Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Great Game OSTs (Part 5)

RPG Music

Name: That Person's Name Is (He Of The Name)
From: Bravely Default
Artist: Revo

Revo is amazing, and I say that even though this is the only song I have in my playlist that is BY him. "Bravely Default" is already a great game, and what better to make the game better by giving it one of THE most awesome RPG boss battle themes of ALL TIME. "That Person's Name Is" isn't rock, it isn't exactly orchestra, its just a mixture of amazing instruments and an AMAZING violin in the background. I find myself playing the air violin like a f**king retard every time that thing goes off in a boss battle. This song tells you that you are battling against not just another random villain, but against somebody with a story, reason and resolve of their own. You're both battling for your own purposes, but for reasons unavoidable, you must do battle. This song is a story, this song is a masterpiece, it makes every asterisk boss battle worth it.


Name: The Burning Crimson Sword Dances
From: Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends Of The Titan
Artist: Yuzo Koshiro

Alright, bring it on boss, you've got nothing on me! That's what you'll think for the first 40 seconds of the battle, then when the trumpets come in, you tell yourself..."I'm SO f**ked". THIS is the feeling that overwhelms you when you face the bosses of "Etrian Odyssey IV", and its because of this song that you feel that way. While the bosses are ridiculously menacing on their own, this theme just makes everything feel SO MUCH more intense. You feel like you're overwhelmed, you feel like you need to fight your hardest...you MUST somehow TRIUMPH OVER THIS ENEMY!! Man this song gives me the shivers, just because of how well it fits the bosses in the game. This song is brutal, and listening to it ensures that you fight your hardest no matter what.


Name: Isabeau
From: Shin Megami Tensei IV
Artist: Toshiki Konishi, Ryota Kudoka, Kenichi Tsuchiya

Why oh why oh why oh why oh WHY?! When I played "Shin Megami Tensei IV" for the first time, I knew this was going to be a game of alignments like all those before it, I knew things were going to go down HARD...but when I endangered myself to the law route for my first run...I didn't expect this. Not only is the battle against Isabeau an already emotionally impactful one to begin with, they threw THIS theme in, which made the battle OH SO MUCH HARDER. I'm sure as everyone was throwing hits at her, this theme pulled at their feel strings so hard. As much as we all wanted to switch sides to NOT kill her, the game wouldn't allow it. This theme was so memorable, and they made it so fitting for the battle too.


Name: Fate Of The Unknown
From: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
Artist: Yoko Shimomura

Does this even count as game music? I'm not sure if this actually plays in "Kingdom Hearts BBS" by itself, but I've watched the "Kingdom Hearts II" secret ending ENOUGH TIMES to know how f**king amazing this track makes me feel! This is by far, my favorite "Kingdom Hearts" related theme, NOTHING beats this. It gives off a feeling of epicness, while making us feel emotional...foreboding that a greater battle is going to come. While this plays and as Terra, Vent and Aqua do battle against Xehanort, you can feel the struggle, the feels, and the efforts of the 3 as they fight their hardest. If this wasn't in any KH game yet, Square, PLEASE ut this in KH 3, we need this song to play DURING a boss battle!


Name: Five Stars
From: Yugioh 5Ds World Championship 2011: Over The Nexus
Artist: ???

Probably the last of the good "Yugioh" games (RIP Yugioh, F**K ZEXAL), and this song always gives me the feels. Back when "Yugioh" was still a thing on the NDS and I went around dueling almost every AI opponent I could find, "Five Stars" was MY JAM. When choosing duel music themes in World Championship Mode, this was the song I always chose, hands down. Its consistent, it makes me feel pumped to have a nice, old fashioned duel against my opponent. How I wish they went back to doing PROPER "Yugioh" games (Tag Force? World Championship? Konami, come on), but judging from Konami's bullshit nowadays, I doubt we'd get anything. Cheers to one of the best duel themes of all time.



Name: Strike The Earth! Plains Of Passage
From: Shovel Knight
Artist: Jake Kaufman

"Shovel Knight" was a game that made me think of old platformers. Sure it played like one, but another reason for that was because of the game's WONDERFUL 8 bit soundtrack. And of course, the best song in the can only be "Strike The Earth! Plains Of Passage", which is one of the first songs you'll hear in the game. Trust me, if you grew up on 8-bit tunes (honestly, I only played a lot Megaman when I was young), this one is really catchy. It sticks with you throughout, and everytime this theme plays in the game, I just want to jump to the damn tune.


Fighting Game Music

Name: Night Walker
From: Under Night In Birth
Artist: Raito

We can't have a post of game OSTs without fighting game OSTs, because lets be honest, most of them are f**king amazing. I haven't covered "Under Night In Birth" yet (I will soon), but I can say that this game has a kickass soundtrack. My favorite theme is probably "Night Walker", which is Linne's theme. For being an immortal little loli vampire girl, this theme fits her fast, rushdown based play style, since this song has such a "Sonic" feel to it. Compared to most other themes in the game, this one is hella catchy.