Looking Glass Knight
HP: 6540
Skills: Slash Combo, Jumping Slash, Quick Sword Thrust*, Thunder Wave*, Thunder Slash, Summon Ally
Souls: 34000

Difficulty: 3/5
Deaths: 1

After traversing through Drangleic Castle, you'll eventually go into the castle depths and get to face off against this guy. The dreaded poster enemy that has been in the trailers and playable demos so damned long ago, The Looking Glass Knight. This is easily one of the most epic boss battles in the game, which isn't saying too much about what the game has to offer, because even though he's one of the best bosses in the game...its not THAT amazing in contrast to older bosses in the franchise. Still, if your core skills and fundamentals aren't great, he can be quite tough.

Behold! My mighty sword of the heavens!

The Looking Glass Knight IS an epic boss, and he has a variety attacks to back up his fabulous get-up. He's generally quite a slow foe save for a few of his attacks, however, the arena in which you fight him in has grants limited space for dodging or healing, so you'll have to work with what you have. Of course, for having such a massive shield, he easily blocks any sort of attack you'll throw at his shield, so...don't hit that. He doesn't have too many threatening attacks that can one-shot you or do too much damage, but you should still play it safe against him. He has obvious blind spots, use that to your advantage.

Slash Combo - A combination of slashes and stabs, all of which can be blocked or dodged. He can swing up to 4 times as the battle drags on, with the longer combos coming out towards the end of the battle as he gets lower. He isn't the fastest with these swings, so you can easily get out of the way.

Jumping Slash - He jumps at you from a distance to do a sweeping slash. Easily dodged by running or rolling towards him, can also be blocked but the stamina chunk is quite massive. Does high damage if it connects.

Quick Sword Thrust* - Similar to the Smelter Demon's attack with the same name, he'll use this from a distance to chunk you out when you are healing. Can be blocked or dodged easily if you see it coming, but the cheese meters on this skill are high.

Thunder Wave* - After channeling energy to his sword, he slams his sword down, causing multiple waves of electricity to spread out as projectiles. As a ranged attack this one does considerable damage and if you are up close, you risk being hit by multiple waves at once, dealing massive damage.

Thunder Slash - After channeling energy to his sword, he slashes in a arc motion, dealing massive damage. This attack is slow, has limited range and can be blocked. 

Summon Ally - He holds his shield up to summon a random phantom from within it. The phantom will fight for him for the rest of the battle unless slain.

For one, this is a battle that will drag for quite a long while because of his health, defenses, and massive shield. Because of that shield, there are only so many directions you can hit him from. He IS a slow boss, so you can find plenty of opportunities to hit him. From afar, he likes to either gap close with Jumping Slash or the Quick Sword Thrust, but most of the time its the former as he likes to use the latter to instead cheese you when you are flasking up. Both attacks are easily avoided if you see them coming, so there's not much threat there, just be extra careful when you need to flask up for this fight.

Wait, only 26 damage?!

The Looking Glass Knight is most at home in close ranged combat, but again, so are you in this battle. His attacks can do moderate damage but are slow, you can simply walk away from them and re-position yourself in a more favorable angle to strike him from. Most commonly used by the Knight himself is his Slash Combo, which are a combination of slow stabs and slashes, which can go up to 4 hits as he gets lower on health. After the combo he is left wide open, so go ahead and get some free hits in. Other than that, he likes to use his Thunder based attacks, which can vary depend on how close you are to him. 

If you are up close, he likes to use Thunder Slash, which is a very straightforward slashing attack with a predictable arc. This can be easily dodged due to its slow casting speed. When you are afar, he likes to use Thunder Wave, which calls forth ranged, thunder attributed projectiles. This one is ironically more deadly up close because the projectiles will spread out, if you're up front you'll eat all the projectiles at once, dealing tons of damage. Either way, both moves have extremely long start up times, allowing you to EASILY punish him with attacks as he charges up, do make sure to back up when he finally unleashes his attacks though.

Battle of knights!

When the Looking Glass Knight gets lower on health, he starts to summon allies to help him like a pussy. He can summon these guys as many times as he likes, but it comes with a cool down. These allies can be AI controlled NPCs or human players, depending on your luck. Either way, you have the choice to kill off the ally or continue to try to rush down the Mirror Knight, the former is usually the better play, either way, keep up the pressure and he goes down fairly quickly.

The Looking Glass Knight falls after a long, long fight. You get 34000 souls for your troubles and access to one of the worst maps in the game, The Shrine Of Amana. Speaking of which....


Demon Of Song
HP: 6180
Attacks: Hand Swipe, Grab, Stretched Fall, Leaping Crash, Water Bolts*
Souls: 26000

Difficulty: 1.5/5
Deaths: 0

For such a f**ked up stage, we get THIS boss?! Anyway, getting through the Shrine Of Amana is no easy feat, but this guy...he's a pushover. Possibly one of THE ugliest boss in the game, The Demon Of Song is ALSO easily one of the easiest bosses in the game as well. Aesthetic wise its not bad, but unfortunately, this thing just dies too quickly.

That thing is just so ugly that you don't want to go near it.

The Demon Of Song is very, very, VERY slow. It also has a massive hitbox for you to go all out and smack it right in the face. It doesn't have a lot of attacks so its easy to see what's coming and to react accordingly. You have quite a spacious area to run around in, so its okay to bide your time. It's arsenal is mostly melee, so playing from afar is more advantageous to you, though by doing so you are left vulnerable to its only threatening attack. However you want to take this battle on though, you won't have too much trouble.

Hand Swipe - He swings his hands in the area in front of him for some moderate damage. Slow startup, and can be easily avoided by going to his sides.

Grab - He stretches his hands out and grabs you, resulting in moderate-high damage. Slow and easily dodged.

Stretched Fall - He stretches his hind feet and falls in the area in front of him, dealing massive damage. Very long startup, easily dodged.

Leaping Crash - He jumps and leaps towards you, causing massive AOE upon landing. Very slow and easily avoided as well.

Water Bolts* - He shoots a couple of water bolts at you from a distance, dealing high damage. Can be blocked but the chip is still strong. One of the few moves that he has which isn't epicly slow.

You cannot hit the Demon Of Song unless he opens his mouth, revealing that exceedingly ugly face and arms of his. The arms are very long, and the face is quite wide, giving you quite a lot of room to attack him. Its also worth noting that if he doesn't open the mouth, he has not attacks to throw at you, so take into consideration that if you can attack him, he can attack you as well. If you need to heal, do it when his mouth is closed.

Don't get grabbed!

4 out the Demon Of Song's 5 attacks are too slow to connect. Hand Swipe has him sweeping the area in front of him, Grab has him trying to grab you in front of him, Stretched Fall has him bombard the area in front of him.....that's THREE of his 5 attacks that only affect the area in front of him AND are slow as BALLS. His attacks are SO heavily telegraphed that you will almost always get out of it...way too easily. After he attacks you can have all the time in the world to attack his face or arms for plenty of free damage.

If you're playing this from afar, he can leap at you, but again, this is a slow attack. He lands slowly and right after that he opens his mouth for you to hit him. Realistically, his only powerful attack are his Water Bolts, which he seems to fire out at random. It does massive damage, but it shouldn't be enough to one shot you. These can be dodged or blocked, but note that the chip from the Water Bolts can still do some damage to you.

Beating this ugly piece of shit gets you 26000 souls, not a whole lot, but then again, this is such an easy boss to beat. Next time, we move on to the Undead Crypt, where more bosses await....