Opening Songs
OP 1 - Ring Of Fortune (Eri Sasaki)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Starmine Of The Morning Glow (Asami Imai)

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Science Fiction

Episodes: 13

Time for the feels! It's been awhile since I teared up watching ANYTHING, really, but let's be real here, its hard to NOT shed any tears at all watching this thing! "Plastic Memories" is one of those shows that reminds you of "Clannad", "Anohana", or even "Angel Beats", in a sense that when somebody asks you, "Hey! Any emotional shows to recommend?", you show them this. Its tragic love, to say the least, in that sense, its a lot more like "Clannad" than anything. Come prepared with tissues, though I must warn you, "Plastic Memories" is far from perfect. In this imaginary world where robots can feel, a lot of time is wasted on unnecessary padding. It most definitely rewards those who stick with it till the end with one of the most emotional scenes in romance anime history, but before that, prepare to brace yourself with a ride that drags on for quite a while. Still, don't listen to me ramble, "Plastic Memories" is a good journey at the end of the day.

Admittedly, Isla is great, but I see her as little sister quality at best.

The opening theme is "Ring Of Fortune" by Eri Sasaki, which if you ask me, is quite an inappropriate name for a song about an anime this this. Anyway, its a powerful and somewhat emotional song, though it shows from the opening sequence that "something" is going to happen between Tsukasa and Isla. The ending theme is "Starmine Of The Morning Glow" by the wonderful Asami Imai, and its a slow song. Imai's voice is amazing, and the song is a wonderful ballad, but a ballad is still a ballad. As an ending theme to a show like this, it works well.

Rating: 7.5/10

It would have been 8.0 if the show was 6 episodes long. After the 1st half of the series, there is a lot of unnecessary padding that honestly isn't needed. The first few episodes up until the end of Marcia arc were good and felt necessary, but the ones after those were just padding. The relationship between Isla and Tsukasa were good enough to warrant the last few episodes during the time. Anyway, character development between the main characters are solid throughout, though they did NOT need to go to 13 episodes. The story is great, and the setting of the world is interesting enough. The overall theme of the show is quite....dark to be honest, though its taken rather well. There are plenty of emotional moments when it mattered, and those moments are when "Plastic Memories" are at its best. The comedy is rather stale and repetitive though, the jokes that worked are usually re-used to the point where they...start getting boring. "Plastic Memories" only has one thing going for it, the relationship between Tsukasa and Isla, though it works, its heavily overused, and that's what's preventing it from reaching greatness IMO.

Free fall~~

In a world where humans and androids live together like we do, its not uncommon for humans to eventually fall in love with androids like they do with real people. Androids soon became a staple in the world, and many of them are part of families or relationships like normal people would. However, an android only has so much time to live before their memory space is used up, when that time comes, they need to be put down, and the ones who do that are the terminal service. Described to have one of the worst jobs around, their jobs are practically to tear families apart. Tsukasa is the new kid around the block, he's posted to the terminal service as the new guy. The terminal service is composed of pairs that go around retrieving the expiring androids. As if he wasn't unlucky enough, he gets paired up with the most awkward android of them all, an older model named Isla. Together, things start getting...weird, to say the least.

"Plastic Memories" is one of the...more popular shows of the year, to say the least, though its certainly strong on the feels, I can't say that its entirely consistent. You may want to stick for the ending, but the road to get there might be tough as its mostly repetitive and not very funny or interesting. Still, it packs a massive punch to the feels, and you'll definitely feel it.