say.I look foward to posting more in the future.