Opening Songs
OP 1 - Let Me Hear (Fear, Loathing In Las Vegas)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Its The Right Time (Daichi Miura)

Genre: Action, Romance, Drama, Horror, Psychological, Science Fiction

Episodes: 24

Generally I don't hear many good things about animes that don't follow their manga counterparts, and I can understand that much. "Parasyte"'s anime adaptation, however, DOES NOT follow the manga, and is still well received. That means that the anime's original story is pretty great, doesn't it? Hell yes. There's a reason why this was one of the most well regarded animes last year when it was still airing, and even the latter half that aired this year, people were singing the praises of "Parasyte". "Parasyte -The Maxim" manages to do itself well and gets many things right that a lot of modern day franchises fail at. The writing is good, the action is at an all time intense, character development is AMAZING, and when everything is thrown together, I think we get one of the best, if not THE BEST alien themed anime in a long, LONG time. "Parasyte" doesn't f**k around, it doesn't pull its punches, and honestly, its amazing like that.

Kana is a beaut.

The opening theme is "Let Me Hear" by Fear, Loathing In  Las Vegas. Honestly, I never thought these guys would do anime opening themes because their GOOD songs are usually metal as f**k. "Let Me Hear" is great, as expected from a song by these guys. Its mostly synth and electro, with some screamo elements in it. Typical Fear, Loathing In Las Vegas, I like it, but not everyone will. The ending theme is "Its The Right Time" by Daichi Miura, which is a sharp contrast to "Let Me Hear". One is a fast tempo opening theme while the other is just slow as balls, trying to be soothing and easy-going. Obviously not my cup of tea.

Rating: 8.5/10

Watching "Parasyte -The Maxim-" was just like watching a journey play through right before my eyes. It was one of the MOST progressive animes that I've seen in a long time. "Parasyte" is like a game of cat and mouse, where our hero is constantly in danger from a very sick version of hide and seek. Its horrible, its violent, and it can be very disturbing for some individuals. But it also has some really nice, interesting and emotional characters. Character progression is fantastic in this show, especially for the protagonist, its quite wonderful to see him go through different character changes in the many different phases throughout the anime. The action is intense, fight scenes are quick to end, but also very nice to watch. Not to worry though, these fight scenes are plenty, action fans can easily get their fix. Other than that, the anime picks up VERY quickly, and things start to snowball out of control like no other. this Aliens?

Shinichi is just your regular nerdy high schooler who's got nothing too special in his life. He lives a peaceful life with his parents, and he goes to a normal school like every other young man his age. One night, his room is invaded by a "pest" which he mistakens as a snake. The snake enters his arm and he enters a state of panic, restricting his arm so that the snake cannot go further into his body. The next day, he feels his hand moving on its own. He had his suspicions, but fully confirms it when his hand automatically raised itself to block off a car speeding towards him. He rushes home to stab his hand, having full suspicions of the snake that entered his arm, but his arm grew tiny arms of its own and stopped Shinichi's blade. The hand later introduces himself as an alien species that invaded Earth. The hand, which calls itself Migi, said that by entering Shinichi's hand, it wanted to invade his mind, but was stopped by Shinichi's frantic actions during that night. Migi is a parasyte, and his alien brethren are scattered throughout the world. The parasyte are able to sense each other, and as such, Shinichi is now plunged into a world where he is constantly in danger.

"Parasyte -The Maxim-" does many things right and hits a lot of high points, making it one of the more well rounded shows in a long time, excelling on many ends. It may not be for the faint of heart, but overall, this is one of the best shows during the year thus far. Its highly regarded by many fans, and its obvious why.