Opening Songs
OP 1 - After School Revolution (Hokago Rakuenbu)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Paradise Fanfare (Hokago Rakuenbu)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Slice Of Life, Supernatural

Episodes: 12

Enter one of the most fun shows of the year. There are shows you watch for the badass factor. Shows that you watch to satisfy your inner shounen. Shows you watch for the fan service. Then there are the shows you watch just to have fun. "Mikagura School Suite" is one of those shows. To be honest, its probably the most "fun" show of the year, it's been non-stop smiling when I was running through the series. Sure it gets more serious towards the end but even so, its such a bright show with such bright characters, its hard not to get...excited. Like "Mekakucity Actors" before it, "Mikagura" is an anime based off a series of vocaloid songs, this time by an artist called Last Note. While the series of songs by itself isn't as interesting as "Kagerou Daze", its safe to say that in terms of their anime adaptations, "Mikagura School Suite" is leaps better to watch as a standalone. Featuring one of the brightest and happiest protagonists ever, this is one show to start your day off with a smile.

The wonders of a new, crazy high school.

Both the opening and ending theme are performed by Hokago Rakuenbu, a group that consists of the voice cast of the characters in the show. Its also worth noting that both themes go full blast fun and cutesy, especially the opening theme, which is "After School Revolution". Its catchy as hell, with all the cheers/chanting in the background and is the clear stronger song of the two. The ending theme is "Paradise Fanfare", its also nice, but slightly weaker than "After School Revolution".

Rating: 8.0/10

Its quite hard to properly describe "Mikagura School Suite". Sure you can easily call it another "High School Action/Battle" anime with its own twists, but its...slightly more than that. Sure, almost everyone has a power and everyone fights for school related reasons. Its also worth noting that while the overall visual quality and production value of the anime is average at best, I think the fights are at least very well animated. The anime introduces a cast of mostly likable characters that each get their own separate episodes for screen time, while some of them may not have the most interesting back stories, they all come together to form a perfect blend of characters in a well written story. Speaking of the starts of light and kind of goes nowhere for awhile before somewhat piecing itself together towards the end, so that's kind of a downside. The best thing about "Mikagura" though, is Eruna, EASILY. She's so upbeat and energetic that even the dull moments are made bright because of her just being there to blabber something silly. She caries a good portion of the anime, that's for sure.

Unfortunately, she didn't. She deserves to, though.

Ichinomiya Eruna is the most energetic girl around who's kind of a bi. She swings both ways when it comes to romance, though she tends to favor fellow girls, which is troubling, to say the least. She doesn't let this slow her down though. She's graduating from middle school, and is looking for a high school that she can enjoy enrolling into. Her weeby cousin Shigure introduces her to Mikagura Academy, the academy that he's currently attending. Eruna is attracted by the cute school uniforms, but the nail in the coffin was the model in the school catalog, the girl who's the granddaughter of the school's owner. The model, named Seisa Mikagura, caught Eruna's attention IMMEDIATELY, and she wanted to enroll into Mikagura ASAP. After an incredibly questionable and laughable entrance exam with a talking cat, Eruna was enrolled into Mikagura. That's where she realized, that she was going to be in for one of the most memorable phases of her life.

"Mikagura" will be sure not to disappoint fans who like light hearted shows. Its likable protagonist and simple premise makes it an extremely easy show to watch. Surely its not quite as up there as many of the top shows this year, but I can safely say I enjoyed the hell out of "Mikagura School Suite".