Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Pervertic Post 12: Trap Time

Time for a little bit of something new again. Gone are the days of otakus being satisfied with hot virtual, 2D girls. It's a little bit more complicated when traps are brought into the picture. Often referred under a group called "Otoko-No-Ko", these guys will bewitch you with their feminine charms that surpass that of the hottest 2D girls. I shit you not, they are a secret class of secret weapons that will one day rule the world...

Hideyoshi is a gender.

Name: Hideyoshi Kinoshita
From: Baka To Test To Shokanjuu

Probably my first ever trap crush and the first memorable trap character that I have encountered in an anime. Considering how I was just getting started in the world of anime at the time, Hideyoshi was seriously an enigma that caught my attention. I mean, this dude sounds like a girl and is pretty much hotter than the main heroines of the show. All that protesting of being a guy only serves to make him somewhat more attractive. There's also the fact that he's always in female outfits. Those nose bleeds are justified...

The sounds of souls being crushed when Okabe
emphasizes on Ruka being a dude...

Name: Urushibara Ruka
From: Steins;Gate

I can probably never get over this one, probably not even today, YEARS after I finished the original "Steins;Gate" anime. Ruka is simply too frail and adorable to be considered a male, especially after the many scenes you get to see with this guy. To be very fair, there is one possible outcome in the timelines where Ruka turns into a girl, and honestly, that's the timeline that sounds the most appealing if Kurisu wasn't such a good main heroine. Anyway, Ruka's trap levels are so damn high that you'd only accept him in female attire, that's how good he is. 

Why?! Just...why?!

Name: Chihiro Fujisaki
From: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Chihiro is a very weird case, even more so that his seiyuu is ALSO male, now that's just VERY well done voice acting. Out of all the entries here today other than Felix, he probably sounds the most feminine, DESPITE being voiced by a girl! Anyway, this guy is so freakishly adorable that you'd NEVER see the trap card coming. He also so weak that you'd want to protect him, which makes the eventual trap card all the more impactful. Being in a skirt all the time doesn't exactly help too much either...

Honestly though...how the f**k?!

Name: Felix Argyle
From: Re Zero - Starting Life In Another World

Another one that just doesn't make any god damned sense. Felix just oozes femininity and is downright sexy at times, especially during his introduction. The fact that he was later simply shrugged off as a dude was a massive kick in the balls. The guy dresses in a strap dress, stockings, thigh high socks, and f**king heels. I mean, he even has adorable feline ears and a tail. To top it off, he's voiced by Yui Horie. If that isn't tilt enough, then I don't know what is. One thing's for sure, I'd still tap that. 

Jesus, that face...

Name: Totsuka Saika
From: Yahari

Totsuka Saika was very clearly stated at the very start that he was indeed, male. Too bad for protagonist Hachiman and most male viewers, we have a little something that makes us men, and that little something just won't set Totsuka Saika go. This guy's cuteness factors are off the charts and the worst thing about it is that he's extremely oblivious about how good looking he is. Unfortunately (and also fortunately),  Saika never cross dresses in the original anime, because if he did, there would be major nosebleeds.

The original.

Name: Bridget
From: Guilty Gear

How did he not make it into Xrd? Anyway, if there was a character that had been fooling around with the male audience's dicks since the 90s, it had to be Bridget. Since "Guilty Gear X", this little f**ker right here had been playing with our feelings, tricking us into believing that he was actually jail bait. Well, sucks to be you, THIS THING ISN'T EVEN A GIRL. Still, having someone as dangerously cute as that dress in a one piece nun outfit that exposes so much of his feminine thighs is just outrageously...suggestive. God damn, I'll be pissed if he and Baiken aren't in the next GG.