Opening Songs
OP 1 - Kindness To Others (Rolling Girls)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Moon Bomber (Rolling Girls)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Slice Of Life

Episodes: 12

I like shows that are different, and such is the case with "Rolling Girls". Sure, it isn't the craziest, wackiest and most insane thing that you've seen...but at least it doesn't lump itself with many of the generic anime troupes that are present nowadays. I guess it kinds of falls between the lines of "Cute girls doing cute things", but from there, it does everything that its supposed to do quite well. For an anime that's primarily about action, adventure and slice of life, it does pretty well. At times, its confusing, and the show is HIGHLY inconsistent, most of its arcs are completely different from each other, its hard to say that you'll like all of them (because I didn't). Still, I think its an alright show. Its unique visual style and highly abstract special effects make it quite an eye opener at least visually, I'd say "Rolling Girls" does impress. Its certainly not something that'll suddenly make you want to enjoy the genre of "Cute girls doing cute things", but its not completely bad as well. Its not easy to recommend this one, but hear me out.

Introducing our no-so-special heroines.

Both opening and ending themes are sang by Rolling Girls, presumably the group with all 4 seiyuus of the main heroines in it. The opening theme is "Kindness To Others" and the ending theme is "Moon Bomber". "Kindness To Others" as an opening theme reminds me a little bit of the slightly more powerful "K-on!" songs, which isn't bad, but I've out grown most cute songs, so this one doesn't quite satisfy me. The ending theme is "Moon Bomber", which is weaker than the opening theme, but as an ending theme, at least it isn't awfully slow or dull to the ears.

Rating: 7.0/10

As much as I'd like to love this show, its a little bit tough to do so. While there are some really good arcs here and there, its also littered with some uninteresting or uninspiring ones. The show is chuck filled with characters that will come and go, leaving little to no room character development or viewer attachment, that by itself hurts the show quite a little bit. While you'll feel for some of them, you won't feel the same for others. The 4 main heroines do have a certain level of charm towards them, and towards the end you'll come to like them as a group...hopefully. The action sequences are highly colorful and this is where the show's abstract style kicks into full gear. Its a sight to behold, and while these segments aren't aplenty, they are easily some of the show's stronger points. The sense of adventure is also there, its fun to watch the girls ride around in the long, empty roads on their bikes, as they chat and listen to old rock songs. Comedy isn't the show's strongest point however, as there aren't many funny moments, even then, the comedy isn't consistent and may not appeal to everyone. Above everything, the show can be quite confusing and can even make no sense at times. PLUS, the ending, while it does close everything up, its not all that satisfying.

The best way to talk it out when things aren't working is with your fists!

In a post war-driven Japan where things aren't going so well, there exist heroes and mobs, which follow their respective heroes. Chances are, each important area in Japan is ruled by a single hero and their respective mobs. Mobs mostly consist of regular people while the heroes are...self explanatory. They are godlike human beings with super-human abilities that far exceed that of any human. A battle between 2 heroes can result in massive destruction of terrain and property, so its usually either up to negotiation of settled by the mobs. Nozomi is a regular girl who's inspiring to be a mob to help Macha Green, the leader around her area. However, little did she know that Macha Green is the elder sister figure that she had respected for her entire life, Masami. After battling it out with another local hero figure, Shigyou, her identity is revealed to Nozomi. Both Shigyou and Masami are hospitalized, with Masami's job requests put on hold. Trying to be of assistance, Nozomi decides to leave to the neighboring cities of Japan to clear these jobs under the name of Macha Green. Along the way she meets 3 unsuspecting allies, and off they go into the wilderness!

"Rolling Girls" is obviously not a show for everyone. While its a decent show, its not something that I can easily recommend, not at all. Still, its strong on its own, and has redeeming qualities for every downfall that it presents itself with. You can probably give this one a pass, but picking it up won't really hurt you in any way, as there are fun times to be had here.