Spoilers for the following games:

Under Night In Birth EXE:Late
Fire Emblem
Megaman X
Bravely Default
Devil Survivor


5. Byakuya
From: Under Night In Birth EXE:Late

Number 5 on today's list is Byakuya, from UNIEL, one of my more favored 2D fighters in recent years. Sure, he isn't the main villain of the game, but he's pretty crazy.

Hilda doesn't quite cut it, that much I can assure you. All she has is a troll-ish laugh and nothing more, she gets shit on by almost everyone else in the game. Byakuya however...this mysterious young man is the one that I'm REALLY interested in. We don't know all too much about this young man, except that he's an In-Birth with a ridiculous, murderous aura that even the strongest of characters in the UNIEL canon story can sense...some even fear him. So, who the f**k is this guy and what's his deal? Why is he roaming the Hollow Night?

No one really knows, really. Byakuya roams the night with his sister, Tsukuyomi, doing her bidding. He almost has no will, only doing what her sister desires. Coincidentally, Tsukuyomi wishes to take down Paradox, and Byakuya just willingly does so, ruthlessly crushing all those who stand before her. He likes to "devour" his foes, and how he does this is unknown, but we can just assume that he kills them and goes after their EXS. It is even revealed by Merkava that Byakuya is the only individual that has a presence that is most similar to his. Merkava is a void, and that can only mean that Byakuya is somewhat similar to a void...which opens up even more mysteries about this already mysterious characters.

Now here's an evil looking fellow.

4. Validar
From: Fire Emblem: Awakening

Validar is today's villain taking the 4th place. He's quite a weird looking fellow with a very, VERY obvious villain aura....so its no wonder that he's the main baddie of the game.

Validar is introduced at the very start of the game during the prologue chapter as the..."last boss" of the game. I mean, its pretty much a preview of the battle to come. Anyway, Validar isn't quite revealed as the ultimate bad guy until much later on, since you encounter him early on merely as an assassin sent to attack the palace. You defeat him, and that's the end of that...until we see a cut scene where he is somewhat "resurrected" by an unknown figure. Then, after Grangel was defeated, he somehow became the NEXT king of Plegia. Coincidence? I don't think so.

For the next arc, when your army goes to war against Walhart, Validar takes on a more minor role, where he plans for his next course of action. He later in the game lures Chrom and the protagonist to give them the final gem for the "Fire Emblem"...of course, we ALL know that's a ruse. He somehow manages to brainwash the protagonist and throw everyone into despair. It seemed like his plan to resurrect the ancient dragon Grima was well underway, of course, until we stop him. To the end it seemed like he was hardcore pressed to bring the world to ruin, and that he wanted to use the protagonist like a tool to bring his dream to fruition.

This...now this, is pure, hardcore, PERSISTENT, evil.

3. Sigma
From: Megaman X Series

For our number 3 slot today we have Sigma, the ultimate, bald maverick man who is hell bent on destroying X, the reploids....and most probably, the world.

Sigma is a madman, a persistent son of a BITCH who has been doing his job for many, many, many....MANY games in the Megaman X series. In fact, he appears in all of the games in the main series timeline, and in all of them, he is always the final boss, the big, bad guy, pulling the strings. So its no surprise that by the end of every Megaman X game, we get to see the bald fella at the very end, waiting to kick our asses AGAIN, after we've destroyed him in the previous game. Sure, now we know about the recurring villain, but how did this guy come to be?

Sigma was actually the commander of the Maverick Hunters in "Megaman X". A certain lab accident caused his programming to go haywire, and just like that, he used his influence to lead a revolt, using the reploids under his command to wage war against all of humanity. He even tries to pull X to his side, but because of his strange, human-like programming, X refuses, and battles through Sigma's legion of mavericks alongside Zero. Of course, the big bald guy is defeated, but because of the "Sigma Virus", the bastard comes back to life, every, single, time. And each time he comes back, he brings a bunch of Mavericks along with him to fight X and Zero. Talk about persistent. He revived himself to fight X EIGHT F**KING TIMES!

The cutest ones are always the craziest.

2. "Airy"
From: Bravely Default

Taking our 2nd spot today is "Airy", from SquareEnix's smash 3DS RPG hit, "Bravely Default". Surely, this is one fairy that almost nobody wanted to see turn, but of course, here we are.

First time, we'll clear something up. There are, I believe, TWO Airies in the game. The one that greets you in CG during the game's opening, and the one that follows your party in the game. Only one is evil, and of course, that's the one who follows your party, the one who, initially, appeared as Agnes's travelling companion. She seems like every other good willed fairy that's eager to awaken the crystals and save the world from an impending doom...right?

Things started to become a little bit fishy later in a game when Airy started to constantly pester the team to awaken the crystals. Over and over again she reminds the party not to stray off track and to continue to awaken the crystals. EVEN when the entire journey botched up and it brought the entire world to a soft reset, Airy STILL insists that the party awakens the crystals, over and over and over and over. She got so persistent, that it was bloody obvious that she was up to no good. Of course, finally, after causing the world to reset so many times, she finally gives in and reveals her true colors, a slave to Ouroborous, the greatest evil in the world. Being the traitor that she was, it was only fitting that she was killed by the hands of her own master.

Now THAT is the face of evil.

1. Naoya
From: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

Taking our number 1 slot today is Naoya from the first "Devil Survivor". I mean, did you seriously expect any less?

Naoya is a true badass. From the start, we know that he's cooking something up. At the beginning of the game, he meets up with the main character along with Atsuro and Yuzu. He gives them the devil summoning devices without truly explaining their true nature, making them think that they were nothing but mere playthings that Naoya cooked up out of nowhere. Truth is, those included the home-brewed Devil Summoning Program, something that Naoya created by himself for a job that he would not state. That could only mean that: he expected the transpiring events to occur, and gave the devices to the main character for him to survive.

After throwing us on our own to survive for many, MANY days, he only appears on the last day to offer us a hand. Not a hand of friendship, but instead, he wants to use the Main Character, as Abel, to deceive the angels and to usher forth a new age where the main character can rule over the demons AND the masses. It was a plan so crazy that no sane human being would want to side with him, but if you DO side with him, you pretty much have the world in your hands because Naoya is POWERFUL. If you DON'T go with his plan, you then have to stand against him and his crazy horde of demons. This is one guy that thinks ahead, and its so scary that he orchestrated many of the events that happened in "Devil Survivor".