Monday, 19 September 2016

More Gods Of War (Noragami Aragato review)

Opening Songs

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Nirvana (Tia)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural

Episodes: 12

A second season to a show that I never REALLY asked for. The first ""Noragami" was good but also kind of generic. Yato's relationship to Yukine and Hiori were nice but I kind of felt that the show didn't really have much to offer that other shows did better. So here we are with a second season that honestly threw me off guard. It was more action packed, it was a lot more intense, and more than ever, the character building also surpassed that of whatever happened in season 1. It was a great follow up to the original and I felt that it EASILY surpassed the original as well. If you did manage to finish the first season, then season 2 has quite a lot to offer that I really enjoyed. When things start to heat up, "Noragami" puts up an intense showing, and "Noragami Aragato" is for the most part, always on full throttle. 

Gods are getting rather fashionable these days.

The opening theme to "Noragami Aragato" is most probably the one of the best things I've heard in 2015 if not for "Raise Your Flag". "Hey Kids!!" by THE ORAL CIGARETTES is heavy, its fast, and it gets the blood pumping real good. Its the kind of opening theme that gets you hyped up every time it plays, and its super hard to try and skip it, because every part of the song is just good. Definitely a lot better than season 1's opening. The ending theme is "Nirvana" by Tia, its another slow paced ending theme sang with a cute voice. It's a complete opposite of the opening theme, but considering its by Ryo from Supercell, I guess there'll be those who'll like it.

Rating: 8.0/10

In terms of story, feels, action and almost everything else, I'd say "Noragami Aragato" triumphs the original. There are just so many memorable moments, and there really aren't any episodes wasted on the main trio doing nothing this time. While its nice to see the main characters laze around in "everyday life" episodes, the show is at its best when there are things at stake, and that there are lots of fights going on. "Noragami"'s animation is superb, and it continues to show here in the sequel. The 2 story arcs presented are great (though Bishamon's arc is better), and rather than just the main 3 characters, a lot more characters are brought into the mix with PROPER screen time. There are plenty of other nice moments in here and it's incredibly intense during its climax moments. It even gives us another semi-cliffhanger ending during the last episode to sort of tease us with the shit that's about to come in the future if they decide to do season 3, and that gave me goosebumps.

Its never complete without sword fights.

Following the ending of the first season, Rabo has been destroyed and now Yato, Yukine and Hiori are all the more closer with one another. Now comes the issue with Bishamon, the ruthless god of war who is hell bent on destroying Yato because he destroyed her clan of familiars all those years ago. Now that she's become a full fledged god with an endless army of familiars that live under her rule, she's pretty much got nothing to fear. However, as a god, having familiars come with circumstances. Yato already has trouble handling Yukine alone, imagine for Bishamon, who has a castle full of familiars to attend to. If even one familiar is blighted, she is screwed, what about a ton of them being corrupted? This all starts to go to hell when one of Bishamon's familiars run into Yukine and starts to get along with him. One fatal mistake is all that is needed to spark a war between Yato and Bishamon...

"Noragami Aragato" ends on a conclusive note with a cliffhanger ending that leaves us wondering what's next to come. Now that Yato is more resolved than ever and that he has even more allies willing to back him up, the next threat better be something catastrophically amazing. However, if the plot to follow is as exciting as what's here, then we have nothing to worry about.