Opening Songs
OP 1 - Knight March (Angela)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Requiem (CustomiZ)

Genre: Action, Science Fiction

Episodes: 12

After a short break, its time again for everyone's highly acclaimed, favorite CG mecha alien busting series. "Knight Of Sidonia: Battle For Planet Nine" is the sequel to the original "Knights Of Sidonia", and probably takes on a more character driven arc than the previously more action packed one. Obviously, fans of the original should take "Battle For Planet Nine" with a more conservative approach, because there's honestly a lot less explosions and lasers going on in this one (not to say they are completely absent, just slightly toned down). Strangely though, I enjoyed this second season a lot more, because there's just so much more character interaction here that made me feel more at home with all these characters that just didn't get too much screen time in the first season. Also, they introduced a core new character that's almost possibly the MOST likable character in the franchise thus far! This whole second season as a whole feels more accessible and honestly, even more fun than the original, in my opinion, that's an improvement by itself. "Battle For Planet Nine" brings more laughs, smiles and can still easily satisfy mecha fans at heart with its well orchestrated CG space battles that it has done well since the first season.

Behold, the unlikely heroes of Sidonia.

The opening theme is "Knight March" by Angela, which is a band that's recently been getting better IMO. "Knight March" doesn't quite improve their standards too much, but its still a good song worthy of the franchise, its actually even better than their opening for season 1, "Sidonia", though not by much. The ending theme is "Requiem" by CustomiZ, which is another slow song. Nothing much to see here, moving on.

Rating: 8.0/10

This is easily a better run than the first season for me. "Battle For Planet Nine", despite having a title that hypes up some sort of an epic fight, has a lot of character building that brings us a lot closer to the cast than season 1 did. Not only that, it introduces a brand new character called Tsugumi who's interesting and quirky as hell. Tsugumi ALONE made this sequel a lot more compelling and fun to watch! Aside from that the story takes a little bit of a slower pace here, though its sort of justified because they're circling an entire season around this new Tsugumi character that they had to build up from the ground. The CG animation STILL doesn't sell to me, but as mentioned in the previous review for the first season, the CG in "Sidonia" is good enough to not make you puke, and shines especially in the space mecha battles with their flying tentacle aliens, laser rifles and fancy looking team formations. Its also worth noting that it has....some sort of a mini harem field in this second season. However, it doesn't take away from the overall action and awesomeness that this second season provides.

Tsugumi has gotta be the cutest little Pokemon looking alien EVER.

Following the events of the first season, Tanikaze is now known as a hero and savior to the floating planet of Sidonia. He has gained respect and recognition throughout, but somewhere in the dark depths, his friend, Kunato, has encountered a problem. After opening the forbidden area of his mansion, he is possessed by some...otherworldly specimen, alongside his aide. He then resurfaces as a genius who intends to incorporate alien technology to protect Sidonia. Through retrieving the homunculus already stored deep in the planet's premises, Kunato managed to create Tsumugi, an experimental alien creature that has the mind and consciousness of a human being. She was taken to battle to prove to Sidonia that she wasn't hostile...and she succeeded. Despite being the target of positive acclaim, the only one to ever accept her as a person was Tanikaze. He started to meet her on a regular basis, and alongside Izana, they became good friends quickly.

"Battle For Planet Nine" is a very successful sequel that manages to build up a lot of powerful character relationships. With the manga finally over, I hope we see a conclusive season 3 to end all of it, and I want to see them do it WELL.