Opening Songs
OP 1 - BLESS YoUR NAME (ChouCho)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Give Me Secret (StylipS)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

Episodes: 12

About damn time we got a season 3, because the "High School DxD" anime is SO behind when compared to the LNs. Well, its wishful thinking that we can even catch up at this rate...but one can always hope. Anyway, you should already know what "High School DxD" is about. Its one of the most popular fanservice harem animes out there that rivals "To Love Ru"...which another whole buttf*ck of fanservice. Being the 3rd installment to the series, fans should know what to expect. Tons of glorious fanservice with attempts to make the story, action and characters appealing. To an extent, it succeeds, but the franchise's age shows. After seeing 2 seasons of this, its getting old, though we explore upon new arcs and know more about our characters, it'll probably take awhile before we get to see the more intense parts in future seasons. This 3rd season expands upon the series just fine, but probably finishes the weakest out of all the seasons thus far. Needless to say, if you enjoyed previous offerings of the series, this should serve you just fine.

And just like that, Issei expands his harem once again.

I'm surprised they decided to replace Larval Stage Planning in the opening theme department, they were doing a good job with the previous ones IMO (just like I'd be surprised to see Mami Kawada replaced for "Index" openings). Anyway, "BLESS YoUR NAME" by ChouCho is the opening theme, and ChouCho is the last singer that I'd expect to see singing for "High School DxD". She does a good job here, but it doesn't feel as epic as previous offerings. "Give Me Secret" by StylipS is the ending theme, and as usual, its cute-sy to no end....not really my cup of tea.

Rating: 8.0/10

Quite possibly the weakest of the 3 seasons, but its still a great watch for the right audiences. Like before, this one introduces even more characters and adds more to Issei's harem, while also expanding on previous characters (Koneko gets a good deal of back story in this one, since she's probably the only one from the initial cast we know nothing about). The camaraderie between the Gremory Lineage is always nice to see, and its easily the strongest that its ever been in the 3 seasons, considering how much they have bonded. While they start to throw in new, important figurehead characters to the series, things start to get a little bit more confusing as we now have so much to keep track of. Luckily, the fight scenes do hold up, and we do get some pretty awesome battles throughout this season, though the end battle is probably the weakest out of all the climaxes when compared to the previous 2 seasons. Still, fanservice, good characters, and a progressive story carries it through, if you know what you're sitting in for, you'll be rewarded just that in "High School DxD Born".

Epic battle ensues.

Issei's back, and he's back with ALL his girls in the Gremory lineage. After the attack from the Chaos brigade and Issei having to fight against somehow got better for him. Azazel became the teacher in charge for Rias's club, his family's house got upgraded into a big ass mansion FOR FREE by the devils to cope with all the girls trying to stay with him. Things were starting to look more exciting for him, especially when Rias announced that they were going to attend the Rating games that were going to take place in the Underworld, where she will compete her entire lineage against that of other top families. There, Issei and the other members of the lineage get boot camped to become stronger. However, things take for a worse turn when members of the Chaos Brigade impede onto the tournament and tries shake things up with all the major figureheads of the underworld.

With "High School DxD Born" finished I'm wondering if we'll be seeing any more "High School DxD" anytime soon. I think we'll probably see it, but how soon we'll get it is kind of an iffy thing to think about. There's still a lot to cover and the anime is extremely behind in terms of content when compared to the LNs, so there's that.