Opening Songs
OP 1 - Two Souls -Toward The Truth- (Fripside)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Orarion (Nagi Yanagi)

Genre: Action, Drama, Supernatural

Episodes: 12

It's that time again, time to dive back into the world of vampiric awesomeness. Seriously though, if you're seeing this, then forget about everything else I have to say and go watch "Seraph Of The End: Battle In Nagoya". In terms of an adventure themed anime with a group of characters set in a cohesive world, I'd say "Seraph Of The End" is a pretty fantastic series. As a whole with the 2 seasons added up, "Seraph of The End" is actually pretty good, with season 2 adding more intense and heated segments to its already impressive first round in "Vampire Reign". I'd say if this series were given more time and episodes to prosper, it can easily reach "Sunday Without God" or "Fullmetal Alchemist"'s level of awesomeness, both of which are shows that hold a special place in my heart. "Battle In Nagoya" is every bit as engaging as its predecessor, and in some cases, even more so.

Everyone needs some Krul Tepes in their lives.

It's been a long time, but Fripside's on the driver's seat for the opening theme in "Battle In Nagoya". This time, their song is "Two Souls -Toward The Truth-". Honestly, from them, its rather disappointing. Its slow to get to its chorus, and even then, its quite mellow compared to their previous offerings when it comes to opening themes (I still get shivers listening to "Black Bullet"). The ending theme is "Orarion" by Nagi Yanagi, which is a little better than some of her usual songs. Its a little bit dark, but at least its not uber slow and has a nice tempo to it.

Rating: 8.0/10

Well, what can I say, I enjoyed season 2 a whole lot, possibly more than season 1. As a full, cohesive story, I'm seriously quite impressed with "Seraph of The End". The characters may not be as endearing as I'd hope for them to be, but there is potential for them to grow further. "Battle Of Nagoya" further advances the story and brings it to a certain level of "Climax", where the vampires and federation really go at it tooth and nail. The 2 sides of the story, one from the perspective of Yu, the other from Mikael, really works well here, even more so than before, since the 2 brothers first met in season 1, things have really intensified. There are plenty of intense moments, and the enemies feel REALLY strong...the good guys are constantly at threat here. Action scenes are done pretty well, though its more on a focus on how nice it is to see allies work together, rather than seeing certain individuals go nuts to kill hundreds of enemies by themselves. There are also plenty of nice twists here and there in the plot, those of which were absent in season 1.

I swear to god Ashuramaru is a trap of traps.

Following the story of "Vampire Reign", it takes place after Yu wakes up from using his hidden ability, "Seraph Of The End" during the decisive battle at the very end. It seems that he remembers nothing about it, but his squad mates do. They choose to keep it a secret from him as they go on their regular lives. They comes to a quick close when the team is quickly introduced to Kureto Hiragi, the current most influential figurehead in the federation. He quickly shows how brutal he can be by threatening Yuichiro by taking both Yoichi and Kimizuki hostage. He is a man who will willingly kill those on his side to get WHATEVER he wants. Anyway, the vampires are quickly dominating the battlefield, and as the title states, the Moon Demon Company are to lead the charge in Nagoya. Yu's and his team will have to fight their hardest if they want to survive the upcoming battle...where plenty of things are going to change.

"Battle In Nagoya" is a worthwhile sequel and successful conclusion to the first "season" of "Seraph Of The End". No doubt here will be more to come, however, we're not really sure whether or not it will even be animated. What's here is pretty good for anime newcomers and fans alike, I can't wait to see what's next for Yu and his friends.