Opening Songs
OP 1 - Identity (Mikio Sakai)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Haramitsu Renge (Ali Project)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Episodes: 12

Instead of "Asterisk" getting a second season, this was actually my pick to get a continuation. during the era of combat school harems last year, where this showed alongside "Asterisk" and "Anti-Magic 35th Test Platoon", almost everyone agrees that "Rakudai Kishi" takes the cake for being the best out of the 3. And I cannot agree more, "Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry" is simply one of the best combat school harems I have seen, let alone being the best one last year. Its focus on its main characters and relationship building is great enough for people to get invested in them, and honestly even though it has a semi-harem setting with all the girls surrounding the main character, the fact that it has an obvious romance going on is a nice change (kind of like Bakemonogatari, where Koyomi chooses Senjougahara as his girlfriend extremely early on in the story). I really enjoyed "Rakudai Kishi" at the end of the day, and its easy to see that many others do as well.

Another one for the waifu pool. 

The opening song is "Identity" by Mikio Sakai. For an action anime opening, I'd say that it doesn't fit that well. Sure, the black and dark colors fit for a very pretty opening animation, but I feel like the song itself is a little dull. The ending theme is "Haramitsu Renge" by Ali Project, folks that I haven't heard from in quite awhile. Fortunately, they haven't lost their touch "Haramitsu Renge" is pretty good and it certainly triumphs the opening theme IMO.

Rating: 8.0/10

Before heading into "Rakudai Kishi" you need to understand one thing. While there are plenty of girls surrounding our main protagonist, I'm not sure if it counts as a "harem", because right off the bat, the main character and main heroine get together as a couple. I mean yeah, spoiler alert (not really), I would compare it to the "Monogatari" series in a way. Anyway, because of this, the main character and main heroine quickly get put into the spotlight, they grow quickly as characters and as a couple, which is great. Since the show is only 12 episodes, these 2 are pretty much the characters you'll grow attached to the most. The fight scenes are good, but they aren't really the main focus of the show here, especially towards the end when things start to get a little bit rushed. Still, all in all, the show has a little bit of everything, and each part works together hand in hand to make the show work. At least Ikki isn't a totally idiotic, hopeless MC.

The teacher of my dreams.

Kurogane Ikki is a young man borne into the prestigious Kurogane family, a family of proud and powerful warriors talented in the art of martial arts and magic. Sadly, Ikki is a flawed heir to the family as he is unable to use magic. Early in his life, his dad abandoned him to a life of failure and disdain, but Ikki never gave up in becoming a magic knight. He trained and trained, eventually he got into a school that trains said knights. He the only student ranked F, the lowest ranked student in the school, but being the worst has its perks. One day, foreign princess Stella Vermillion transfers to the school to take part in a tournament that will bring name to her family. She shares a room with Ikki, but will not accept him in her room. So the 2 have a duel because Stella can't stand the sight of Ikki, seeing as he's ranked F and she's one of the few A ranks, it can't be that bad, right? Well, its time for "The Worst" to show off how strong he is despite not being able to use ANY magic at all.

"Rakudai Kishi" is one of my favorites last year, its emphasis on its main characters really make it stand out among its oversaturated genre. There, I said it, there are too many high school "fighting" shows nowadays,  but a really good one every now and then really helps.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Pervertic Post 12: Trap Time

Time for a little bit of something new again. Gone are the days of otakus being satisfied with hot virtual, 2D girls. It's a little bit more complicated when traps are brought into the picture. Often referred under a group called "Otoko-No-Ko", these guys will bewitch you with their feminine charms that surpass that of the hottest 2D girls. I shit you not, they are a secret class of secret weapons that will one day rule the world...

Hideyoshi is a gender.

Name: Hideyoshi Kinoshita
From: Baka To Test To Shokanjuu

Probably my first ever trap crush and the first memorable trap character that I have encountered in an anime. Considering how I was just getting started in the world of anime at the time, Hideyoshi was seriously an enigma that caught my attention. I mean, this dude sounds like a girl and is pretty much hotter than the main heroines of the show. All that protesting of being a guy only serves to make him somewhat more attractive. There's also the fact that he's always in female outfits. Those nose bleeds are justified...

The sounds of souls being crushed when Okabe
emphasizes on Ruka being a dude...

Name: Urushibara Ruka
From: Steins;Gate

I can probably never get over this one, probably not even today, YEARS after I finished the original "Steins;Gate" anime. Ruka is simply too frail and adorable to be considered a male, especially after the many scenes you get to see with this guy. To be very fair, there is one possible outcome in the timelines where Ruka turns into a girl, and honestly, that's the timeline that sounds the most appealing if Kurisu wasn't such a good main heroine. Anyway, Ruka's trap levels are so damn high that you'd only accept him in female attire, that's how good he is. 

Why?! Just...why?!

Name: Chihiro Fujisaki
From: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Chihiro is a very weird case, even more so that his seiyuu is ALSO male, now that's just VERY well done voice acting. Out of all the entries here today other than Felix, he probably sounds the most feminine, DESPITE being voiced by a girl! Anyway, this guy is so freakishly adorable that you'd NEVER see the trap card coming. He also so weak that you'd want to protect him, which makes the eventual trap card all the more impactful. Being in a skirt all the time doesn't exactly help too much either...

Honestly the f**k?!

Name: Felix Argyle
From: Re Zero - Starting Life In Another World

Another one that just doesn't make any god damned sense. Felix just oozes femininity and is downright sexy at times, especially during his introduction. The fact that he was later simply shrugged off as a dude was a massive kick in the balls. The guy dresses in a strap dress, stockings, thigh high socks, and f**king heels. I mean, he even has adorable feline ears and a tail. To top it off, he's voiced by Yui Horie. If that isn't tilt enough, then I don't know what is. One thing's for sure, I'd still tap that. 

Jesus, that face...

Name: Totsuka Saika
From: Yahari

Totsuka Saika was very clearly stated at the very start that he was indeed, male. Too bad for protagonist Hachiman and most male viewers, we have a little something that makes us men, and that little something just won't set Totsuka Saika go. This guy's cuteness factors are off the charts and the worst thing about it is that he's extremely oblivious about how good looking he is. Unfortunately (and also fortunately),  Saika never cross dresses in the original anime, because if he did, there would be major nosebleeds.

The original.

Name: Bridget
From: Guilty Gear

How did he not make it into Xrd? Anyway, if there was a character that had been fooling around with the male audience's dicks since the 90s, it had to be Bridget. Since "Guilty Gear X", this little f**ker right here had been playing with our feelings, tricking us into believing that he was actually jail bait. Well, sucks to be you, THIS THING ISN'T EVEN A GIRL. Still, having someone as dangerously cute as that dress in a one piece nun outfit that exposes so much of his feminine thighs is just outrageously...suggestive. God damn, I'll be pissed if he and Baiken aren't in the next GG.

Opening Songs
OP 1 - Two Souls -Toward The Truth- (Fripside)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Orarion (Nagi Yanagi)

Genre: Action, Drama, Supernatural

Episodes: 12

It's that time again, time to dive back into the world of vampiric awesomeness. Seriously though, if you're seeing this, then forget about everything else I have to say and go watch "Seraph Of The End: Battle In Nagoya". In terms of an adventure themed anime with a group of characters set in a cohesive world, I'd say "Seraph Of The End" is a pretty fantastic series. As a whole with the 2 seasons added up, "Seraph of The End" is actually pretty good, with season 2 adding more intense and heated segments to its already impressive first round in "Vampire Reign". I'd say if this series were given more time and episodes to prosper, it can easily reach "Sunday Without God" or "Fullmetal Alchemist"'s level of awesomeness, both of which are shows that hold a special place in my heart. "Battle In Nagoya" is every bit as engaging as its predecessor, and in some cases, even more so.

Everyone needs some Krul Tepes in their lives.

It's been a long time, but Fripside's on the driver's seat for the opening theme in "Battle In Nagoya". This time, their song is "Two Souls -Toward The Truth-". Honestly, from them, its rather disappointing. Its slow to get to its chorus, and even then, its quite mellow compared to their previous offerings when it comes to opening themes (I still get shivers listening to "Black Bullet"). The ending theme is "Orarion" by Nagi Yanagi, which is a little better than some of her usual songs. Its a little bit dark, but at least its not uber slow and has a nice tempo to it.

Rating: 8.0/10

Well, what can I say, I enjoyed season 2 a whole lot, possibly more than season 1. As a full, cohesive story, I'm seriously quite impressed with "Seraph of The End". The characters may not be as endearing as I'd hope for them to be, but there is potential for them to grow further. "Battle Of Nagoya" further advances the story and brings it to a certain level of "Climax", where the vampires and federation really go at it tooth and nail. The 2 sides of the story, one from the perspective of Yu, the other from Mikael, really works well here, even more so than before, since the 2 brothers first met in season 1, things have really intensified. There are plenty of intense moments, and the enemies feel REALLY strong...the good guys are constantly at threat here. Action scenes are done pretty well, though its more on a focus on how nice it is to see allies work together, rather than seeing certain individuals go nuts to kill hundreds of enemies by themselves. There are also plenty of nice twists here and there in the plot, those of which were absent in season 1.

I swear to god Ashuramaru is a trap of traps.

Following the story of "Vampire Reign", it takes place after Yu wakes up from using his hidden ability, "Seraph Of The End" during the decisive battle at the very end. It seems that he remembers nothing about it, but his squad mates do. They choose to keep it a secret from him as they go on their regular lives. They comes to a quick close when the team is quickly introduced to Kureto Hiragi, the current most influential figurehead in the federation. He quickly shows how brutal he can be by threatening Yuichiro by taking both Yoichi and Kimizuki hostage. He is a man who will willingly kill those on his side to get WHATEVER he wants. Anyway, the vampires are quickly dominating the battlefield, and as the title states, the Moon Demon Company are to lead the charge in Nagoya. Yu's and his team will have to fight their hardest if they want to survive the upcoming battle...where plenty of things are going to change.

"Battle In Nagoya" is a worthwhile sequel and successful conclusion to the first "season" of "Seraph Of The End". No doubt here will be more to come, however, we're not really sure whether or not it will even be animated. What's here is pretty good for anime newcomers and fans alike, I can't wait to see what's next for Yu and his friends.

Opening Songs
OP 1 - Star!! (Cinderella Project)
OP 2 - Shine!! (Cinderella Project)

Ending Songs 
Too many to count

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Episodes: 25

Here, take it from me. I love "Idolm@ster", to me, its always going to be my go-to idol franchise, even though "Love Live" took the world by storm, I'm always going to choose "Idolm@ster" if I were given a choice. While both are somewhat similar, "Idolm@ster" has this more "industry" feel to it that really kicks the show up a notch. Both may be about cute girls aspiring to become cute-sy pop star singers, but both tackle the whole "idol" aspect of the shows very differently. "Love Live" is still pretty freaking good, but after watching "Cinderella Girls", I was reassured that "Idolm@ster" is indeed the franchise for me. It all the love, seriousness, drama, rivalry and camaraderie that I can ever hope for, and it's somewhat rekindled my love for the franchise. The original 13 girls will still be my favorites, but the 14 girls of "Cinderella Girls" now hold a special place in my heart for being so dang amazing!

Say hello to your 14 new lovelies!

I do love the "Idolm@ster" franchise but I'm not a HUGE fan of most of their songs, they just sound too bright and cheery for my tastes. While some of their songs do end up being badass (a small minority), these aren't used for opening themes. For the first season, the opening theme is "Star!!", with "Shine!!" being the opening for season 2. Of course, the songs are sang by the seiyuus of all the 14 main girls of the show. Both songs are cheery and bright with the 2nd opening being the better one in my opinion, though not by much.

Rating: 8.0/10

Let's get the obvious out of the way. In my opinion, "Cinderella Girls" is not as good as the original. Sure, the feel and atmosphere is there, and once again, the cast of idols is incredibly unique and diverse, everyone stands out in her own way. Also, with the formation of idol units, there's a much more distinct separation of who's who, and I like that. While the producer this time round is rather dull and a little bit uninteresting compared to the first, there's still drive to his actions and its good to see that. There is a whole lot of character building among the cast, and them being close knit is really to be expected. As with the original, "Cinderella Girls" is packed to the brim with emotional moments that really seem to pull on your heart strings, those are the moments where the show shines at its brightest. And of course, you watch an Idol themed show for the songs, the show is full of them, with each song being sang by different characters. There's a MASSIVE cast of characters, so there really are a lot of songs here and there by different groups of characters.

Choose. Your. Waifu!

Shimamura Uzuki is a high school girl aspiring to be an idol. She regularly attends a small school that specializes in training idols, where she practices dance steps and certain routines, in an attempt to become good one day. She is scouted by the producer from 765 produce as an idol to be a part of his Cinderella project. Alongside her, 2 other girls from her similar age group were also chosen, Mio and Rin. The 3 were chosen as the last members of the Cinderella project, which was meant for a group of idols to shine brightly on stage as their own cohesive units. There are a total of 14 idols chosen for this very project, and they are all eargerly waiting for their inevitable debut. Uzuki, being the happy go lucky girl that she is, hopes that she can get along with everybody else. But she soon finds out that life in a idol studio with her rivals, is very much different from training school.

"Cinderella Girls" quickly swooped me back into the "Idolm@ster" craze that I've long sought for after the movie. I can only hope that its not the end of the animated offerings of these idol girls. Even if they decide to go for a different group that's not the original 13 and the girls from the "Cinderella Project", I can't wait to see what they come up with next.