Saturday, 29 August 2015

Great Game OSTs (Part 6)

Fighting Game Music

Name: The Lily Of Steel

From: Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
Artist: Daisuke Ishiwatari

Even more love for Daisuke because his works are simply amazing. I said it before and I'll say it again: I love the hard rock OST for the GG and BB games because these tracks just gets you PUMPED for some hardcore fighting. My favorite theme in Xrd so far, "The Lily Of Steel" just suits Millia so much. The progressive rock just fits Millia, its not too hardcore, and its steady beat fits her mobility/playstyle during a battle. I haven't played Xrd for myself, but if we're talking themes alone, I'm pretty sure I would main Millia just for her theme alone.

Name: Silent Scream
From: Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma 2.0
Artist: Daisuke Ishiwatari

You saw this one coming. Just when I thought Hazama/Terumi couldn't get any more badass with his earlier theme, "Endless Despair II", Daisuke comes up with THIS. Terumi's new theme in 2.0 is called "Silent Scream"...and this thing hits SO hard. Its probably the most metal theme in the game...not counting "Black Onslaught", and I LOVE it. It sounds very different from most other themes in the game, hell, if anything, "Silent Scream" reminds me of a GG theme, most of which are just pure, unhindered metal. "Silent Scream" is just Terumi's jam, and I can picture myself seeing Terumi himself head bang to this crazy piece.

RPG Music

Name: Drawing! Grind!
From: Tales Of Graces F
Artist: Motoi Sakuraba

This one is debatable, since the "Tales Of" series has a ton of other very good battle themes that are favored by other fans. To me, outside of "Eternia"'s "Inferia Battle", this piece takes the cake. "Drawing! Grind!" is the default battle theme for the adult segment of "Tales Of Graces", and I think that this is an amazing theme to do battle with. Its strong guitar rifts makes for some rather intense moments, and this makes you want to go ham in every battle, which you can, seeing as "Graces" has no battle resource. You'll almost always go crazy in all fights in "Graces", this theme only gives you a better feel for a battle.

Name: Free Battle (Confrontation)
From: Devil Survivor 2
Artist: Takami Asano

The original "Devil Survivor" game had great music, and while the first game's OST is almost perfect, I feel that the sequel's music, while good on its own right....isn't quite on the level of the original. However, its quite ironic that the best theme in the the free battle theme, the one theme that sucked quite a fair bit in the original. "Free Battle (Confrontation)" sounds inspiring and intense, something that makes you feel like you're in the heat of a tough battle. It sounds a bit too powerful for a theme you'll use to grind for EXP, especially since it out shadows every other theme in the game.


Name: Ryu's Determination
From: Warrior's Orochi III
Artist: ?

Ryu Hayabusa is an amazing ninja. For a character that has been in the gaming scene for decades, Hayabusa is one of the most well known Ninja in gaming, and what better way to represent the dude than to remix one of his old school themes into a modern game. I myself have NOT played "Warriors Orochi III", but his theme in this game is nigh unforgettable. After hearing it once, I HAD to go back to find it again. "Ryu's Determination" is a fitting name, because this theme portrays nothing but sheer determination and awesomeness.

Name: Misterious Destiny: Angels Battle
From: Bayonetta
Artist: Norihiko Hibino feat. Helena Noguerra

Not much I can say here. "Bayonetta" has been known to have some pretty....funky music for an action beat'em up game. It's a sharp contrast to the rock/metal compositions that have been present in most other action games that are within the same genre. "Misterious Destiny" is probably the first song you'll hear when you play as Bayonetta beating the angels up senseless, and its nothing short of fabulous. You just feel like a god damned DIVA as you dance around the angels, hitting them endlessly as you groove to this song....all while finishing them off with torture BDSM attacks.

Name: White Fatalis
From: Monster Hunter Series
Artist: Marika Suzuki, Miwako Chinone, Reo Uratani

This is by far the most terrifying monster in the "Monster Hunter" series. The White Fatalis is highly dangerous, with many of its attacks capable of one shotting most hunters EVEN with the best armors in the game. There is indeed no better way to portray this majestic elder dragon than to give him a theme that strikes fear into all those who DARE to stand in front of him. With an orchestra and a very menacing tempo, its hard not to admire this piece. When this theme plays and the White Fatalis descends in front know you are f**ked.