Opening Songs
OP 1 - Database (Man With A Mission)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Wonderful Wonder World (Yun*chi)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Episodes: 25

Lets be real here, "Log Horizon" was pretty damn good for what it was (personally I even think that its a better MMORPG based anime than the "SAO"), and at the end of it when they announced season 2, I was pretty hyped. When "Log Horizon II" hit its air date and I saw that it was under a different studio, I feared for it a little, just a little. I eagerly waited for it to end, then I went to watch the whole thing under 2 sittings. Luckily, that just means that "Log Horizon II" is almost every bit as awesome as the original, and I can say without a doubt that if the first one got you all jumpy about its crazy MMO schemes, "Log Horizon II" is right up your alley. It retains its strong MMO theme (arguably stronger than animes like "SAO or ".Hack") which many MMO players can relate to. Its got great action scenes, the story progresses into much darker and serious grounds, things get a lot more difficult for out protagonists, more characters get introduced...its a wonderful expansion to an already extensive series. If you haven't had your fill of "Log Horizon", clench your balls and grit your teeth, because you're going to be getting another strong helping of this wonderful gem of an anime.

We all wished we had such a guild in our games.

Opening wise Studio Deen got lazy and we're netted "Database" yet again. I mean, "Database" is a great song, but for 25 episodes straight in season 1 and for another 25 episodes straight in season 2, I think its not an assumption to say that they're pushing it. Otherwise, we also get a new ending theme "Wonderful Wonder World" by Yun*chi. I like it more than "Your Song", considerably so, because "Wonderful Wonder World" is slightly more catchy.

Rating: 8.0/10

Now this is very easy to rate simply because its basically the same thing as season 1. If you watched season 1 and you liked it then you'll pretty much fall in love with this one just as much, and trust me, its not hard to get hooked on to something like "Log Horizon", especially if you're into MMORPGs. Like in the first one, "Log Horizon II" focuses on bringing us the most crazy scenarios you can get out of an MMORPG, full scale raid dungeons, PVPs, quests, PVE, PKers....there's so much to get absorbed into, especially since "Log Horizon" makes it feel MORE like a real MMORPG, where character stats, player skill and strategic thinking play a big part of, unlike in "SAO" or ".Hack" where the protagonists just shit on everybody else. There are also a lot of really likable characters that you can easily lose yourself to since everyone gets a good share of screen time (though the non-important ones just easily fly by). In this second season, things get a lot more physical, there's more action, the scenarios have a lot more impact, and everything just feels like they have a more serious undertone. Provided that I do think season 2 is a little less consistent than season 1, some moments greatly outshine the others, but overall, its still a wonderful experience.


Following the events of season 1, Shiroe says that he'll leave Akibahara for a reason that he cannot tell anyone. He says this is for the good of the future, and leaves everyone in the dust. He brings along Naotsugu and Regal to find a way to settle the gold income problem that the Round Table is facing, by negotiating with a very important figurehead of the People Of The Land. This person is named Kinjou of the Kunie clan, the "gods" or NPCs that oversee the mechanics of the game. When a monster dies, they drop gold, when a monster respawns it has gold on it, the gold is distributed BY the Kunie Clan. They are responsible for many other things like the reasons why monsters cannot enter towns, they are behind all the magic. The gold required to run Akibahara is obscene, and Shiroe wants a way to end the gold crisis. Meanwhile, he leaves Akatsuki in charge of Akibahara, protecting the princess against a new enemy whose powers rival that of the Royal Knights. Things are going to get sticky for our heroes, but that's where the fun comes in!

That's all for now for this franchise. The anime has caught up too much to the LNs and its probably going to take a few more volumes before we see more "Log Horizon" which is a shame. However, since we got a second season so early in we can't really complain. I can't wait to see more of "Log Horizon", this second season was great. I'll be patient though, I'm confident that if a season 3 does show up, it'll be amazing as well.