Opening Songs
OP 1 - Hyadain no Kakakata kataomoi-C (Hyadain)
OP 2 - Hyadain no Jōjō Yūjō (Hyadain)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Zzz (Sayaka Sasaki)

Genre: Comedy, Slice Of Life

Episodes: 26

Highly regarded as one of the most legendary comedy animes out there, I finally took the time to sit down and give "Nichijou" a good, thorough watch. I must say, it has indeed been a long, LONG time that a show made me laugh SO MUCH because of its sheer stupidity and idiocy. "Nichijou" rides along the lines of "Baka Test" and "The Daily Life Of High School Boys" when it comes to levels of stupidity, and for a show to be THIS stupid, it ultimately becomes glorious. From now on, when it comes to the top comedy animes, "Nichijou" will be sitting at the top alongside the 2 shows that I mentioned. I'd recommend "Nichijou" to anyone in a heartbeat because of this. Its simple to watch, its simple to follow, and the comedy appeals to everyone, not just Japanese people or anime fans. I've had non-anime fans watch this and said that they love it, its that good. Despite being 5 years old, "Nichijou" proves that comedy does not age, and that it can appeal to almost anyone with a sense of humor.

With a cast THIS colorful, how can you say no?!

The opening themes for the anime fit really damn well. The first opening theme is "Hyadain no Kakakata kataomoi-C " and the second one is "Hyadain no Jōjō Yūjō ", both themes are sang by Hyadain. They're really catchy and silly sounding which totally fits the theme of "Nichijou". If I had to pick one theme over the other, its obviously the second one, because we all like to smoke some weed everyday. The ending theme is "Zzz" by Sasaki Sayaka, its a slow, catchy little theme that kind of sounds like a rhyme. Its nice, but not really something I'd listen to a lot.

Rating: 9.0/10

An easy recommendation to almost anyone, really. "Nichijou"'s scale of humor is so simple that it appeals to all that watch it. No Japanese cliches, no jokes that only otakus can get, none of that. Its something that everyone can pitch in, watch together, and just laugh the hell out of. The small character pool makes it easy for viewers to remember everyone, and its safe to say that everyone matters in "Nichijou". Episodes are split into multiple short stories, each of them funny on their own. This bite sized bits of fun can last between 10 minutes to 10 seconds, and that's the beauty of it. Some of the jokes happen so fast that you'll find yourself on the ground, laughing at a 10 second joke. The visual style is pleasing to the eye as the characters are all cute and bubbly, the cast is easy to like, the jokes are awesome. There's almost nothing wrong with "Nichijou", period. Maybe there are times where you'd wish the plot advanced faster, but the show really likes to take its time, so some character interactions probably won't take place until quite some time later.

A bear faced girl chasing the shit out of you.
Only in "Nichijou" man...

Yuko, Mio and Mai are 3 best friends that have just enrolled into high school recently. In commemoration of finally reaching the pinnacle of what some people would like to call youth, they decided that the best way to spend their time in high school was to be stupid as shit. Literally, from the get go, their so called "ordinary life" is bombarded with ridiculous deeds and intruded upon by some less than reputable people. Meanwhile on the other side of town, an 8 year old genius child prodigy known as the professor is living HER ordinary life with a human robot girl that she created....along with a talking cat that happened to be in her house. Once again, WTF. The show revolves around the 2 parties and their certain encounters in their everyday lives that lead to an obscene amount of nonsensically comical situations.

"Nichijou" probably won't get a second showing because its been a really long time since it aired, but honestly, it was fun while it lasted. A show like this one deserves to be kept in the archives, when you're feeling down or want to introduce someone to an anime that's easy to get into, "Nichijou" should be one of your first few choices,