Giant Lord
HP: 5970
Skills: Sword Slam, Sword Swipe*, Foot Stomp, Explosion
Souls: 75000

Difficulty: 2.5/5
Deaths: 5

So now that you're finally almost at the end of your journey, its time to finish up. After getting the ability to go into the memories of the fallen by the Ancient Dragon, you'll find one particular giant behind a door locked by the King's Seal back in the Forest Of Fallen Giants. Enter the lost memory of Jeigh. After running through all the giants, raining fire blasts and rolling stone heads, its time to get into one of the most un-fun boss battles in the game. Introducing: the Giant Lord, the biggest upset-er of cameras in "Dark Souls II"...EVER.

You big piece of shit.

The Giant Lord is massive. Its hulking stature and colossal size make it a foe to be feared in terms of looks alone. And trust me, you will learn to fear it, for it f**ks up your camera more than any other boss does in the game. This fella is so huge that you'll most probably lock on to his foot, and if you choose to lock on to his torso your camera flies up to get a clear view on him, which screws up vision on your character. What's more, you fight him in such a tight space that its so f**king frustrating to get a proper view of what's going on unless you ascend the steps, which isn't a good idea most of the time. This isn't a fun fight, but by no means is it hard. He only has a few attacks, memorize those and you're good.

Sword Slam - A straightforward downward slam with his sword, because of the length of his sword, this reaches quite a distance away. Does massive damage. Dodge this one.

Sword Swipe* - He swipes at the soles of his feet when you're attacking his legs. This comes out very quickly and is hard to see coming most of the time. Does massive damage. Roll out of the way the VERY moment you see him stop stomping around, as this attack is probably coming.

Foot Stomp - A simplistic foot stomp that's the same attack as the one The Last Giant had so long ago.

Explosion - He stabs his sword into the ground, causing an explosion soon after. Used rarely.

This is a relatively straightforward fight despite the insanely shitty camera. Chances are that's going to be the only threat in this fight, most of his bugger's attacks are very easy to dodge, despite doing an insane amount of damage. its highly recommended that you forgo the shield in this battle, since he doesn't take too lightly about throwing out attacks that you can actually block. He's huge as f**k making him easy as hell to hit since his ankles don't move around too much. While chopping away at his ankles, you only need to realistically watch out for 3 attacks, 1 of which he won't even use if you kill him fast enough: Explosion. When you see his sword plunge into the ground, just run up the steps to avoid the incoming explosion.

Better duck!

That actually leaves only 2 other moves, the Sword Swipe and Foot Stomp. The swipe is easily the most dangerous of his attacks, because most of the time, the camera screws with you so much that you can't even see this attack coming. Make a habit to automatically move out of the way when this bugger stops stomping for awhile, because there's a high chance that this move is coming next. Its fast and does tons of damage, its really frustrating to keep getting hit by this attack because of the terrible camera work in this godforsaken area. The other attack is his normal stomps, which should be no issue since its the same attack as the Last Giant's so long ago. Finally, when you're far away, he spots a Sword Slam, which is basically a downward slash attack that's slow and easy to dodge, you'll probably not see this one most of the time as he won't use it when you're at his ankles cutting him up.

Finally, you get 75000 souls for beating the Giant Lord, which is quite a hefty sum for a boss like him. With him out of the way we obtain the Giant's Kinship, which is needed to ascend the throne. So where else do we go next but the throne itself?


Throne Watcher, Throne Defender
HP: 3910 (Defender)
HP: 2760 (Watcher)
Skills: Slash Combo, Thrust Combo, Magic Sword (Watcher), Thunder Sword (Defender), Resurrect*

Difficulty: 3/5
Deaths: 4

Really? After running through the long, long road to get to the actual Throne Of Want, we are greeted with THIS?! Not only is this incredibly poor design compared to many other duo boss battles in the "Souls" series, its also one of the laziest and most uninspired fights in the damned game. These buggers look pretty good, make no mistake, but they might as well be a couple of NPCs that were given boss health bars with almost no unique skill sets AT ALL. Its a completely borish fight, but its not an easy one. When you're ready, step forth to face these doubling teaming sons of bitches.

Sigh...1v1 me-*gets stabbed*

What's with this game and its unfun boss battles towards the end? These guys are the very definition of NOT having fun. Unlike other double teaming bosses in the franchise like the Maneater battle or the infamous Ornstein and Smough, the Throne Watcher and Throne Defender are complete jokes in terms of boss design. They pack the very same slash and thrust attacks that any NPC using their weapons would have, and they don't bring any unique, non-player attacks to the battle, AT ALL. Its just a matter of slugging it out with a couple of tanky NPC characters, that is NOT a fun boss battle. The worst thing? You probably can't steam roll these guys. Hell, I died more than a couple of times. Even though these guys don't pack any teamwork whatsoever, they can very easily kill you if you make any small mistake, because the instant you are attacked by one of them, the other will be on your ass, period.

Slash Combo - A standard combination of slashes. Can be blocked or dodged.

Thrust Combo - A standard combination of thrust attacks. Can be blocked or dodged.

Magic Sword (Watcher) - The Throne Watcher applies a magical buff to his weapon that lasts awhile. Used at 50% HP.

Thunder Sword (Defender) - The Throne Defender applies a thunder buff to his weapon that lasts awhile. Used at 50% HP.

Resurrect* - When one or the other enemy has fallen, its counterpart will revive its comrade to FULL HP if left alive long enough.

Despite being completely boring and uninspired, these guys don't play around. Getting cornered by both watcher and defender will quickly spell your demise if you don't know how to deal with their shenanigans. The arena is decently sized, but you can still fall off ledges to instantly lose the fight, so you'll need to move in circles here. These guys have shields, and while the Defender blocks a lot more than the Watcher does, you'll want to kill the Defender first. As seen above, these f**ks will revive one another if one is dead and the other is left alive for too long. Since the Defender has more HP, you'll want to hit him more. Of course, you'll need to whittle them down together, its preferred that they are killed within short time spans of one another's death to prevent Resurrect. Resurrect revives at FULL HP, you don't want that happening.

Keep them both in view at all times.

As for what attacks the two idiots bring, as mentioned early, they only pack regular NPC type attacks with their swords. You'll want to split them up and get a few strikes in before backing off, because if they are together, its going to be hard to go on the offensive with them backing each other up. Split them up, hit them up a few times, back off, rinse and repeat. The Defender is rather slow in his attacks while the Watcher is slightly faster, either way, their range individually is terrible, so make use of that and hit them during their recovery times. Since the Defender will be holding up his shield the majority of the time, its preferable to hit him during his attacks.

When the both of them hit 50% HP, they start to amplify their weapons with special effects. The Watcher gets a magic blade while the Defender gets a thunder blade. At this point if you played the fight defensively with blocks instead of dodges, things start to get sticky because their attacks start to chip for quite a little bit. The buffs do eventually run out but they'll quickly re-apply them, so don't count on it. At this point its a good idea to go all out and try to burst them down. Remember to kill them both at once, or the Resurrect bullshit will screw you over.

When you do take these losers down, the game is almost over, next time, we cover the last boss, which is one of the better final bosses in the series thus far (Old King Allant and Gwyn were terrible final bosses IMO). These guys give you 68000 souls for your effort.