Akame Ga Kill

Well, for a frost queen, she's hot as hell.
"Akame Ga Kill"'s cast is filled with pretty great characters that we can like. The heroes side has plenty of hot ladies and great guys, but none of them stand up to our unique villain that has captured the hearts of many fans. That villain is none other than Esdeath, the crazy ice queen that longs for love like no other. She's pretty crazy, and honestly she's crazy attractive. Her personality is a massive part of why so many people like her, and I can agree. Esdeath is sexy, both inside and out...she is without a doubt, my favorite character in this show.

Esdeath is introduced relatively early as one of the empire's greatest assets. A general that is ridiculously powerful, she is one of the hardest obstacles for the resistance to overcome. While the resistance can take on most of the empire's strongest fighters, they are nowhere near Esdeath's level. She would go on conquests to fight against powerful legions of soldiers by herself and completely stomp on them. She is also a known sadist, which can be quite sexy if you are into it.

Her Teigu allows her to control ice. While it doesn't sound like much, her ability to call forth ice at will and use it for offense or defense is quite terrifying. To make things worse, her swordsmanship is insane, to the point where she can fight on par with or even overtake Akame, probably the other best character when it comes to wielding a blade. She can even FREEZE TIME if things get too sticky for her. However, this completely dominant ice queen turns into a high school girl in love when she's with Tatsumi, the man that she desires. This transformation is so fun to watch and probably Esdeath's sexiest moments.

Assassination Classroom


Okay, without a doubt, Koro-Sensei is the best character in "Assassination Classroom". He is THE reason why the show succeeds so well, because when compared to the rest of the students and teachers, he is SUCH a vibrant fellow with so many excuses to be loved. He's funny as hell, that's the primary reason we love him, but obviously, he's so much more. He's a caring teacher, he's a badass octopus alien, he is extremely powerful, and the best thing of all...you never know what he's thinking. To top it off, he is voiced by the legendary Jun Fukuyama, who does an AMAZING job with this quirky octopus dude.

At the very start of the anime we see the appeal of "Assassination Classroom", and THAT is Koro-Sensei. "You have until next year to kill me", this is pretty much impossible as we get a glimpse of his power. He dodges constant gunfire by over 20 students as he TAKES ATTENDANCE. This guy, can fly to china during lunch break and come back in less than half the time of the entire period, all while eating his new Chinese cuisine that he bought back from China...yeah. Of course, being a teacher, he's a nice guy. He treats his students equally, and does what he can to make sure that they can succeed.

He uses different teaching styles for different students. He teaches all his students AT THE SAME TIME, by moving SO FAST that he splits his body into over 20 clones. He over reacts to things, his face changes colors according to his mood, and he constantly tries to make jokes to please his students. He takes their assassinations head on, even giving them pointers for future attempts. Of course, this octopus thing HAS his moments where he becomes badass....and when he does, its usually not pretty. You wouldn't like a pissed off Koro-Sensei.

Oh boy....

It's actually been awhile since I've had 2 characters tie for favorite characters...but for "Assassination Classroom"'s protagonist is just too good to not include here. I've never had much love for many main characters, but Nagisa is just one of those protagonists that I can get interested in. Yes, he looks like a girl, and yes, he can stand up to Hideyoshi's level of "otokonoko-ness", but he's easily one of the most unique main characters in an anime of all time. Let's be real here though, his appearance is one of the many reasons why people love him, and I can't deny that he is, cute.

Nothing seems to spectacular about Nagisa at first. He's just one of the many students in class E, just that unlike the others, he seems...strangely motivated to take down Koro-Sensei. Instead of going in blind trying to stab or shoot Koro-sensei like other characters, he sits in the back lines, jotting down information about Koro-Sensei in his little note book after watching the failed assassination attempts by others. He notes EVERY little thing about Koro-Sensei in his book, which he uses for future references.

When he DOES attempt to kill, he is noted to be the best, potential assassin in the class. He possesses an incredibly horrifying aura that can terrify the likes of Karasuma, one of the most accomplished special agents in Japan. It is also noted that during his first assassination attempt in the first episode, Koro-Sensei could not sense Nagisa's approach, when he can easily thwart the other student's attempts effortlessly. Yes, a monster that can move faster than jet planes and dodge gunfire from 20 students, could not dodge a single, advancing young man. Nagisa's potential is sky high, and I can't wait to see his growth in the upcoming second season.

Daily Life Of High School Boys


In an anime that's so ridiculously funny and is filled with hilarious characters, only one stands above the rest. Hidenori is...crazy. There's no other word used to describe him other than hilarious, because he is the epitome of stupidity. He screams loud remarks, he makes silly jokes, he makes himself look retarded, and makes OTHERS look retarded. His actions are just so ridiculous that you can't help but bust out laughs every time he shows up on screen. Almost ALL of his screen time has me laughing off like a retard.

Being one of the 3 protagonists in the anime, Hidenori has a crap lot of screen time, which is good because this guy is hilarious. Out of the 3 protagonists, he has the most explosive comments and reactions. He randomly wheels his friends into his delusional antics, which are always fun to watch. He has the best interactions with other characters, my favorite being the literary girl. The 2 together are just hilarious.

Hidenori is almost always never serious, even his brother is kind of silly. Whenever he intrudes on Tadakuni he fools around with his sister like an idiot. It's like he's trying way too hard to look silly. This pretty much confirmed for me that Tomokazu Sugita is perfect for voicing a comedic character.