Shu And Inori

I don't really know about you, but I didn't really like this one, its only here because its canon, and its one of the most highly regarded pairings in the series. Honestly, I support Shu X Ayase more, but let's be real here, Inori tried really hard to be the one for Shu. In many ways, she succeeded. She was the first one to bring Shu to the terrorist organization and also the one who made Shu realize that he needed to fight to get what he wanted. Throughout the events of the show it was obvious that Shu had sort of a a thing for Inori, and it only became more obvious as the show progressed onward. Even when Shu became a tyrant, it was also Inori that stuck with him all the way. This pair's ending is less than pleasant, but at least Shu will ever forget the girl that changed his life forever...and he still listens to her songs long after he passing.

Furuya And Rea

I like this one, even though the show never really says it in words, its obvious enough that them being together is a least for Rea, that girl REALLY wants Furuya. It seems a little bit weird at first, how can a freaking zombie and a human end up together? Well, these 2 say otherwise. Furuya obviously has some sort of hots for Rea, and Rea just straight up looks up to the guy for "saving" her life and taking care of her while she continued to struggle throughout her zombie phases. She goes as far as defying her father to take him into her hands. If anything else, the ending of the anime has Rea kissing Furuya. While its unclear or not whether she did that on purpose or it was just an urge while her body was taken over, subconsciously, she KNOWS that she loves this man.

Tsugumu And Chisaki

I highly support this pairing, and I'll even go as far as to say that this is my favorite pairing within the anime itself. Sure, one can argue that Hikari and Manaka ended up together, but what the hell, the anime made it so vague and unclear. The 2 did NOT even have a lot of dedicated romance development together. Tsugumu and Chisaki however, these 2 can't get any sweeter. While Chisaki aged 5 years, her mind remained in the past, thinking that she stilled loved the now younger Hikari, when there was a fantastic man standing by her all these time for the entire 5 years. It became apparent that their 5 years together sparked something between the both of them, and even though Chisaki still showed signs of denial, even she couldn't say no to Tsugumu's true and honest feelings. These 2 should be shipped, and I was glad that they ended up together. A close second would be Kaname and Sayu, we'll save that one for another time.

Saito And Louise

This one is obvious enough. Sure, the world of "Zero No Tsukaima" has plenty of fine ladies that could have been a match for ol' Saito. I mean, Siester, Henrietta and Tiffania are all wonderful choices for Saito, but in the end, Louise still triumphs over everything. I'm more of a boobs man than anything, but these 2 are DYING to be together, and no matter of bullshit can separate the two of them. Ever since Saito was summoned as a familiar for Louise, things were only going to get better (or worse) for him as she started to take a liking to him. I mean, Saito himself is so thankful for Louise that he puts himself in the most bullshit of situations to save her. Time after time again he has placed his LIFE on the line to make sure that things ended up well for Louise, and in her darkest of times, he stayed by her to reassure her that he's there. It takes some hardcore dedicated for someone to stick to a girl so hard, so by default, I think its only normal to say that Saito should end up with Louise. Luckily, by the end of 4 seasons, they finally did.

The What-Ifs

Maou And Emi

As much as I know Maou X Chiho is going to be a thing...I'd actually die to see this happen. Maou and Emi, while catastrophic and totally unpredictable, would actually be great me at least. Demon King and Hero should always be at each other's throats, but looking at how these 2 interact actually remind me of a shriveled up old goat and his grumpy ex-girlfriend. Believe it or not, they'd be fine together. They may bicker at each other a lot, but they always end up going to see each other. While Maou seemed bothered by it at first, it turned out that he started to find Emi's visits to his humble establishment less annoying, and later on, it became commonplace to see Emi near Maou. Even Emi's colleague thought that Maou was her boyfriend, I mean, it's not too hard to see why. Also, despite being supposedly each other's "greatest enemies", these 2 have ludicrous synergy when they work together. Like it or not, the 2 always find themselves trusting their backs to each other, and I'd like to see them take their relationship to the next time. Whether or not that happens, we'll see.

Tsukune And Moka

As far as canon pairings go, I haven't read the manga for "Rosario", so I'm not sure if these 2 really ended up with one another, but as far as the anime goes, this is THE obvious one. I mean, come on, there's not really anyone else that's worthy enough to take up the mantle. While the other girls are entertaining, nothing beats Moka's 2 faced endeavors. Her super sweet, cute, innocent side and her bloodthirsty, serious side contrast well with one another to make her one HELL of a woman. Tsukune, being the clueless dimwit that he is, has choices, but is at least smart enough to find that Moka sees him more than just a "good friend". I'd really like to see these 2 take it to the next level, well, just because they are almost always YEARNING FOR ONE ANOTHER. Geez, get a f**king room. "TSUKUNE! MOKA-SAN" spam can be cringy to watch.